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Today I will present your opinion top 30 coolest, most played and revered, the most powerful RPG-games since 1979. Here, I allowed myself to "push" and action-RPG.
The collection includes not MMORPG
I say at once that the game will be much more than 30, because some games will feature lots and addons.
All the reasons mentioned below and have set out my IMHO, not much kick.
Selection is huge, please be patient. I'll let you know when I finish.

Let's go!


Developer Richard Garriott

Release date: 1979.

«Akalabeth» - this is a great prequel series «Ultima», the first commercial game Richard Garriott (aka Lord British).

According to the most Garriott (who worked at the time the seller in a computer store), at first he did not even think about some sort of commercial prospects of their creation. But the advice of his senior manager, spent a hundred dollars on a polygraph and self-adhesive bags, and released (laid out on the counter) in the same game in 1979. Of the eight copies sold Richard, one was in the office of the publishing house California Pacific, which is so interested in the work Garriott, which immediately offered him a contract. So buduyuschy Lord British was in California, and we were able to enjoy the works of art - a series of role-playing games «Ultima».

via ru.wikipedia.org oldgames.ru, © Thief series of games Ultima

Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness

Developer Richard Garriott

Published California Pacific Computer Co.

Release date 1981

Ultima I appeared in 1981 after Akalabeth: World of Doom, and ahead of its sales in 2 times. It was the beginning of the first of the trilogy called the era of darkness. Richard Gerriot signed in publishing games like Lord British, and this name was passing pravitelyaSozarii name of the game in the game.
Unlike Akalabeth, he appeared in Ultima story. Sozar on the planet in a parallel universe villainy sorcerer named Mondeyn. He took over the diamond of the sun, turning it into a diamond immortality and afflicted inhabitants of the planet hordes of monsters. You must kill him and split the diamond. You create a character using race: elf, human or dwarf, and classes: warrior, mage or thief.
At the heart of the process it is not only quite common for his time brozhdenie the dungeons and killing monsters, and solving different puzzles, but these modern players, of course, no surprise. Ultima 2

Developer: Origin

Publisher: Sierra

Released: 1982

As you might guess, this is the second part of the trilogy Era of Darkness. From the first seconds of striking some unexplained deterioration in graphic terms, although many "modern" players seemed that graphically something worse than Ultima I on the screen, it was impossible to portray. The speed of the game as incredible, so play it on your current computers, even using delaying the program is problematic. But for true fans barriers do not exist.

You have to kill the witch Minaks, who was an apprentice at Mondeyna destroyed in the first part. Over the years it has become so powerful that our hero will have to make a trip into the past in order to destroy it.
The worst of the games in the series.
Ultima 3

Publisher: OSI

Released: 1983

This is the final part of the trilogy Era of Darkness. Again darkness descended on the land Sosarii. Travelers in the taverns again talk about the creepy creatures inhabiting the night. All the messengers of Lord British did not return, except for one who has lost his mind. From him were able to learn only one thing: evil is once again back in Sosariyu and his name Exodus - causing the necromancer Mondeyna Minaks and witches. You and your companions are sent back peace and quiet lands Sosarii.

The graphics of this part is still in the mode of CGA. The gameplay has not undergone major changes, only slightly changed the balance and added new classes. All the same monsters, but now they no longer need to kill alone that pleases. More about the game actually have nothing to say. All that has been said about predecessors, fairly and with respect to it.
Ultima 4

Publisher: Origin

Released: 1985

Fourth Ultima - is the first part of the trilogy of the Enlightenment era. That it is your first encounter with the concept of Avatar and in fact it is in it laid the basic concepts of the world of Britain as we know it. The death of Exodus (Exodus) resulted in a cataclysm, partly to change the shape of the continent. After its destruction, Lord British, a man from our measurements, finally becomes king Sosarii combined land and his kingdom be named Britain.

Do good in this world there are three pillars: justice, love and courage. For each of the pillars of Lord British erected a castle. To help people in their daily lives, eight cities were founded, each of which was dedicated to a particular virtue. But newborn Britain needed someone else, which is a combination of all these virtues put together, who would become for the inhabitants living example for others to follow, Avatar. This avatar and you have become. You have to prove themselves worthy of each of them, as well as gain the Code of Wisdom, taking it out of the heart of the Stygian Abyss.

During your adventure you need to very carefully monitor their actions, because they lose one of the eight virtues by committing vile act is much easier than to find it again.

