develop Chakras


Red chakra. I assure you, she is and has.
How to develop. 1. Every day do exercises where walking, squatting, bending will be present. Let there be only 5 minutes, but every day. Preferably from 30 minutes to 1 5 hours.
2. Take a bath with herbs or salt once a week.
3. Use perfume or oils. In general, the work around the nose itself, the beautiful, feeling, as you smell delicious.
What do we get? No fear, strengthen the nervous system, relaxed attitude to what is happening around you and in the world, even more so. If you are worried that the news they write that some kind of minister gets so much, and he must provide prosperity to something, it means you are useless red chakra and you will always depressed, angry, oppressed and fears the money will not be . You will of Shir-Pyr-sput - and bye-bye
! When you hear that your child cut two feet because of the negligence of doctors, child killed doctors in the dental chair, etc. and stay in a calm frame of mind, knowing that everything has a cause, it means your red chakra is simply beautiful mood.

Orange Chakra. What we want to obtain: a smooth relationship with the people of his own and the opposite sex
. How to develop. 1. Remove from your diet salty foods, smoked, pickled, fried, fatty. Eat one meal only one product. For example, boiled potatoes. No need to add oil and stuff in it. Simply boiled potatoes. Or just an egg (raw, roasted, boiled). Without bread, salt and other additives as sauces and spices.
Before meal it is necessary to drink a glass of liquid: water or tea, juice. Between meal breaks should be at least 4 hours. Night break in food should be about 12 hours.
Learn to eat any product, respecting him, loving him and knowing that now he'll give you all of himself to ensure that you continue to exist more meaningful, become more loving, more light. This is his sacrifice to you.
If you think I'm wrong if you suddenly will find that you yourself have earned this potato ... better quickly throw these thoughts out of my head. Since the situation is bound to come when you are sure that you can not afford to make the potatoes. That all you got, only God's mercy to you.
So, one product at a time, beautifully decorated. Mandatory beautiful table setting.
2. Massage and self-massage any part of the body or the whole body.
3. When you eat - do not rush. Chew slowly and enjoy the food. When you drink - do not swallow quickly, enjoy a drink
. If we do not like the way we live our lives or as a neighbor, so our orange chakra bad.
If we are calm, friendly and a good attitude to us - orange chakra good

Yellow Chakra.. We want: to have the willpower to see their goal, to be ready to take the money
. Do: 1. We eat eggs, honey, meat, pumpkin - one thing every day
. 2. In the morning, facing the rising sun, stretch your arms in front of you and turn the palm to the luminaries. Soak up the energy of the sun through the hands. Filled with gold color.
3. What is the positive statement you say today to you or others? Do not you remember? Start. The day should gain at least 3 positive statements where one directed himself.

Green chakra. The very first highest chakra. The first chakra is self-knowledge and peace. Past chakras were feeling and asserting itself.
Often people just on this chakra and hurting. Why? And because we are not accustomed to radiate. Accustomed to taking. And when you have to give - we do boring. What do you expect from this chakra? To help you learn to ask themselves and give to others.
Here we can already distinguish the stage of development of chakra. Or degree.
Want to Know the true love (not imitation of it), become a wise man, happy to be able to embody the creativity in life, be able to be useful to people
. Making: For the first stage: to remember and found seven nastiest people, but now found all ways to please these people. Just spend their time and money - if necessary, their mental resources. So persistent have sympathy for myself from them.
2. They found seven of their offenders or offenders of your mom, your favorite aunt and tried to talk mentally, imagining that they are with them - your children. Take turns with each course. And it is possible that each will take more than one day. As a result, you are his child, of course, have to forgive and regret.
3. Aerobatics for this chakra. Do you have a favorite and loving mother. And now try to go with a more open and style of communication. This step is always carried out only with the teacher's collection. Only with its recommendations, since they are unique to each person and for a couple of people even more so. and in turn, and I am useful to people, I am happy, I am loved, I love and the creativity I very successfully brought to life: my Open Chakra - (If someone needs to be, I can be a leader in this stage of proof. your life - you write to me about your triumphs with my help)
If you have problems with the blood, in which there are some out there extra sticks viruses, sore heart - do not lie to yourself that you least like. No. This is not love. So just think.

