7 steps to a harmonious relationship

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Properly divide roles in order to live in harmony with your life partner. For many, this becomes a stumbling block. Women take on male roles, male — female. The result is misunderstanding, strife, divorce and sea related problems.In fact, everything is simple. Man and woman are different vitality. The seven chakras distribute it. Three of them active in women, three for men and one, the upper chakra, works all the same. When the two meet, their bio together and are mutually reinforcing. For harmony in the energy centers should be a clear division of tasks. You just need to understand what the role is going to play.

Vladimir Bodashka, yoga master, chiropractor:

— For a harmonious open and operate all of the chakras need daily practicing: singing, yoga techniques, which have deep influence on our body.

Life is also like practice: it's important to do everything from the heart, with an open vision, to keep awareness in the processes that you do and where you are. This also applies to family life.

In any state you need to be consciously understand what you're doing, to be present. Not worth the bother over that worked individual chakra. Need to think about the integrity of the whole organism.

Muladhara lower chakra (the coccyx) is responsible for the survival and posterity. The man is active, woman — on the contrary (the man gives the energy, and the woman accepts it). This means that the male function is to give protection to the women to take it.

Slinging on his shoulders the worries about survival, making money, a woman that Muladhara begins to work her male type. This in turn affects the masculinity of the head of the family from which this chakra becomes passive.

Svadhishthana chakra (below the navel) is responsible for pleasure and desire. In women it is active, and men passive (the woman gives, the man takes).

Women's task is to ensure the man's comfort, delicious food, sexual satisfaction. "Why do I have to serve him?" — often resent women. But the only way to achieve harmony.

By the way, no need to think that it must occur in "slavery". Make nice — nice! Even if it's just filed with the mood of the dinner.

Manipulatethe chakra (navel) is responsible for the money, vitality, achievement. Active men, passive women. "I don't want to borrow money from him! I find it easier to earn money!" Familiar? Learn how to accept gifts! And to ask, too, there is nothing to be ashamed of. This encourages man to do great things, because he is by nature a forager. So give him the incentive!

Anakatarina chakra (heart) is love. In women it is active, male passive. The woman is very important to love. The scheme "Better to be loved" does not work! In such a marriage the woman will always be unhappy, no matter how hard for her loving man.

Harmonious in relationships just a loving woman! The man, of course, also will give her, but at other levels, the Muladhara or Manipura. His love of a woman stimulates a man to deeds!

Vishuddha chakra (throat) is responsible for the expression. The male — active, female — passive. Man, it is important to Express themselves, to succeed in society. Woman your love is supposed to help him.

Agneta chakra ("third eye") is responsible for clairvoyance. The woman active, the man passive.

Women have developed intuition more than men. You should listen to her advice, feelings. Then the path to self-expression, prosperity, source of life energy will be faster and more successful.

Sahasranama chakra (at the crown) men and women works the same way. It's a relationship with God, the center of excellence person. As the opening of rest centres opened and Sahasrara. This gives new opportunities in personal development and relationships. In the harmonious Union of the emotional shell is filled with the higher energies of joy, of love, which take the energy of abundance in everything — in relationships, happiness, health, well-being.

Chakras are centers of force and consciousness located within the human body and linking his metaphysical and biophysical energy. Each of them has a close connection with any emotion and can be opened or closed, depending on his mood or state. The seven chakras are located along the vertical axis of the human body, they are in the subtle body and correspond to groups of nerve plexuses in the physical body. If you open them all that life energy Chi (prana) will flow freely through the body.

text: Natalya Tyumentseva

Source: miraman.ru/posts/300


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