Foreign horror about Russia

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Devil's Pass

Finally, at least someone had the courage to make a film on the events that occurred on the pass Dyatlova 54 years ago. Domestic filmmakers all this time timidly avoided by such a fertile ground for a thriller. And, as usual, we are ahead of the Americans.

The film will affect many, even those who do not know who the woodpeckers and the rest of the group - be interested in this story. People will think. Users will appreciate. Despite the fact that the film leaves a question, like it. All the same, it's interesting to assume that everything had happened, and this is an option. People love fantasy. A bit surprised naive filmmakers is their belief that all know English and Russian remote places far no exception.

Restricted area

Once again, Americans shoot a movie about us, in this case the Ukrainians. Subject of course selected fertile, especially for the horror genre.

Strictly according to the scenario is not something new. Company losing its conductor and left with a broken car, trying to get out of an abandoned city. It is clear that on their way there are a pack of hungry dogs and no less hungry zombies. Well, where Americans without zombies? Actually our last tourists on food and rastaschat.
In short, if we consider "forbidden zone" as a representative of the horror genre, the movie came out quite decent. Not to say that I'm ready to jump with delight, as, for example, from the "Saw" or watered mud, rather neutral feeling from watching.

Frankenstein's Army

The detachment of Soviet soldiers get into a secret laboratory where the mad but brilliant scientist makes corpses of cyborg soldiers. As you can see, the plot is simple, and is used as the core plot many myths and rumors about the super-weapon of the Nazis.

Personally, I liked the picture, correctly transmitted panic detachment of soldiers that faced with the unknown. Picture cold and maintained under strictly-depressive tone. Around the war, the corpses and death. Mockumentary style here is absolutely furious. Another plus of the film in the complete absence of positive characters and cheer heroes. Before genre masterpiece not slightly fell short. But the status of strong (very strong) earned middling film and holds it by all means. Against the background of similar horror film looks curious delicacy that not everyone will appreciate the taste.


Back in 1998, the current depth of the Siberian forests were found thirty-four unidentified bodies. The investigation into this terrible incident did not really give any intelligible explanation and here, in 2010, a group of British journalists from the show "dark secret" sent into the forest to try to get to the truth.

I think that the movie is good. He was not perfect, of course, but not disastrous. The plot is taken normal, though not original. It turned out to make a beautiful final. Dark paint set the right atmosphere, so that you experience what is happening with the characters ...


The film is based on a true story about the bloody maniac USSR Andrei Chikatilo, also known by the nickname "Beast of Rostov" The British have tried to make a film significantly, and sometimes really feel that the Soviet Union, Chikatilo and the KGB "are not asleep", because the images of
recreated, in general, correct.

Those who are familiar with the USSR firsthand with a very small share of the details, or without them, definitely like it, just before viewing decide what you expect to see - a feature film, or a kind of reconstruction of real events. "Evilenko" - a great horror film, but certainly not the reconstruction.



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