Body language: applied psychosomatics

You can often hear the phrase: "All the problems of the nerves». It is quite simple the truth is reflected that there is any problem of our physical body is connected with the subtle bodies: first of all our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, as well as those injuries that are deeply entrenched in our subconscious.


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One of the most simple circuits to study the impact of psychological problems of the person on his health is a system of chakras.

This energy centers of the body in the Indian tradition, which are responsible for certain functions. They appear in the form of energy vortices located on the Central axis of the body.

Allocate 7 major chakras:

  • the first and seventh – single – we receive the energy of earth and sky,
  • the remaining 5 pairs.

The chakras correspond to the 7 colors, 7 notes.


1 chakra – the coccyx

The wide side down to the feet. It receives energy from the earth. Covers the legs, vulva, bladder, uterus, intestine direct.

Psychologically it is the chakra of life force (how well I feel full of energy, able to move from state to state, act).

Disease 1 chakra:

  • the loss of power,
  • fatigue,
  • oppression,
  • depression.

The legs are designed to go forward, they symbolize life goals. Legs – the answer to the question: if I'm going to be healthy and happy? If legs are not the goal in life, or go the wrong way, or think you're going the wrong way.

The body does not distinguish between these nuances. Biting yourself is not productive. It is better to not go there, to understand it, to acquire experience and to change the direction, but not to chew.

The knee is the freedom to go to their targets. Knees and lower thighs are those programs that we got from other people – moms, dads, schools, companies, grandparents – all who taught us and we "tolal" how to live and how not to live what is right and what is wrong. If it hurts – so mind you there are programs that prevent you to move through life, achieving goals, doing something to make this purpose realized.

The demolition of the body only those programs that are in conflict with your inner purposes and meanings. Useful programs (to cross the street on green) can work the rest of your life and body will not hurt.

Depression – a disease of the meaning of life (hard to go the wrong way). When a person goes not to their targets, sacrificing himself, doing such as a career, not love. Any imbalance leads to imbalance of energy.

Depression comes from within: "Stop, continue to go there is not necessary. Stop, figure it out with you wherever you go…»

Bladder – emotions. The ability to feel and to ignore feelings. Diseases of the bladder – long suppression of emotions or doing nothing with them. Goes down, when the real situation in your life threatening, it signals that something needs to change.

Rectum (the ability to get rid of the past – you ate it, digested it, he should be released). It is necessary to remove not only the bad, but good. Why remember what was a delicious cake or good sex, when you can relive it. No need to get stuck in the past, it is no longer necessary to live now, all the time eat fresh, and all the time to get fresh impressions of life.

Constipation – fear of letting go of the past. Or people who are stuck in the past. Fear to part with money (greed). Fear to part with old things – home gets cluttered with old things.

Diarrhea – fear of the future (Oh how something might not work). It is always a neurotic fear of reality, he is not bound: the inability to make the right conclusions and move on, there is no attempt to analyze the money holding up.

Uterus – child bearing and the creation. It is the organ of creativity. Tumors of the uterus – excessive motherhood ("mommy"). Infertility is a deficient function of motherhood.

The first chakra is home to the most terrible fears – biological:

  • fear of dying,
  • fear of getting sick,
  • fear of serious disease,
  • fear of poverty,
  • the fear of hunger.

2nd chakra — lower abdomen

Is 3 fingers below the navel, back back. Responsible for sexual energy, sexual function and desire.

The right epididymis and the Appendix – permission for joy (from eat to fellowship with God). The ability to experience pleasure based on the sexual energy. Any joy from the physical to the spiritual.

The left appendage – permit to work (the ability to "create" their lives). If we do not – we from this side of the problem.

Lower back – the money. Permit the cash flow in your life. Want to the money necessary for 2 chakra. Money from us as much as we appreciate. If you are a good specialist, but don't value yourself – will pay little. When we make money, we must feel that we deserve this money, we are worthy and we are worthy of the life that you can buy for the money. Making money is selling themselves, their abilities or qualities. Women who sit at home also to make money – the wife does the hard work.

Sciatica is the disease of money.


3 chakra – the stomach and solar plexus

The periphery of this chakra – all digestive organs and kidneys.

There are three aspects of the third chakra:


3-A. Adaptation to life (the ability to digest life, the ability to survive in society, among other people).


On the 3rd chakra are social fears: the fear of how I look, like fear to me, fear to me is not pushed, the fear of being useless, shame, resentment…

Emotions originate here. Emotions are signals about how you adapt to life. If our adaptation, our survival is not threatened, we are calm, confident, if we do something wrong we get angry, anger, shame, sadness. If you feel fear, resentment, depression – then in life something is not as it should. (As the bell on the door – if unpleasant people come, do not cut the same call).


