"The chakras are closed - Secrets of the body, the chakras"

Chakras are closed - Secrets of the body, the chakras.

They can neither see nor touch. But it is necessary to block one of the seven major chakras - will react to body and soul. This doctrine is based traditional medicine in ancient India. India's hot. From meditation centers to spa salons - everywhere talk about "balance of energy flow" and "harmony of chakras." Yesterday, these outlandish terms were available only a few dedicated, but today is already firmly entrenched in the dictionary Europeans usually very vague guess what, in fact, it ...

Seven invisible "wheels»

"Wheel" - that is translated from Sanskrit word "chakra". These invisible wheel - the energy centers of the human body. They are able to absorb the life force of the world and distribute it inside the man, sending tens of thousands of energy channels. Different systems have between 4 and 13 chakras, but the most famous seven central located along the line of the spine from the perineum to the crown.

According to the sacred texts, the chakras are like vortex funnel, they rest on the tops of the spine - the main energy channel, a wide circular base are located on the surface of the body. Each chakra - its area of ​​influence, that is, each responsible for a state of mind and the work of certain human organs.

The life force is moving clockwise along the seven chakras treasured up and back. It is important to her smooth, measured flow is not impeded, no waterfalls energy, dams or whirlpools. But, of course, our eternal companions - stress, unhealthy lifestyle - and here poke a stick in the wheel (literally); as a result of the chakras may be blocked and the free flow of energy is violated. The Indians believe that this gives rise to all ills.

Other Eastern medical systems also recognize the chakras. In China, they talk about energy centers connected by a network of channels with acupuncture points. In Tibet, say ten "door" through which the body "includes" energy (the Tibetans call it "wind"). Location "doors" practically coincides with the location of the chakras.

Although the chakras - the attribute of the subtle body, which can not dissect or touch or see, the Western doctors who trust only a scalpel and microscope, in the zones of the chakras see plexus nerves and blood vessels (the energy channels are not?); the most famous of them - the solar plexus. Some less skeptical modern scientists enthusiastically seek common ground of ancient knowledge with modern scientific revelations. For example, Japanese Hideaki Motoyama physiologist (Hideaki Motoyama) measured with a device electromagnetic radiation in the areas of chakras and the main acupuncture points, and confirmed that the chakras emit different wavelengths, as well as related to the internal organs. (It is considered that the chakras have their own colors, described in ancient texts.) Indian physicist Capra Frith (Fritjov Kapra) even wrote a book "The Tao of Physics", which proves the proximity of modern concepts of quantum physics and ancient Eastern teachings about the world and man.

Caution: chakra closes ...

What does this mean for our physical well-being or mental state?
Root chakra (perineum)
For the body: circulatory disorders, anemia, prostatitis, an inflammation of the ovaries.
For the soul: selfishness, self-doubt, depression.
Chakra husband. and wives. (Over bodies)
Body: impotence, frigidity, kidney and bladder.
For the soul: the dissatisfaction, anger, aggressiveness, jealousy, envy.
The solar plexus chakra (above the navel)
For the body: digestive problems, liver disease and gall bladder, diabetes, obesity.
For the soul, fear, guilt, irritability, nightmares, distrust of the outside world, the desire to control everything.
The heart chakra (in the center of the chest)
For the body: cardiovascular disease, back pain, lung problems.
For the soul: coldness, communication difficulties, passivity and despondency.
The throat (in the throat)
Body: sore throat, toothache, hearing problems, thyroid gland.
For the soul: confusion, shyness, speech disorders.
Chakra "third eye" (over the bridge)
For the body: headache, visual disturbances, diseases of the nervous system.
For the soul: memory problems, confusion, schizophrenia.
The crown chakra (the crown)
For the body: headache, chronic diseases, paralysis, problems with the immune system.
For the soul: an escape from reality, depression, indecision, psychosis.

Chakra medicine

But what do you do when the chakras are locked and do not allow to properly energize the soul, mind and body? It wishing - meditation, massage, acupuncture, hypnosis, breathing exercises, yoga, qigong - all the exotic practices and are not listed. "Many people are skeptical at first to massage the chakras, and to the idea that disclosure can improve mental and physical health - says Renata Thumb, an expert on the chakra-stone massage. - And suddenly, in the midst of a session man literally starts to cry because of the impact on certain chakras and acupuncture points blocked energy breaks out ... "Find a good specialist in Russia on energy treatment is not easy. Of course, psychics and others like them a lot. But those who have studied in India or China, was seriously engaged in eastern medicine, he spent several years in practice, very little. Like any other doctor, a specialist knows the limit of its capabilities and should not hide this from even the most dedicated patients. In the East chakroterapiya used primarily for prevention. If the disease has gone too far and need, for example, emergency surgery, do not disdain the knowledge and skills of medical specialists. But during the recovery period, acupuncture or meditation will be very relevant and useful.

Manage your chakras can learn in groups of yoga, qigong, tai chi, ki-aikido and others - there is a will ...

Fedor '44 (honestly, it looks much younger). Happy, confident man, a successful businessman and the head of a great family. Hard to believe, but six years ago, his marriage almost fell apart, and he got into a car accident, almost became disabled. "Then I'm very much a glass cut his hand. Gradually, she stopped moving and started to dry. Traditional medicine was powerless. Familiar advised to contact the Korean Medical Center. There I began to be treated by acupuncture, moxibustion, but the main thing - to learn to mentally "drive" on certain energy points on the hand. At first I was skeptical, but perhaps out of desperation faithfully followed all the advice. Six weeks later the hand is almost completely recovered! "Then Fyodor engaged in qigong, I learned to deal with the internal energy and to collect it from the outside world. Now, every morning for an hour doing these exercises and feel stronger and younger than 30 years. "Earlier in the evening I would come home and lie down, but now after a day I am full of strength. And in general has become much calmer attitude to problems. Friends always ask: "Why are you so joyful?" By the way, the wife of Theodore could not resist the temptation of such tremendous changes and is now involved with her husband.

Such stories set in each group of admirers of this or that eastern practices. It is only necessary to choose what someone like: active kundalini yoga or relaxing meditation, Taoist qigong or Japanese tantra. In any system, received from the hands of a competent professional, chakra "reduce a" equally well.

Meditation: First Steps

Awaken the inner energy by virtue of each of us. One of the universal ways - meditation. Where to begin? Choose a quiet place to have nothing to distract. Sit down "in Turkish" (best in the lotus position), close your eyes and imagine that your lower chakra (the perineum) emits light. Feel its rays through the body rise up to the chakra husband. and women ... in that area should have a feeling of warmth - a sign that your imagination has intensified energy. When and this center will become a source of energy, go to the navel, heart, throat, the area of ​​the "third eye", and then - to the top. If the flow of energy in the last three chakras is very strong, you will feel a strong heat flow to the head. If the energy of "stagnant", may feel a little nauseous, but it will soon pass. "Accumulate" all the light in the crown, and then "release" him into the sky. Do not forget to take place every time the chain through all the centers. If you practice the exercises regularly, you can experience the amazing feeling of joy and enlightenment.

Alice Kobozeva


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