Earth, voluntarily entered into Russia

It was recently promoted a bill that greatly simplifies the process of accession to the foreign territory of the Russian Federation. In the wake of rampant criticism of the Russian Federation and the endless accusations seized the territory of neighboring states, I suggest you learn about the lands included in the structure of Russia voluntarily.

Territory: From the left bank of the Volga River in the south west to the upper reaches of the Tobol in the east of the river Sylva in the north to the middle reaches of Yaik in the south.
When: 1557.
Reason: Bashkir tribes did not have their own state, they were part of the Nogai, Kazan, Siberian and Astrakhan khanate that experienced at the time period of feudal fragmentation, which adversely affects the position of the Bashkirs. Despite the weakening of Russia khanate in the first half of the XVI century, the malevolent neighbors were not going to give up their power over the Bashkirs and decided to seek the protection of the last powerful ally - the Russian state.
Treaty: "The Charter┬╗.
Terms of the contract: When entering into the Russian state Bashkirs could freely dispose of its territory, to have its own army, the administration of religion, but were obliged to pay tribute and to provide troops to the Russian army. Russia, in turn, provide the full protection of the Bashkirs from external enemies.

Area: Kazakh Khanate. From the Southern Urals to the Aral Sea.
When the 1731 g.- 1740
Reasons: Due to the weakening of the Kazakh Khanate in the grueling war with Dzhungars Abul Khair Khan and most of the elders Younger Juz swore allegiance to the Russian Empire, thus initiating the accession of Kazakhstan to Russia.
Contract: The act of voluntarily joining the Little Horde in Russia.
Terms of the contract: The Kazakhs have pledged to remain faithful to the Empress and her heirs have agreed to limit the external sovereignty of the Khanate, pledged to serve, not to attack the caravans, and Russian nationals to return the prisoners to pay tribute, to allocate Amanat children khans and sultans. Russia pledged to protect his new subjects from external invasion and oppression. At the first stage of accession does not address the internal political life of the Kazakhs.
Yield: December 16, 1991 - the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Area: Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti (Eastern Georgia).
When: 1801.
Reasons: As a result of Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774 the ruler of the kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti asked to take his country under the protection of Russian Orthodox and save from the claims of Muslims, "vouchsafe us now such protection, in order everything ... it was clear that I'm the exact subjects of the Russian state, and my realm of adding some flavor of the Russian Empire ┬╗.
Treaty: Treaty of Georgievsk.
Terms of the contract: King Irakli II recognized the protection of Russia, partly refused foreign policy while maintaining full internal autonomy. The Russian Empire was a guarantor of independence and integrity of the Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti.
Output: In May 1918, Georgia declared independence. Democratic Republic of Georgia entered the USSR.

Area: Yerevan and Nakhchivan khanate.
When: 1828.
Reasons: Religious. Russia has sought to become a defender of the Orthodox peoples. With the accession of professing Christianity moved to Eastern Armenia and the Muslims have returned to the territory of the Ottoman and Persian empires.
Treaty: Treaty Turkmanchay.
Terms of the contract: Territory Russia fully withdrew with a right of free migration of Christians and Muslims.
Yield: 1918 has been formed the Republic of Armenia, which went to the USSR.

Territory Abkhazian principality.
When: 1810.
Causes: Numerous attacks by Muslim neighbors, the Ottoman Empire and Western Georgia suffered as a result, not only the people but also the Christian culture. Prince Keleshbei, in 1803 asked the Russian citizenship, but was soon killed by pro-Turkish conspiracy. His son Safarbey suppressed the supporters of Turkey and the repeated suggestion of his father.
Contract: A Manifesto of Alexander I of accession of the Abkhazian principality to the Russian Empire.
Terms of the contract: Abkhazia retained autonomous control.
Output: In 1918 became part of the Mountain Republic, which went to the USSR.

Tuva Republic
Territory: Part of empire Northern Yuan and Hotogoytskogo and Jungar khanate.
When: 1914.
Reasons: As a result of the proclamation of the independence of Outer Mongolia.
Agreement: Memorandum Foreign Minister SD Sazonov with the signature of Nicholas II.
Terms of the contract: Tuva entered under Russian protectorate called Uryankhai territory.
Output: In 1921, established Tuvan People's Republic, which became the USSR.

Territory on both sides of the Main Caucasian ridge.
When: The project was designed by joining in 1775.
The reasons: The need of resettlement because of land shortage.
Contract: Not exactly known formally approved project Astrakhan Governor General PN Krechetnikov.
Terms of the agreement: Prior to the formation Ossetian District in 1843 retained internal independence.
Yield: 1922 South Ossetia joined the Georgian SSR.

Territory left bank.
When: 1654.
Causes: Social and religious oppression of the Polish nobility and the Catholic clergy of the Commonwealth.
Treaty: Treaty Pereyaslavsky.
Terms of the contract: Ukraine was included into the Russian state, local Ukrainian administration was recognized authority of the Russian state. Getman obeyed the king.
Output: In 1917, as a result of the Ukrainian revolution.



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