Fasting is a natural recovery mechanism


After watching the development of the pharmaceutical industry, you can catch yourself thinking that the number of pharmacies is committed to come up with a number of grocery stores. Many medications have become a kind of staple food. People are constantly afraid of epidemics, and early strange new diseases. The farther medicine and pharmaceuticals are moving forward, the worse.

Doctors pretend that they know how to improve the quality of life of the person powder brains society, but it's not getting better. "Health industry" for a long time should be renamed to the industry of the disease.After you walked around in a circle all the doctors of the city, and the disease does not pass, you start looking for health, and answers to questions where there is no traditional medicine, ASIC, before the people without the drugs that we have now. People begin to rely on what nature has given. More and more people are disillusioned with traditional medicine is looking for health from traditional medicine is not, in the hope that life will be filled with harmony.

There are many instances where alternative medicine cope with what could not the doctors and the drugs they prescribed. And then they shrugged and couldn't understand how this could be. One of many proven methods is fasting.

Fasting is a natural mechanism of healing the body. The essence of this mechanism? To many diseases of man brings him food, which is not correct, but now not about it. The power supply has an antagonist is starvation, with its help people can regain health.

What and how is the therapeutic effect of starvation? During a bounce from the meals you cleanse the body, as it is not able to synthesize digestive enzymes. Almost all forces the body throws on the synthesis of metabolic enzymes which will purge your body. While eating the person provides themselves in an appropriate amount of energy. But during the termination of meals, the body starts the process of self-purification from the body start appears poisons, toxins, toxins. The longer the process of fasting, the deeper the cleansing process.

Since the body of most people is clogged on a cellular level, respectively, not all the waste products, decay can be removed through the intestines, lungs and skin. On accumulated deposits of breakdown products starts parasitizing microorganisms. Accordingly, if a person practices self-purification is taken, it inevitably leads to the disease. Resorting to therapeutic fasting if you perform at the cellular level the finest surgical operation.

This method of recovery and purification are both opponents and supporters. And those and others rely on different research, on the experience, but when people practicing fasting feel a positive result, then from the right path is not down.

There are three kinds of terms of fasting: short — 1-2 days; average from 3 to 7 days; long-term starvation — ot8-40 days, sometimes more.

Of course you should start with daily fasting. During the daily fasting allowed the use of honey and diluted with water lemon juice, because they contribute to the excretion of waste products.

It will take time and, feeling the strength, you can go on three-day fasting. During these periods of time, preferably from any kind of exertion to abstain, to be alone with yourself. So to speak, at different levels to do self-cleaning.

Speaking about fasting, I must say that there is a dry fasting, at this time, and the person refuses food and water intake. During dry fasting manage to avoid the negative manifestations that may be present at the beginning of regular fasting, nausea and headache.

Water entering the body begins a variety of harmful substances to wash into the blood vessels, and they pass through the brain. This will cause discomfort until the harmful substances are withdrawn, for example, through the kidneys.

During dry fasting the elimination of harmful substances occurs within the body. In addition, the body tries to extract water from their internal reserves. The body creates inside water. When the body lack of water, he begins the process of extracting the water from all organic, thus destroyed the microorganisms that are foreign to us, and also diseased cells, different tumors, and even the stones. In fact, any stone in the human body is a colony of microorganisms accumulated a mole of calcium.

A very important process out of starvation. In diet become habitual for you need after fasting to come back gradually, preferring the broth from the vegetables.

The theme of fasting is very broad and talking about it can be long. The practice of fasting is a step towards health and nature. This technique is free and is able to permanently erase from your life the health system, making you healthy and happy.

Those who already took a course of fasting to share your results and achievements in the comments.



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