Horror movies based on real events

As it turned out, the movie "The Spell", which now beats records at the box office, was filmed on the real, terrible events. In the film tells the story of Warren family, who lived in the 70s of the 20th century and explore the paranormal. Most of the stories, they have witnessed already been filmed. And this year, director James Wan suffered yet another of their terrible story to the big screen.

In the film, the family Perrone gets a new home in Rhode Island. But that's the joy of moving through a time overshadowed by strange events, explain that it is simply impossible. As a result, the paranormal paralyze his family by surprise and unpredictability, and keep the platform in a terrible fear. However, the rescue scared to death people have spouses Warren, who just examined these supernatural phenomena. Yet even they have a dog who ate a paranormal matters and familiar to the actions of supernatural beings, can not do anything ... We still remember the most terrible movies based on real events also.

1.Tehasskaya Chainsaw Massacre (1974).

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is now a cult classic horror film directed by Tobe Hooper. The film premiered October 1, 1974. And in 2003, directed by Marcus Nispel remake of the film was shot.

Prototype crime family cannibals criminal activity became very famous outlaw Ed Gein, though their crimes Gein made not in Texas, and Wisconsin. Ed Gein (Edward Theodore Gein) - is one of the most famous killers in American history. This maniac cut out the faces of the victims and made himself one of the mask. Despite the fact that only two proved his assassination (and there were a lot more), their enormity and brutality shocked the world. Gein was found guilty of premeditated murder, but since he was legally insane killer rest of his life spent in a psychiatric clinic.

Police and residents of Texas are concerned about the opening of the graves of a gang of vandals. At the same time, the family camper go five young people: Sally with her disabled brother Franklin and his friends Jerry Pam and Kirk. They go to check my grandfather's grave Sally and Frank - not whether it smashed those vandals. Also, they decided to call in an old stone house in which he lived before their grandfather. On the way, they pick up a strange guy who asked him a ride and at the same time invited them to come to his family home for lunch ...

2. Phantom of the Red River (2005).

"Phantom of the Red River" - the story, which was based on real events that occurred in the United States (Tennessee) in the 19th century. The story of the family Bellamy, who attacked a mysterious spirit, as much as it was written 35 books. And they tell us about how to respect and respectable family Bell struck a real curse. Their house became a ghost to come, and the house began to happen all kinds of strange things - furniture moving by itself, heard of voices around the house strange lights flashed, and his eldest daughter someone pulled her hair and beat her cheeks. All this lasted long enough and stopped only with the death of the head of the family.

3. The Night Heaven (2007).

"Night sky" - a film directed by Roy Knirima based on real events that took place March 13, 1997 in the desert of Arizona and received the name "Light of the Phoenix." It was a series of optical phenomena (called UFOs) that a lot of people have seen in the sky the US (Arizona and Nevada), and the Mexican state of Sonora. Witnesses claimed to have seen a huge area UFO shaped like a cabin, which included bright lighting fires.

In the story of two boys and three girls riding in a car in Las Vegas, and to quickly reach their destination, they turn off the road for an unknown country roads. Soon the film characters begin to chase the lights in the sky, which at first were not visible. And when all the attention was focused on the characters exactly for those lamps rather than the road, their car crashed into a tree. The accident resulted in one of the guys fell awkwardly on the knife and was seriously injured. The car would not start, which is a rise of the tense atmosphere between young people: come scandals, fights, abuse, and in the meantime in the forest, which was located near the road, moving something humanoid ...

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005).

This is a film directed by Scott Derrickson, based on real events of 1976, when during an exorcism Anneliese Michel died. Literary source was the documentary book anthropologist Felicitas Goodman "Exorcism of Anneliese Michael."

Exorcist priest who performed the ceremony was charged with murder, although the process was formally initiated by the Catholic Church. In its defense, the priest examines the history of the appearance on earth demon who killed the girl, and trying to prove in court the existence of supernatural forces and their ability to intervene in the lives of people ...

5. The Amityville Horror (2005).

This is a remake of the eponymous 1979 thriller, filmed on the novel by Jay Anson, which in turn was based on a true testimony of the family Lutz. They talked about what happened to them when they moved in 1975 in Amityville in the same house on Ocean Avenue, where Ronald DeFeo Jr. in November 1974 shot his entire family. Case Amityville, or trial on charges of resident Ronald DeFeo Amityville Jr. in the murder of his father, mother, two sisters and two brothers has caused strong repercussions in the community, and eventually there was even a cultural phenomenon called "The Amityville HorrorĀ».

November 14, 1974 at the police station received a call: DeFeo family in the house six people were shot dead in their beds. After Ronald DeFeo Jr. confessed to the murder of his parents and brothers, explaining that otherworldly "voices" told him to commit terrible murders.
And a year later, George and Kathy Lutz and three children moved into the house, thinking that with this move their dream come true. After all, they may not know that their happiness and peace under the threat of terrible demonic forces seeking to destroy it. And again covers Amityville horror ...


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