You'll meet a lot of people who want to join you in your quest. Do not neglect them, because they will not just save your life.
Ultima 5

Publisher: Origin

Released: 1988

This is the fifth part of the series Ultima, and the second part of the trilogy of the Enlightenment era. Destroyed Rock Immortality spawned three Lords of Shadows (The Shadowlords), and they have to face our avatar on this time. Lord British has not returned from his journey to the underworld of Britain, and no one knows whether he is alive again. He took the throne of Lord Blackthorn, once the closest associate of Lord British, but now is under the absolute control of the Lords of Shadow. All associates Avatar has declared rogue. And avatar face the same fate.

Origin has used all possible potential EGA graphics. Of course, this is the best of the classic Ultimate, although it certainly is not comparable in quality to the subsequent games of the series.

Good game, a funny story, and if you are willing to put up with the EGA graphics you it definitely should be like.
Ultima 6

Publisher: Origin

Released: 1990

At the time this game was a real revolution in the genre of RPG. The first game in the series Ultima using VGA graphics, which has a much more user-friendly interface and partly using a mouse.

Avatar, living peacefully at his home in this world, sees the portal opens, calling him. But this time it is not blue and blood-red. Joining him, our hero finds himself surrounded by hostile demons, ready to sacrifice him at its altar. And only true friends, familiar from previous installments of the series, save him from the clutches of monsters. Avatar learns that in Britain there were winged gargoyle, bringing death and destruction. They have already managed to grab eight temples of virtue and obviously trying to find something. Avatar and his faithful companion a difficult task to understand that they want the invaders, and how to stop them.

Advantages of the game is undeniable. Quite decent graphics compensates fairly complex interface. But the really shocking story of the game, which does not divide the world into good and evil-one, and puts the player in front of the difficult questions.

Gameplay is consistent with a great story. Excellent dialogue system and combat system could become a benchmark for the RPG, but, unfortunately, for most people they were too complicated to learn, despite the fact that the developers have made every effort in order to simplify them, without losing functionality.

Indeed pearl series Ultima, surpassed only the seventh part. Ultima 7

Publisher: Origin

Released: 1992

Osnovnaya detail seventh Ultima - is its interactivity and stunning detailing the life of the characters.
Similarly, the hero offers incredible freedom of action. He can build from boxes or furniture ladder to climb to the roof or to barricade their door. It can also bake bread, go to church masses and mine ore in the mines, and it is certainly not a complete list of all possible actions.
The team can be up to eight characters, each with his biography, a unique manner of behavior (remember even Dupre, paladin, who is leaving the team each time picture does vile act) and of warfare.
Avatar lives in our world. Only when the world is in danger of Ultima, Lord British sent for him, opening a portal (moongate) in the circle of stones, located behind the house avatar in our dimension. It is worth noting that in Britain, time flows differently. In our world, it may take only a year, but in the world of Britain held a century. But people live there longer. For example, the bard Iolo, faithful companion of the Avatar, has passed for the second hundred, and he continues to pursue his favorite craft - making and selling crossbows. And how many years Lord British himself, no one knows. And here, in the circle of stones again hit by lightning again opens the portal. But now it is not blue, and red. What does this mean? Picture stepping into the portal ...
Ultima 8

Publisher: Origin

Released: 1995

Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, has promised to release a final trilogy of the series Ultima. He created the Ultima 7 is perhaps the best RPGs of all time, if not, then exactly that period. He got everything he wanted. The future looked bright, but in the reserve he had two more attempts. So he decided to create something a little different from the world created by him earlier, because if the idea fails, it will still be part of the ninth for the rehabilitation ...

World Ultima 8 puts customary law on its head. No longer Britain. The powerful Guardian threw us into another dimension. No more assistants are now all must understand himself. Now there is no more need to feed character. Avtoboy disappeared, and there were jumping. Gone coaches, and the hero began to develop as the use of certain skills. The game has become much more an arcade, but at the same time, it sometimes adds a depth to it. Sometimes we have to climb much either, using the opportunity to pull or jump.

Fortunately it has not disappeared anywhere stunning interactivity. Things can be dragged and use thanks to the game engine, not a script. But on the other hand lost interactivity NPC. Now, they spend most of their time idly knocking around the city without taking any action.
Ultima 9

Developer: Origin

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Released: 1999

The trailing portion of the third trilogy, and the series as a whole. The first action of the game is transferred to a fully three-dimensional world, that this had considerably shrink. Avatar returns to the world of Pagan, to discover that during his absence Guardian, the worst enemy of the Avatar, has defiled all eight Virtues Temples (Shrines of Virtue). Now you have to work hard to return to the world the virtues of Britain (Britannia), and to do this you have to, as in the eighth part, alone.


Series Games Wizardry


Publisher: Sir-tech

Released: 1984

RPG, was at the forefront of the genre and gives seniority only Ultima.