Blue chakra. We want: to feel positive and negative vibes, positive and negative flows, understand the positive and negative values ​​of any events, books, words, people, music. And, accordingly, you will be able to publish themselves, for example, sounds like a positive frequency and a completely negative. I have not tried to use supersonic Deplete against people, but moles, for example, it works very well. I have 30 acres of land. Krotov not. Conveniently. And most importantly - the supersonic is directed (eg, moles), and on the other will not work. In contrast to all modern pulse emitters.
I wrote and I think it is now able to "Ripol Classic" use. Or Makarenkova. Or "Tsentrpoligraf". A good idea. The main thing - how useful knowledge to share with people, you look smart and something comes into my head
. Positive supersonic cures, harmonizes and transform the present in a positive way, and the nature of man -. Too
Make: Singing, listening to other people's singing, laughing, laughing call. Reading prayers. Not quickly and silently. Not a whisper. Loud and singsong.
Closing a desire and ability to criticize anyone aloud. Do not Cry. Try to portray the voice of surprise, smile, sympathy, tenderness.
You can in fact simply say favorite "go eat," but he thinks with different intonations, you said: "When you'll die ..." or "we now spend sweet time." Learn to change his voice low, loud, sweet, gentle, imperiously
. Do not overeat - it closes the connection to the higher powers and intuition will show you not care if you overeat, such as pancakes
. Do not get completely drunk - is similar. Never agree to become a literary, musical or otherwise critic. Where there Leontiev with «However»?
Do not insist on his own, seeing that the man took a different point of view and defends his. Allows a person to have their point of view. It's complicated. But you must behave with everyone. Starting from the President of the Americas, allowing him to see the world the way he sees it, and letting it do what its citizens that he thinks is right and ending with your own child, no matter what age.
When your self-expression was bright, strong, positive, judged by society when you can show off your intuition and your throat does not get sick - Your blue chakra is simply in the best condition

Blue Chakra.. We want to: Become a clairvoyant and / or healer (at least for themselves and their families), strengthen willpower comprehend the brains of something (eg, at school, I heard that there is something scientists are fighting, not can either calculate whether find - some component in the formula or equation, and everyone is trying (every true mathematician) is calculated to no avail I remember, then: in the fourth grade even thought, "it's not interesting, and who needs it - this component....? "). The ability to lead. The ability to fulfill wishes. The ability to be healthy and young.
We Do: Learn the poem. Good. "Prunus fragrant blossom in the ravine", "The sun paints the delicate color of the ancient walls of the Kremlin," "Mister Twister - a former minister," etc.
We do not criticize anyone about yourself, in your mind, in your heart. Do not get angry people who do not tease. I do not Noah. If you say: "If in the morning there is no happiness - his dinner not wait", you will be sure to get sick and eyes, and nerves, and can and does the brain lose (all sorts of mad, forgot himself, lost its memory - all reasons your sadness and disbelief in the forces).
Substitute parts of his body under different categories: feel heat, cold, snow, rain, sun, hot, tasty, bitter, sweet, peach, watermelon, apricots, fish, brown bread, etc. This is done so. Dali himself a small dose of it. Little. And now we go all day and remember this feeling that portion that is felt. And at the same time we feel the heart, brain, all over the same feeling, which was at the time of the adoption of the session. Nuance: You have to enjoy it: cold rain, snow, heat, fish

Purple Chakra.. We want to:. Communication with God, illumination, Understanding
Do: If someone tells you that there are other ways of disclosing purple chakra, please write me. And then I came here the other day at the site where alleged that operate in the skies. At an altitude of 800 meters. Laughter-and-a-la! He wrote and again amused. Now. Wait.
How would it say to get tactfully, modest and at the same time it is clear? We have for example, some magicians are able to work with the Sun and the Moon, and even the constellations and individual stars. I think they are more than 800 meters.
And our prayers are heard Saints. But we are not broadcast on the entire Internet, we see the entire solar system. Straight people do all of his image and of itself unassumingly things make a laurel wreath.
Therefore. I warn you, if someone for this chakra you offer "completely new" method of disclosure of the "High Priest of the Planet Earth", just think that nobody in the world will not be able to reveal to you this chakra, as you are, except:
If you are completely harmonious and ready to accept the will of God, ready to merge with the energies of the universe, at least some of its part, the chakra itself begins to unfold. Herself. When she will be ready to accept God, and God -. It
And no one else does it is not able to disclose any sledgehammer or a craniotomy (as we've recently been asked).

For each exercise, for each chakra selected work for 21 days. After a two-week break from the everyday physical work (at least wash the floors in the entrance), we repeat the exercise, but now take 43 days of work.
For each new turn chakra only after successful completion of 43 days for the previous chakras.

Love and joy!


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