3-B. the body (liver). Each of us has the will to live – the ability to willpower, to do something, or implement something to give. Protects our individual will anger. Angry – when across our will is someone's will (not, not give...). Or when you are manipulated. When we substituted betray is a serious cause for anger. The most dangerous is to try to deny his anger. If you hide your anger from others – this is not particularly harmful, but if you hide it from yourself – you get sick – ulcer, colitis, gastritis. We must honestly admit to himself – Yes it's silly, but I get angry, I get offended. Is the key to health. Angrily you treat them like a knife.


3-in. Processing information. Processing of knowledge (a digest). We consume knowledge through digestion. What we are interested in useful – we send in your bio-computer – your head, and then that is not interesting, it is not necessary – leaves in the "bowl".

The child should receive and digest knowledge in a calm stop. But he's afraid he's intense, he's confident in his abilities. It spazmiruet stomach and this knowledge go through this spasm.

In the body school neurosis is colitis, gastritis and cholecystitis. In life then a situation when you have to get yourself to take the exam – accompanied by pain in the stomach.


Kidney – stuck fears and very often the parent (feared for the child for himself, he's afraid something is not right). Almost as problems of partnerships, relationships with other people.


Chakra 4 – heart

Is at the level of the nipples – the Chakra of love.

A person has no choice to love or not to love.If you decide to abandon the love in my life – the body will fight. Ends with a heart attack or stroke (if the "smart" head puts a ban on love).

Love needs to move in two directions. We have to give love to others and receive love.

Adoption and benefits should be balanced – imbalances lead to problems. How many of you give so full and take. If the heart overlaps a heart attack.

Every love begins with loving yourself. To love others and not love yourself is the deception that hides the fear of other people. Love is like the spring needs to fill a Cup, to give love we need from generosity, not from fear.

The heart is closed from the inside. Only people can open it.

The heart closes at a very early age. Maybe in the hospital. Or the child comes to mom and dad, and they say, "go play, don't bother". The child says "my love they don't need" and closes the heart. And it's very comfortable, but with a closed heart. Occurs program "I'm not worthy of love."

Then the man says, "show me love" and doesn't believe anyone would love him.

Self – love in our culture it is not accepted, is not accepted as a compliment – if a person has done well – it must be clear what praise for it. And to criticize – it is a sacred duty. The child builds up a sense of misery is something wrong, it's not that, that is not correct. The child thinks: "for what I love – I'm such a misery." Then the ban on love to yourself – "if I will love, I will grow a monster".

Most people think that you should whip to urge, to encourage. If you do not press, it will not do anything.


5 chakra – the base of the neck

Periphery – the whole respiratory system. Self-realization is to be yourself.

To be yourself is to breathe and to live. Not to be a – dying. To step on the throat of his own song – without a breath to die. Will ship on the shoulders of other people's problems!

If the child cries, do not come to him – no one hears me, nobody wants me – bronchitis.

Asthma, tuberculosis, lung cancer – I have no right to live (guilt) is usually associated with birth trauma.

Tonsils and runny nose – strong offense, lack of affection, failure to take sex of the child. Or poor sexual relationship between parents.

Cough – pay attention to me.


6 chakra – Centre of forehead and back of the head (it is in the center of the head)

Third eye. Light. Eye problems, some of installation. Glasses is protection. Worldview – our view of the world and in this world, memory, experience, knowledge. Our picture of the world. The world is changing with experience.

The pain in the head is self – criticism. A headache, when we do that according to our ideas should not (does not fit into your picture of the world). For example – posiliti, and believe that being angry is bad. Will be a headache.

Migraine – constant self-criticism at the level of habit.

Ears – the child does not want to hear something power plugs.


7 chakra – the crown (where the child's Fontanelle)

Communication with the beyond. The limit values (the most important). Communication with other people, connection with life in General. This is the highest value – type conscience. If a person crosses using these values, we say: "human Life is crushed".

Mental illness is often associated with this chakra. If man cannot live in harmony with their conscience – destruction. A closed chakra is fear to realize something in yourself or the world. Resentment against God.


Left/right side of the body

Right-handers – right male– activity: action, determination, will.

Left female– passive: relaxation, rest, the ability to feel.

Blood – joy that spreads throughout the body.published


Illustration Munch, Edvard — Meeting in space, 1899


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