Chakra - the art of psychic healing.

Psychics also read the color and shape of the aura due to the chakras, which are energy points distributed around the astral body. In Hindu cosmology, the development of the individual chakra points to the state of his mental development. The Sanskrit word "chakra" means "wheel", and Indian yogis see the chakra in the form of small, dimly colored discs the size of a silver dollar usually. So look chakras in the astral bodies are not mentally developed people. As the awareness of its individual chakras are opened, and the disc begins to resemble a brightly colored flower.

There are many ways to read chakras. Kabbalists allocate ten separate energy points. The American scientist portrayed the relationship between the chakras and the glands of the endocrine system. In Tibet, reads like a chakra that we believe the two chakras (sixth and seventh). In some philosophical systems, including those that form the basis of this book, chakras are considered as indicators of general state of being of the individual, including his health and his willingness to perform the tasks that he undertook in this life.

Although we consider the chakras as they relate to parts of the physical body, they do not exist in it, in a sense. They manifest themselves in the astral body and the physical body we are talking about their location for easy reading and treatment. The energy directed to a particular chakra of the astral body will be equally affected, and this part of the physical body.
For our purposes, we identify and work with the seven main chakras and four secondary, if the seven energy centers are connected to the "energy channel", which extends beyond the spine and parallel to it. Chakras can be optionally hidden or closed for the manifestation or, conversely, contain some psychic abilities. We describe the technique of manipulating chakra in Chapter 8, "self-healing».
The chakra can be damaged in such a damaged state be seen to read. In addition, it can also be a communication breakdown with the chakra energy canal. Such violations of the chakras, mostly caused by psychological stress or trauma, like stress or trauma caused by the sensations that are called "negative"; they can be neutralized events or sensations, called "positive." Anything that disrupts the normal functioning of the body of an individual is able to destroy and chakras. For example, very often the recollection of some painful events (which may be mentally recreated as a literal image, called "picture" or "image") is deposited in the chakra and slows or blocks the flow of energy coming from this chakra or going to it. Both physical and mental health problems may arise from the delay, and very often the healer pays great attention to this, just to clean or treat the chakras. This process will be discussed in Chapter 5, "APPLIANCES promote healing and readings».
The first, or "root" chakra, located at the base of the spine in men and women - between the ovaries. This - the only chakra located differently in men and women. Sometimes it is called chakra "survival", since it is associated with the mechanisms of the human body, which maintain living physical body. For example, when you suddenly find yourself in danger, or in any emergency, your first chakra is opened to release the accumulated information you need to stay alive, to survive or to help someone else. If you have lost money or work, or you kicked out of your apartment, you are almost certainly in the "chakra of survival," or in his first chakra. Must say, all your mental focus is to maintain the foundations of life.
The second chakra, "or splenic" chakra is located just below the navel. Through this center of energy you perceive other people's emotions. Psychic ability to feel what other people feel, is called "yasnochuvstvitelnost" (clear title). Many people have an active effect of the second chakra and have this psychic gift, do not use it. Some share yasnochuvstvitelnosti very useful because it allows you to be more sensitive to other people and feel dangerous situations. But wide open second chakra can lead to injury. Here is one of the most typical examples of human behavior with the wide-open second chakra: You are in a good mood to meet his friend to drink a coffee with him and have a chat, but your friend in trouble and depression. You sympathize with him and understand him, wanting to help him, indicating good in his situation. Feeling much better, your friend goes soothing and cheerful. You, on the contrary, a strange feeling depressed. Not knowing that you took the concerns and feelings of his friend.
We advise how to develop yasnochuvstvitelnost psychic ability, because there are simpler, less onerous ways to become a medium.
The second chakra is also associated with energy and is the point from which we send and receive sensations. It is an important center in the practice of Tantric yoga is a type of meditation, focus on unity as the way to achieve higher states of consciousness.
The third chakra located in the solar plexus, is the point of the distribution of psychic energy in the body, a kind of pump, pumping psychic energy. Although it is slightly above the navel, though it refers to this chakra when you are "contemplating my navel." The third chakra is valid, the desired effect of eliminating the entire psychic energy in the body and creates a violation of the general balance and disharmony in the individual. When you are scared or nervous, or when you have constipation, you feel stiffness in the center.
