15 great films that turned the soul inside out


There are films which we need in order to quickly relax and forget about problems. And there is a movie that makes the audience fully "merge" their emotions. These films devastate you. They are unforgettable.

We have found 15 such films.

15. Talhotblond

This is a documentary that completely capture your attention for about 10 minutes viewing. You won't believe what I see.

Synopsis: "a Married father of four daughters, Thomas Montgomery, with his head plunged into the world of online gambling, chat rooms and virtual novels, becomes involved in a dark story of the murder of an innocent man..."

14. American crime

This is a heartbreaking story of the mistreatment of children, which is hard to watch until the end, but that absolutely cannot be ignored. This movie is as a way to look where you never see in real life. Especially if you are all right.

Synopsis: "the Film is based on real events of the late 60s. Gertrude Baniewski seemingly very ordinary housekeeper, keeps in prison in the basement of their home and torment the most sophisticated ways of the girl-teenager, as payment for the content of Sylvia is not received on time".


This film was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film. It is based on the memoirs of Traudi Jung, who was a young Secretary to Hitler. And he captured the last hours of his life. No other tape does not describe the leader of the Nazis as well as this.

Synopsis: "April, 1945. Soviet troops tighten the ring around the capital of the Third Reich — Berlin. Faced with the imminent defeat of the Nazi elite seeking salvation in a secret bunker, not wanting to leave the crazed Fuhrer. Rejecting the offers of escape, Hitler claims that victory is near. He orders to raze Germany to the ground and discusses the details of his suicide. The last refuge of the executioners riddled with agony and fear. And only those who come alive out of this concrete hell will be able to tell the story about the last minutes of life and dismal the fall of the dictator and his regime".

12. Bay

This is a horror movie in a small town will change your perception of life and death. Smart, adult story with fear.

Synopsis: "an Unprecedented biological disaster befalls a small town on the Gulf: parasites that live in the deep sea, infect people with an incurable disease. The horror of the events residents captured on video, which was posted on the Internet".

11. American psycho

Dark Comedy, making fun of the "glamorous" society "ideal" consumers, and in General our entire culture. That's just laugh then for some reason you do not want. Rather, everything is exactly the opposite.

Synopsis: "by Day he is no different from others in the crowd you do not pay attention to him. But at night, this well-mannered citizen becomes sophisticated killer terrorizes the sleeping city.

Modern savages, despising the laws of humanity, eats only a withering fire of his hatred, which is growing with each new offense. Avalanche horror approaching a critical point. Soon the time will come when it will be impossible to stop."

10. The fourth kind

This movie will keep you in suspense from the first to the last frame. And by the end will remain in complete bewilderment: you watched a story about aliens or a mental disorder?

Synopsis: "In the territory of Alaska there are unexplained disappearances. Despite the best efforts of the FBI, the investigation stalled, and the mystery is still not disclosed. Psychiatrist Abigail Tyler begins to record on video conversations with their patients and discovers something very scary and frightening...".

9. The Executioner Dahmer

After about 15 minutes of watching this film, you will like a squeezed lemon. And by the end of the viewing will probably be able to "reboot" your brain. Ribbon — thin solid shocking horror.

Synopsis: "the Executioner... Animal... Monster... none of these definitions is not able to accurately describe Jeffrey Dahmer, accused of killing, dismembering and eating the bodies of more than 15 young men in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). Can such a monster be considered human?

Based on real facts, this film explores the true nature of man, trying to find reasons that could make a person lose all constraints and turn into something that has no name".

8.Experiment "Obedience"

Not many people who will find the strength to watch it to the end. But if you watch, it will probably become a slightly different person.

Synopsis: "In fastfudnyh restaurant a call from someone who introduced himself as a police officer, and reports that the young cashier is accused of stealing. My aunt is the Manager locks the suspect in the back, searched her, forced to undress — and all this at the direction of the voice, whose authority is never questioned".

7. What's eating Gilbert Grape?

This indie film with DiCaprio and johnny Depp considered a cult, and it's clear why. Two prominent roles, heavy and unusually enjoyed the story, stunning cinematography... the Film, the existence of which is hard to believe.

Synopsis: "Gilbert grape lives in Iowa, in a tiny town with a population of a thousand inhabitants. He has two sisters, brother and half-witted fat-mother. Gilbert pulls the strap in the store and turns the affair with a married lady. But everything changes when the town comes a beautiful young woman named Becky."

6. Watch

This touching drama revolves around the lives of three women of different ages and at different stages of life. Of course, their fates are closely intertwined. If you want to see the movie, honestly telling about who these women are, then here it is.

Synopsis: "the film describes the life and everyday work of Virginia Woolf story through the stories of three women: Woolf, which is shown at the time of writing it, "Mrs. Dalloway" when her tormented thoughts of suicide; Lara brown, a young wife and mother who suffocates in its tidy life among Los Angeles, 1951; and Clarissa Vaughn, who is throwing a party in new York of our days for his close friend Richard, dying of AIDS."

5. Hotel Rwanda

The story of the genocide in Rwanda, when they were killed hundreds of thousands of people. As one hotel Manager managed to save 1,000 refugees. In short, it's like "Schindler's List", only about Africa, and much fresher.

Synopsis: "the film is based on real events the mid 90-ies of the last century, when the Hutu people in Rwanda ethnic majority, gave the country a bloody massacre, killing more than a million (!) people belonging to the Tutsi people.

The film's protagonist by the name of Paul — Manager of a prestigious hotel in the capital of Rwanda, in which the killers fled several hundred people. Paul is doing everything in his power to save them. The situation is complicated by the fact that Paul's wife also belongs to the Tutsi people. Paul had great respect, he does not shun any bribery or blackmail; he threatens, begs, flattering... And saves from death 1268 people."

4.Mary and Max

Very animated black Comedy. So black that, it seems, and not a Comedy at all. In General, a cartoon for adults. Fascinating, stylish and with a serious meaning.

Synopsis: "the History of relations between 8-year-old girl Mary Dinkl, which misses in the distant suburb of the Australian Melbourne, and max Horowitz, 44-year-old lone Jew, resident bustling new York's chaos. Divided difference in age and two continents, Mary and Max sneaked his unusual friendship through the years."

3.The Passion Of The Christ

You are a believer or not, you need to be a stone cold sociopath to not feel for the protagonist of tape — Jesus Christ. This movie made Mel Gibson the Director. Although, it seems, is the only strong band.

Synopsis: "the Attempt to recreate in detail the last twelve hours in the life of Jesus Christ."

2. Valentine

This film at first seems sticky sweet romcom, but in reality it is much deeper. And looks like a roller coaster: emotions will boil in you.

Synopsis: "Love is the ladder it can climb high, feeling an incredible bliss and happiness, and it is possible to rapidly fall down from frustration and resentment. Dean and Cindy are "bathed" in his love, but after a while they got fed up feeling like this. Inexplicably, it was transformed and has become a burden. Whether two native person to retain and revive those delicate relationship of love and passion that they have left?".

1. The boy in the striped pajamas

This is a very simply told story with deep meaning. The film is about a boy who found a friend on the other side of the camp. A very powerful film about the consequences of the Second world war.

Synopsis: "the Story that takes place during the Second world war shown through the eyes of innocent and unsuspecting of the events of Bruno, the eight-year-old son of the commandant of the concentration camp. His casual acquaintance and friendship with a Jewish boy on the other side of the fence the camp, eventually leads to the most unexpected and overwhelming consequences."

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