- Ruslan, hello, where are you?

 - Uh-uh, second.


 - At home! Slept, Alexey Alexeitch forgive a sinner!

 - Nothing wrong. Subtract from wages. I need a password from your computer.

And then There was an awkward pause. Alexey Alexeitch first broke the silence.
 - Ruslan?

 - Yes.

 - I need a password from your computer.

 - Uh-uh. I forgot.

 - How do you forget?

 - Oh, I forgot, there is.

 - What are you deceiving. Give me your password.

 - I can not.

 - Why?

 - I do not want.

 - Strangely, I'm your director give me a password on your computer. I have every right to demand a password from your desktop computer.

 - And there in the office there is someone other than you?


 - Olya.

Give her a tube. Alexey Alexeitch several ohuevshy of such hands, gave Ole tube.

 - Olya?

 - Yes.

 - Password Enter my Windu.

 - Speak.

 - Alexeitch asshole.

 - Gee-gee-gee-gee.

 - Cho rzhosh, give input, Russian layout through underlining.

 - A-les-to-se-ich.

 - Hello! Fuck you aloud is not yell!

 - Ha-ha-ha. Not suitable.

 - Alexeitch asshole does not fit?

 - Well, A-les-KSE-ich.

 - Stop! Quiet. At asshole "r" at the end should be.

 - Mudag?

 - Quiet /// la!

 - Came for.

 - And then I change the password.

 - What?

 - On "Ruslan-mudag!" ...


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