Track down the evil wizard Werdna in his fortress-maze to restore the legendary Amulet giving great magical energy. Wizardry 2

Publisher: Sir-tech

Released: 1985

Legendary Armor «Knight of Diamonds» was lost! Traitor Davalpus killed the royal family and tore Staff of Gnilda and his legitimate heir, Alavik'a, out of this world. Without your protection, city, of course, lost.
Wizardry 3

Publisher: Sir-tech

Released: 1986

Tsunamis, volcanoes, and earthquakes destroyed the city. Every day scourge, covering the country, are becoming worse and worse. You must restore the Orb of Arithin, to find the cause of these disasters. Orb is now one of five children of World Serpent - the dragon L'Kbreth. Your task - to take away the mighty dragon's Orb from Wizardry 4

Publisher: Sir-tech

Released: 1988

This time you play as Werdna, the very villain who was defeated in the first part of Wizardry.

The game starts just in the maze, which used to live Werdna. And now all the obstacles, traps and deadly creatures that you created to protect your treasure, it's all rebelled against you. This time you have to get out of the maze to the surface, to the people.
Wizardry 5

Publisher: Sir-tech

Released: 1988

World Llylgamyn again in danger! - The same storms and disasters descend upon the land. Gatekeeper - a demigod, to maintain a balance in the world, has been kidnapped by some kind of Weed, and imprisoned in the Heart of the Maelstrom. Free Gatekeeper, straightened weed, and the world is waiting for prosperity and grace.
Wizardry 6

Publisher: Sir-tech

Released: 1990

This part of Wizardry - first, built on a new engine, and sdelanaya with more or less digestible graphics.

This time the action of the plot revolves around the Cosmic Forge - an artifact that could rewrite the history of the universe. This artifact was in the hands of the mighty master of black magic - Ksorfitusu, who immediately used it to subdue the whole world currently. I think everyone guessed what is required of us. Of course, take away an artifact of such power from the sorcerer and kill all his minions, including himself.
Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant

Publisher: Sir-tech

Released: 1995

Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant is a continuation of a series of games Wizardry, and I must say, not bad. The game allows you to manipulate your characters as you like: to train their skills, learn different spells, or to develop their ability to various artifacts. Selection of the characters is very important, it depends on how far you advance in the passage of this game. That's why there is possible to change the character's profession even in the middle of the game.
Wizardry 8

Developer Sir-Tech

Release date 2001

Wizardry 8 - the cult role-playing video game, created by Sir-Tech in 2001. It was the conclusion of the cycle Wizardry, produced by the company since the early 1980s. The game retained the features of the previous parts of the series, however, and has introduced some innovations in the gameplay. Among them:
 Display opponents on the playing field
 ensure the smooth movement of
 full three-dimensional environment
Apart from that, the game is known for a considerable stock of replay value - thanks to a huge number of playable races and character classes, as well as a large open game world, forming a plurality of different variations of the passage, each of which brings different results.
Moreover, experienced players will appreciate the high complexity of many battles game that solve tough tactical puzzle game that generates literally on the move.


Series Games Might and Magic

Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum

Publisher: New World Computing

Released: 1986

You start the game by creating your party of adventurers, and with him on a journey through this world.
Characters are created with random characteristics, and a random list of classes available to them. It is proposed to choose the most suitable characteristics of the hero his class, race, gender, and the name of consciousness. In total, the team can be up to 6 characters.


Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World

Publisher: New World Computing

Released: 1988

It seems that among the developers "of elders' role-playing games (Ultima, M & M, Wizardry) there is a lovely tradition - to make the second part of the series of the slipshod. You will enjoy all the same carving monsters, and all the same lack of gameplay. For fans of the interest may present an opportunity to transfer their characters from the first part.
Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra

Publisher: New World Computing

Released: 1991

The third part of the series Might & Magic. In fact, thanks to her series earned the interest of the general public. Compared with the second part of the improved graphics, a lot of new kinds of monsters, more freedom of action, it is a decent plot and interesting gameplay.
Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen

Publisher: New World Computing

Released: 1992

A lot of new monsters and skills, and that the fans still have M & M? Jobs have become much more diverse. The game can be combined with the fifth part and get one huge world, comparable in size and quality with only one sixth of the world.

PS The best selling game in the series.


Might and Magic V: Darkside of Xeen

Publisher: New World Computing

Released: 1993

The fifth part of the Might & Magic can be characterized by a capacious phrase - just became more. Even more jobs, a lot of new, even more dangerous monsters, more spells, and the opportunity to further "pump" their heroes.

The game world has also increased in scale, and in conjunction with the world-fourth of its size really inspire some respect.


Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

Publisher: 3DO

Released: 1998

According to many, M & M6 was the best game of the series. Kind of a first-person, four-generated character in a team, the possibility of fighting in incremental version, and in real time.



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