The State Duma has developed a plan of Russia's withdrawal from the Treaty of Friendship with Ukraine

The State Duma has proposed to the President and the Government of the Russian Federation
Consider Russia's withdrawal from the Treaty of Friendship,
cooperation and partnership in the case of Ukraine's rapprochement with NATO

This proposal to the leadership of the country is contained in the statement of the House, adopted on Wednesday.

Recall, at the NATO summit in Bucharest in early April it was decided to postpone till December the accession of Georgia and Ukraine to the MAP in the Alliance. At the same time, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said that Georgia and Ukraine will become members in the future unit. The Russian side stated that Ukraine's aspirations to NATO contrary to the Treaty of Russia and Ukraine on Friendship.

Parliamentarians believe that if the question of withdrawal of Russian big contract the government must address the citizens of the Russian Federation and citizens of Ukraine and the reasons and motives for this decision. Russian MPs believe that it is guilty of the Ukrainian authorities that the state of Russian-Ukrainian interstate relations is now causing grave concern.

As explained in the document, due to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities have taken measures of military-political, cultural and awareness-raising measures aimed at departure from the traditionally friendly relations between our countries. In addition, they actually change the neutral status of Ukraine; caused widespread violations of the rights and freedoms of Russian and Russian-speaking population of the country, its accelerated assimilation.

Specific claims from the Russian parliament to the actions of the Ukrainian side in relation to the Black Sea Fleet.

Guide Russia deputies suggest "proceed from the fact that the adoption of the Ukrainian party without prior consultation with the Russian unilateral decisions on the Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory is de facto in violation of international treaties between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, which are determined by the status of the Black Sea Fleet and the conditions of his stay on the territory of Ukraine and which have an absolute legal precedence over domestic law, and even more so over the regulations. "

As highlighted in the document, these unilateral steps leading to undermining the basis of international treaty negotiation process, to ensure the normal functioning of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. In this regard, parliamentarians are asked to instruct the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry to continue active negotiations aimed exclusively at solving practical issues of stay and the functioning of the Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory.

Especially in the document raises the question of the need to intensify efforts to protect the rights of Russian compatriots and the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine, especially in the field of language, education, religion and culture.

The deputies consider it possible to consider funding the creation of model Russian gymnasium in Kiev, Kharkov. Donetsk, Lugansk, Sevastopol, Odessa and other Ukrainian cities.

The State Duma warns that the level of bilateral relations with Ukraine and international organizations can be raised the question of non-compliance in the Ukraine international law aimed at the preservation, development and use of language and the principles of multilingual education in relation to living in Ukraine nationalities, as well as an abuse of rights and freedoms of Russian and Russian-speaking population in the area of ​​education, the rights of access to information in their native language, the intervention of state structures in the affairs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

At the same time Russian parliamentarians offer the country's leadership to continue strenuous efforts to improve Russian-Ukrainian bilateral relations, consider the appropriateness of the Russian Federation ratification of the agreement on free trade zone; In addition, the Russian leadership proposed to intensify efforts aimed at the development of Russian-Ukrainian integration initiatives and the implementation of the plan of creating a single economic space with Ukraine.


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