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I work as a sysadmin in a certain office, faced with constant stupid users. Today comes another aunt and says:
 - I moved to a different computer, drag me back my password.
 -?!?!? What for?
 - Well, my back is not suitable.
 - Enter your user name and password from the old computer, it will work.
 It takes about 15 minutes:
 - Nepoluchaetsya ...
 - What is the name and password you enter?
 - His ... (give your name and password)
 -?!?! IT from the old computer ?????
 - No, it's my name and a new password.
 - I told you, enter your user name and password from the old computer!
 - I want to make it since I'm writing and password new.
 - Good.
 Create a new user and her new password.
 - Well, in fall?
 - Which system?!? I even vidovz not yet entered, says the password is incorrect!
 - How do you enter a password?
 - 19111976!
 - So you asked the same password Daisy!
 - I have changed my mind.
 - I'll be right ...
 I went to the department, I write the user name and password. The system logged. I press a chord:
 - What is the password you want?
 - 19111976.
 - Exactly? You think well?
 - Yes, I definitely will not forget.
 - Good.
 It took somewhere 40 minutes:
 - I have not loaded vindovz says the password is incorrect.
 - What do you type your password?
 - (Set of letters).
 - I told you set 19111976!
 - I changed it so that you did not know!
 - Well, then why call me ???
 - I forgot the new password ...
 - WHAT??????
 - I forgot the new password.
I reset passwords and put 123456 forbid change password.
 - The password is 123456! Change you can not, do not even try!
 - Thank you.
 Even after about 10 minutes:
 - I have almost removed all my documents!
 - And they were there?
 - YES! Of course! On the old computer.
 - And you are now for the old computer?
 - No, for a new ...
 - And how do you think your mail and documents will get a new computer?
 - Automatically have! I'm about to read a book!
 - In which? Computer for Dummies?
 - Nepomnyu, there is no such.
 - Well, move your data.
 Copying profile, edit, check:
 - All mail on the spot?
 - Yes, sort of.
 - And the documents?
 - Yes.
 - A picture from the desktop?
 - Yes thank you.
 - From me anything should still necessary?
 - Not if I call.
 - Good.
 After an additional 15 minutes:
 - I had a mailbox on mayl.ru, and now it is not. How to get there? (Calls also uebischo)
 - Using prohibited Mayl.ru management.
 - But ... there ... I need to work on!
 - Write a letter to the!
 - You or I?
 - We have one guide!
 - Who?
 - Yes, anyone! Though the director of the department early though!
 - Okay ...
 Calls Chef:
 - Do her box zadolbala already ...
 - Good.
 Customizable drawer in Autglyuki.
 - Address?
 - (Speaks box)
 - Password?
 - I do not remember ... And you do not know razve?
 -!?!?! Location? I have boxes for your personal non-responsive.
 - But you're a sysadmin! Make chtonit!
 - Refer to the administration mayl.ru.
 - What phone?
 - Besponyatiya.
 - You can do anything?
 - Yes, boss bring a printout of the last sites you have visited.
 Blushed like a lobster - But nobody nevidel where I go.
 - So I warned all of a month ago, that is the history on the server. Who climb where you nebyli that planning meeting?
 - I Was ... So you tell me the password reset?
 - No.
 5 minutes, the boss calls:
 - To restore this fucked ... that password.
 - I'll try, but unpledged.
 - Think of something! Then report back!
 Operations are usually kind and sympathetic person, but this drove him to a white knee.
I pull out your password from the old system.
 - ALL?! That's it?
 - Yes, thank you, and you really can see who climbs where?
 - Of course!
 - Can I make it so that no one knew where I go in the internet?
 - It is possible, through the TRP, and leadership.
 - What is the TRP?
 - Deli there! ABOUT!
 - Why Oh?
 - This is a joke, it is impossible to do so.
 - Why?
 - Because to use the Internet for personal reasons we DO NOT!
 - Who is responsible?
 - I!
 - It is clear only nedaval director of information on me?
 - Schego sudden?
 - Well-oo-oo-oo, mneb not want to know the director.
 - I'll think about it.
 - Thank you.
 - It's my pleasure.
 I go to the boss, look, sheer Gang bang, dating sites, and other crap, if only restrictions on traffic per hour, generally have rocked movies.
 - And it all works? - Asked the chief.
 - HZ, mozht and running.
 - Sites can limit.
 - Kanechno,
 - Only a fool does not say this, would get then.
 - OK.
 I close all the XXX content and Search.
 - I have the Internet does not work - again, a familiar voice.

 - All or only certain sites? - All.
 - What site visit?
 - ... On any.
 - Try www.ru rabotet?
 - Yes,
 - Means and the Internet works, name the exact address of the site that nerabotet.
 - ... I-I-I, no, no-I do not know ... - aunt stammered. -Here Love.mail.ru.
 - What you say?
 - Access denayd.
 - Well, as it is translated? (My aunt worked as a translator)
 - Access is denied.
 - Well, then do not have permission to use this resource.
 - Why?
 - Content is similar to dating sites, chat rooms, etc., so the server and does not let me.
 - And who to ask?
 - The proxy server.
 - And what his phone number?
 IT department slid under the table with laughter. I give you my phone Combellga. People in the department of laughs. This aunt calls the Combellga falls to the reception and asked:
 - Hello, I want to talk to gospadinom Procom server!
 - … It's impossible!
 - Why? He is not? Or am I wrong number?
 - No, it is, but I'm afraid he will not be able to answer ...
 - Tell him to call me this is very urgent. - The aunt had left his position and threw tube.
 - Call or later she'll call again!
 Aunt department no longer sign.

So almost every day. And they say that we work ...
Told alex_flasher

And we have here such an aunt had ... bookkeeper.
 We gathered to give her a new computer, faster. Before that, it we do not trust and personally sat down to copy your data to a temporary computer.
 - Give I will copy them myself!
 - … what for?
 - I do not believe
 - ...
 - I myself!
 - ... Well ... that's here
 All presses copy-paste. Everything is fine. Exit. Brings her some time later a new computer, I say it again, faster. They showed how to copy. Gone.
 - I do not have all the files copied!
 Look - all byte to byte converge. Show. She does not care. Not everything said and everything.
 We find out why it is so decided. Okazyvatsya when she copied the files, then I sat considered fly leaves. And he says, there are fewer! Explained. Understood.

Told edd

Dasadno that I have to work no fools ... but on the other hand, it is for the better ..)))
 One time I was summoned to the office of directors are to turn off the computer ... ...
Turned off ... on the way from office to office for a long time giggling)))

And finally we have to work a lot prutstsa ... I go to the dressing room to push (predtualetnik ... YYYY) smoke, look at a loved one in the mirror, I notice on the mirror hefty gnats ... which circled, arrow and write "Serge" ... rassekreteli Man)) ))

Told Basil


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