Gamer kidnapped to get his password

Four armed men kidnapped one of the best RPG-players in the world, after the girlfriend of one of the criminals lured him to a false date through Orkut - a social network Google. Capturing Man in Sao Paulo (city in south-eastern Brazil), the bandits held him at gunpoint for 5 hours to get the password that they intended to sell for US $ 8000. But then it becomes even more interesting.

Surprisingly, the hostage was silent. All this time the leader of the gang holding the gun that was set to the head guy, but he did not say a word. Then the bandits gave up and decided to let him go. After Brazilian police arrested the suspects, whose ages ranged from 19 to 27 years old.

According to the police, their former prisoner is a world leader game GunBound - turn-based massively multiplayer online RPG, developed in South Korea. In this game, depending on the practical part in the battle, the participants gain experience, various offensive and defensive skills, and money, which you can buy additional weapons, armor, and various gadgets for their characters. At the same time, you can only play one character, but they all belong to the same account.

Apparently, the game became very popular, so the bandits and decided to try to make "a quick" stealing Player and gain access to his account. They made a plan, according to which one of them a girl gamer lured to a meeting through a social network Orkut, which is also very popular in Brazil. Associated with it, she offered to meet at the mall, but did not come. Instead, it was her boyfriend Igor (Igor). Having put a gun to the head of a gamer, he took him, intending to tell his accomplices password on your cell phone. However, in spite of everything, our hero (or fool) did not succumb. Perhaps he took some spell Stamina +357, or drank the potion Cojones +577, increases mana.

In general, to help him not suffer torment because of the stupid password, boys and girls, this story has a moral: if you live in Brazil, it is better to play Tetris.


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