The fourth chakra, located in the heart chakra is love, tenderness and compassion. It - Chakra unity, which operates in the true love of self (this is something completely different than the narcissism), his love for the other, love for a group of people, or in love to all and sundry. Many forms of Eastern meditation focuses on opening the fourth chakra.
The fifth chakra located in the throat at the base of the throat (pharynx) is the chakra of communication. If you have something to say and do not say that, your throat chakra is compressed and begins throat disease: sore throat or laryngitis. If you are sensitive, you feel certain sensations in your fifth chakra, when someone will force you to speak. Closed or partially closed chakra is almost a common disease and the scourge of many readers and healers.
The group telepathy is also associated with the fifth chakra, as clairaudience (clear hearing), which is a mental hearing voices. The most important thing is that this chakra is the center through which you perceive your "inner voice" coming from that part of you that is your true "I" and that always gives you the right advice. It can be said in another way, namely, that the fifth chakra is the center through which your spirit or soul (always know what your good) communicates with you mind or personality (which usually require a small board).
The sixth chakra, located in the center of the forehead, is the "third eye." This - a chakra of creating visual images, allowing you to see the aura of the chakra (your own and others) and images created by your mind. The ability to create visual images called "clairvoyance" (clear vision) and is used to a greater or lesser extent by most readers. A sign of the closed sixth chakra is often a headache.
If one function of this center is to let you know when other people think of you, this knowledge is a form of "mental telepathy." When someone sends you a strong flow of energy, or to find out what you think, or because he thinks about you, he is "on your mind." You can think of this state as a dull headache, often even some pressure, but not the pain felt by just over a portion of the forehead between the eyebrows.
Many mystical traditions are considering opening the third eye as a great event, because it is spiritual awareness and enlightenment. However, for that to become a medium, it is not necessary to develop the center.
Seventh, or "crown" chakra is located on top of the head. This chakra knowledge or pure intuition. When the medium falls into a trance, it is through this chakra lets the body cosmic energy and sends it through its other centers. Cosmic energy is, of course, the energy of the cosmos. It is directly related to the energy of the Earth, known as the Earth's energy. The exact use of each of these two energies and mix them together not only gives the healer a certain mental stability, but it also contributes to the establishment and turns it into a "clear channel" while reading and healing. The technique of making this energy and its use will be discussed in Chapter 3, "self-healing". When the seventh chakra is open and properly developed, it is the highest gift of human intuition, reaching to clairvoyance. It is through this chakra meditation mysticism reaches a state of perfect peace and cosmic consciousness. In such a perfect state does not require any effort aimed at developing the mental discipline or use of psychic powers; just look into the depths of yourself, you can get the information you need, no questions asked and without encountering any difficulties.
The seventh chakra chakra is also often used mediums - spiritualists, when they leave their bodies and allow the spirits to speak through them. Trans, in which the flow mediums - the phenomenon is very complex and can present a danger to the unprepared. Due to the complex nature of the trance it can not be studied from books. Examine it can only be under the direct guidance and supervision of experienced in achieving trance medium and teacher.
There are also four minor chakras. They are located in the palms of the hands and feet.
Chakras feet help keep in touch with the Earth person who creates the vital balance between the earth energy and cosmic energy from the seventh chakra. Closing the chakras feet often causes cooling of the feet, and limiting the amount of the Earth's energy coming into the body, can cause a person to feel insecure, "knocked out of the rut," or so, which, as they say, "not all there».
Many of the mediums fall into a trance, trying to tear off his feet completely from Earth, wanting to minimize contact with the material plane. Many novice mediums advised daily pass for one to two miles to focus mental attention on the chakras of the feet and open them.
Chakra is the seat of the hands of creative energy. They are located in the most central point between the thumb and forefinger. These chakras come into play when we do or master anything. Many mediums and healers use their hands for adoption and to transmit healing energy information.
There are other special forms used for reading, but the aura and chakras are almost always the most important objects of reading.


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