How to stop hair loss

In the fall many of us have exacerbated the problem of hair loss. Often, however, is a temporary phenomenon, which does not pose great danger to the body and overall hair condition. Some cosmetic measures you can take in this case, says stylist Larissa Gimadieva.

WHERE THE WIND BLOWS?Causes of hair loss are many. The female body is subject to various changes over time and due to external factors, so if you notice that the hair started to fall out too much (norm 25-30 hairs a day), take the time to "sound the alarm", but rather pay attention to the following points:

• Lack of vitamins: for this reason the "peak" of hair loss falls in late autumn and early spring.

Dietitian and nutritionist Anna Belousova believes that the condition of the hair depends largely on the quality of food: "For Shine and healthy hair you must include in your diet foods rich in protein (eggs, dairy products, meat), iodine (seaweed and other seafood), zinc and B vitamins (liver and pine nuts). Also useful silicon (cauliflower) and selenium (bran), which positively influence the condition of the scalp. Vitamin C (rosehips, kiwi, black currant) has an impact on the hair follicle. To combine all these nutrients you can also, with additional vitamin-mineral complexes and biologically active additives to food".

• Diet: ladies are fond of limit in food, not getting enough nutrients and minerals the hair suffer from it and even can change the structure.

• Stress: after a strong stress, the hair starts to fall out after about two months.

• Change the time zone, climate, or water.

• Hormones, especially during pregnancy and lactation.

• Low-quality tools for hair care and styling (shampoos, conditioners, mousses, sprays, etc.).

If you understand that excessive hair loss goes on constantly or with some periodicity, it speaks to the internal problems in the body, and you need to contact the doctor-trichologist.

BETWEEN US, Diocommunica with the problem of hair loss are more common than men due to hormonal changes in the female body and hairdressing experiments with hair. If a man has hair to return naturally can not – the reason lies in genetics. Interesting is the fact that hair transplant only do men because women's hormonal changes don't allow the hair to settle down!

WHAT TO DO?To resume the growth of hair, be sure to cleanse the scalp in order to better penetrate the skin. This can be done in the salon and at home.

If you contact the salon to a specialist, he diagnoses, identifying the problem, and then the scalp is cleaned by using a massage and exfoliation for 1-2 minutes, wash the hair with shampoo, apply conditioner and a special tool that restores hair growth.

At home you can do a similar procedure: make sure to use shampoo twice and in the first place, for 1-2 minutes rinse thoroughly the scalp. You can then apply conditioner and tonic.



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