Europe gets rid of the car

All of Europe is against cars. The reason for this was the desire to improve the quality of life. Today there are created more than a hundred oases where already banned cars. Visitors to Dublin can experience the full local flavor, walking through the famous streets and enjoy the street dancers, artists, cartoonists and musicians who constantly entertain passers-by.

Street Grafton glorified van Morrison his nostalgic songs. It was founded in 1708. In 1979, the local government has blocked the traffic on it. For street artists, this place has become a stage for creativity where they showed their talents to passers-by, opening your whole soul before a large audience. G. Hansard is the author of the famous hit "Falling Slowly," which glorified the street. Annually it acts as the lead singer of the band U2.

Of course, completely to abandon the car, especially when it comes to the delivery of products to stores and transportation of household goods, office equipment from one address to another. On the website we can see how the move can be prompt, accurate and reliable. Professionals carry out all tasks efficiently and on time.

In Hamburg has already implemented the project "Green Network". Closer to 2034, a huge urban neighborhood lose their cars. The main role will be transferred to public transport, walking and Cycling. London imposed a tax for those who go to the city center by car. This example was followed by Stockholm. In this direction also, moving entire continents.

Europe has moved to the next stage with the gas-guzzling cars. However, in large urban areas created the continents, where, as a rule, charge a fee for entry into the car. The European Union intends to raise the pressure by banning all the diesel and petrol cars directly in the center of cities. S. Kallas said that their goal is to eliminate cars that use traditional fuels. According to him, in the city centre will be allowed only electric vehicles.

Dublin Grafton street is a kind of experiment. Local authorities plan to distribute it to nearby areas. Mayor O. Quinn says that after the road closure, will be organized Parking and small stalls where locals and visitors can buy fruits and vegetables that have been grown in the fields. In the city there is a festival atmosphere.



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