Technique right out of starvation

The build-up is an integral and very important part of the process of fasting.

You can spend your starvation, but to spoil it the wrong way.

And on the other hand, the correct output can significantly enhance all those positive aspects that we get from fasting.

You must remember the basic rules of the build:

granularity of power;

— gradual increase of the number and concentration of products;

— preferential use of vegetable and dairy foods;

— exclusion from the diet of salt, protein foods /meat, eggs, mushrooms, bean/ and vegetable fat during prolonged fasting to use until the 4th day of release.

— the duration of the build should be not less than half of the period of fasting, and even better — equal to the duration of fasting.

From the practice — it is best to get juices, vegetables, fruit. The first methods to dilute in the future — on the whole. Juice is taken in small portions every two hours, gradually increasing the amount. The longer it was starvation, the greater the number of days you want to take on a juice fast.

Gradually the juice added to vegetable soups, salads, fruit.

With further expansion diet use oatmeal, whey, yogurt.

Meat products are better excluded from power as possible in the longer term, replacing them with seeds, nuts. This will allow the body to continue to own the biosynthesis of proteins for some more time and increase the effect of starvation.

Gradually, on the second or third week of fasting, it is to normalize the number of meals 3-4 times a day, trying to care about its quality.

It is important to remember that the regenerative processes in the body after fasting continued for about 1-3 months, depending on the period of the fasting, and all this time the body needs to provide the best quality food, based on vegetable and milk diet.

Below are a few options out of fasting recommended by various authors, but the most preferred option, the one that suits you. And this can only be determined by experience.

I, for example, are more suitable broths from vegetables, fruit teas from the first days of starvation at low concentration. With their help I have the faster you start the process of digestion.

My friend prefers to go to whey, the other in oats concoctions.

With experience, you will find the most appropriate option for you personally.


Output from fasting 1 dayWhile fasting for 1-2 days of significant changes in the life of the organism occurs. Therefore, errors in the reconstruction power is not so dangerous.

Output you can start with the usual coleslaw with carrots. Snack — steamed vegetables, tea.

In the future you can return to your normal power scheme, but the best one or two days to spend on a purely plant-based diet using salads, steamed vegetables, juices, milk products.


Output from fasting 3 daysDuring the fasting 3-4 days the body begins to switch to internal nutrition, and digestion are more oppressed. Therefore, the output can begin with the use of traditional coleslaw with carrots, steamed vegetables, juices. Diet vegetable-dairy products it is best to continue at least 3-4 days.


Output from fasting 5 daysexperienced starving the transition to internal power could occur on the 5th day of fasting, so you need to go out just like fasting for 7 days. The only difference is that you can from the first day to drink undiluted juice. From the second day to enter into the diet of grated vegetables and fruits. To continue menu to exit 7-day fasting.


Output from fasting 7 days

Diet recovery period (option No. 1 on the juice) after a fasting period of 7 days

1 day — during the day use the juice, diluted with water (1:1), a total amount of 0.7-1.2 liters. The concentration of juice increased by the end of the day, between meals, you can use water.

2 day — before lunch pure juice — 2-3 hours after lunch — fruits or vegetables, preferably in grated form.

Day 3 — vegetables, fruits. Introduced porridge on water, bread, dried fruits.

Day 4 — the menu is added to boiled vegetables, fruits, vegetarian soups, sunflower oil.

Day 5 — added dairy products (kefir, ryazhenka etc.), small quantities of butter.

Day 6 — the diet is introduced cheese, sour cream, salt.

Day 7 — add eggs, cheese.

After a 7 day recovery period the diet is gradually introduced foods high in protein: first, fish, bean products, then poultry, meat.


Option recovery diet after 7-day unloading period (mixed variant)

Exit from starvation is designed for 7 days. Hours are tentative and can be moved in one direction or another, depending on the mode of the patient.

1 day

9 hours. Oatmeal pudding at the rate of 1 tbsp of oats, domestic production without additives, in 1 Cup of water. Cook on slow fire for 10-15 minutes.

12 hours. Re-appointment of the jelly.

15 hours. Receive 50% juice, it's better freshly made from green apples or oranges or carrots or cabbage or tomatoes.

  • Tomatoes can be used only in the season and in the absence of diseases of joints and spine.
  • With increased gastric secretion, which is usually accompanied by heartburn, you should dilute the juice 4 times.

It is acceptable to use store-bought juice in the same range, juices, baby food, sugar or salt.

18 hours. Re-appointment 50% juice.

21 hours. 0.5 Cup of 50% juice.

Day 2

Receiving the same juice, but it is 75%. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract alternation of 50% juice with oatmeal.

3rd day

9 hours. In the absence of the chair — welcome brewed with boiling water for 2 hours before taking 6-7 berries prunes. With restored function of the bowel is prunes taken grated carrots with 1tbsp.l. 10% cream.

12 hours. One of the following fruits:

  • green Apple
  • or an orange,
  • or 2 Mandarin,
  • or 1 Cup berries of the season.
15 hours. 75% juice.

18 hours. Cucumber salad, lettuce leaf, parsley and dill. Salad can 1 tsp of any vegetable oil.

21 hours. 0.5 cups of liquid with the dried fruit to choose from:

  • 1 tbsp raisins,
  • or 2 pieces of dried apricots,
  • or 2 pieces of prunes.

In subsequent days, 21 hours recommendations are the same.

4th day

9 hours. Fat-free or low fat liquid sour-milk product, preferably "organic" crops: 1% "bio" yogurt, low-fat yogurt.

12 hours. If during this period the work of intestines was normalized, we recommend you to prepare the vinaigrette:

  • beets,
  • carrots,
  • 1 tablespoon sauerkraut
  • a small amount of potatoes,
  • dill,
  • parsley,
  • green peas,
  • 1st.l. vegetable oil.

In the absence of the chair — salad "Broom":

  • fresh grated grated carrots and beets — one part, three parts of finely chopped fresh cabbage, quarter of a green Apple and 1 tbsp oil.

The volume of lettuce to increase up to 2 cups.

15 hours. Fruit. Cm. above.

18 hours. Salad. Cm.3rd day.

5th day

9 hours. 100 grams of dietary cheese.

12 hours. Buckwheat porridge without milk and butter.

15 hours. Salad see 3rd day.

18 hours. 100 g of grated cheese, and white varieties, with low fat of type "Adyghe", or soaked cheese, or cottage cheese. Add to 1 Cup finely chopped greens.

6th day

9 hours. One soft-boiled egg, greens. With fibroids egg to replace the cottage cheese diet.

12 hours. Fruit.

15 hours. Any vegetables, except potatoes, boiled or stewed. You can use frozen vegetables, cook vegetarian soup.

18 hours. 100 g lean fish, caloric content not exceeding 40-50 kcal. The method of any cooking except frying. Combine with salad greens.

7th day

9 hours. Liquid milk product in the form of yogurt or 1% kefir.

12 hours. Salad. Cm. 3rd day.

15 hours. 100 g chicken meat without skin and fat. The method of any cooking except frying. Green salad.

18 hours. Fruit. Cm. 3rd day.


Remember!Exit from starvation is the main part of the practice of fasting.So take your time, be discreet and you will succeed.

And basically out of fasting in any food — even bread and meat. You only need to take them in minimal quantities, chewed thoroughly, and bringing the mouth to a liquid state, gradually increasing the amount eaten.

But the greatest benefit of fasting you will get from the use of the output of plant food.published


The materials are for informational purposes. Remember, self-life-threatening, for advice regarding the use of any medicines and methods of treatment, contact your doctor.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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