Europe has put forward new requirements for pipe "Gazprom" to bypass Ukraine

In the Energy Community commented on the memorandum between Moscow and Warsaw on the implementation of the project "Yamal-Europe-2" through Poland.
In the European energy community insist that all infrastructure projects such as pipeline "Yamal-Europe-2" in Poland must meet the requirements of the Third Energy Package.
Told ZN.UA director of the Energy Community Secretariat Janez Kopacz, commenting on a memorandum between Moscow and Warsaw on the implementation of the project "Yamal-Europe-2" through Poland.
"Secretariat Energosoobschestva has not officially informed about the project pipeline" Yamal-Europe-2 "through Poland. But I want to emphasize that all such infrastructure projects in the EU must comply with the requirements of the Third Energy Package "- said the secretary of ES.
In particular, said Janez Kopacz, it is a question of free third party access to transmission capacity to the market principles of pricing of goods and services. "This will require the EC and from the" South Stream ", - he added.
Recall, April 5 Russian "Gazprom" announced the signing of the Polish Europolgaz memorandum of understanding, the document provides for the implementation of the project "Yamal-Europe-2" through Poland to Slovakia and Hungary capacity of not less than 15 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year.
However, the president of Poland Tusk declined to comment on the signing of a memorandum with "Gazprom", saying that nothing does not know about.
For the Polish authorities resuscitation of the "Yamal-Europe-2" was a surprise. In Poland, do not rule out that the announcement of the expansion of the gas pipeline "Yamal-Europe" is an element of bargaining between Russia and Ukraine.
In addition, as we know, the only company that can build long-distance pipelines in Poland, is a state-owned company Gaz-System. Polish authorities have noticed that the decision to build the second branch of the Yamal gas pipeline - is a sovereign decision of the Polish government, not the solution "Gazprom" or some other government.
In addition, since 2004, Poland is in the European Union, so that such decisions should be made in conjunction with Brussels, reminded the Minister of the State Treasury of Poland Mikołaj Budzanowski supervising office in the Polish energy issues.
The second open question, as stated by the Polish Minister, is the problem of the validity of the increase in imports of Russian gas to the EU. "I do not see the need for Poland and the EU for the next 15 billion cubic meters of Russian gas ... If we look at 2011-2012, we see the decline of imports of Russian gas to European Union countries by 10 billion cubic meters. m. So it is also questionable from an economic point of view, "- said the Minister.
Read more in the latest issue of "Mirrors week. Ukraine "in an interview with Svetlana Mizinov Janez Kopacz.


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