This oil is the best remedy for beautiful hair

Modern cosmetology uses an army of oily substances to improve the condition of distressed and weakened hair. However, this tool can be called one of the most gentle and pleasant in its effects, as well as a good performance.

Fragrant, absolutely does not leave a greasy feeling to the skin, coconut oil for hair is considered the favorite in the home and professional art care for hair and scalp.

It deliberately affects the cells, thereby providing inner health and beautiful condition of each individual hair. Therefore, regularly using it in masks and packs, you can be confident 24 hours a day in the beauty and grooming their hairstyle in General.

Learn how cosmetic coconut oil works in practice and how it can be actively applied in the home for health and beauty of your hair.

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The effectiveness of coconut oil for hair

Be sure to buy unrefined coconut oil: use of hair natural remedies will be much more efficient. Because it passed the minimum industrial processing, and thus, it preserved the maximum amount of useful active substances that are beneficial to the scalp, follicles of hair and strands themselves.

Thanks to the vitamins, amino acids and minerals that are so rich cosmetic coconut oil, hair becomes healthy and beautiful (with regular use, of course). Penetrating into the cells, it participates in all the metabolic processes occurring there and influencing the external and internal condition of the strands.

The effectiveness of coconut oil due to the numerous chemical reactions occurring at the cellular level in the scalp, hair roots and the curls:

  • thiamine (vitamin B1) along with folic acid (vitamin B9) actively perform a protective function, i.e. protect the hair against adverse external effects in the form of excessive ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, exposure and other troubles: enriching strands from the inside, they increase their resistance and increase the immunity;
  • nicotinic acid (vitamin B3 or PP) one of the most vital vitamins for health and beauty of hair: it makes them supple, silky, strong, elastic, but also enriches the color and prevents your hair early gray strands;
  • pyridoxine (vitamin B6) a great cure for seborrhea, which is recommended to use even the professionals (trichologists), so that after a permanent cosmetic applications, coconut oil dandruff, you will be much less;
  • lauric acid has on the scalp antimicrobial, disinfectant, bactericidal effect, removing itching and burning of the scalp, healing of any injuries from time to time, including split ends, so they can be done in a separate bath of coconut oil — the results will surprise you and delight you;
  • oleic acid has a great moisturizing properties, so it is highly recommended to use coconut oil for dry hair, which is so necessary to retain moisture in the cells;
  • Caprylic (octanoic) acid natural, just a great regulator of the production of secretion of the sebaceous glands, so that you can safely apply a mask of coconut oil, even for oily locks: they will not so quickly be contaminated, and even lose finally, your nasty, greasy Shine, which annoys many, and with it will go the problem of oily seborrhea, if available;
  • palmitic (hexadecanoyl) and stearic (octadecanoic acid) ensure that coconut oil for hair growth — one of the best home remedies: if it to make masks not less than 2 times per week, increase your braids can be up to 3 or even 4 inches in a month;
  • ascorbic acid (vitamin C) coconut oil promotes rapid regeneration of damaged, brittle, broken, parched strands and ends, and increases resistance to external stimuli.

Despite the fact that in the cosmetic coconut oil has a large number of organic acids and vitamins, this tool is not only considered to be aggressive and annoying. Opposite :it is unique in that it:

  • very soft and gentle effect on the whole structure of the strands and the scalp in General;
  • soothes any irritation and heals many injuries;
  • after it is never side effects such as thinning of hair or loss of strands;
  • even allergic reactions to this agent are rare.

So for anyone who doesn't know how to improve their jaded modern conditions and the chemical makeup of hair, coconut oil is the best way out of this situation. There are no special difficulties in its application in the home should arise.

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Home application coconut oil for hair

At home the most popular hair mask with coconut oil, which will not take much time. On the basis of this tool, you can easily prepare compression and application.

Little instruction on the use of coconut oil for hair at home will allow you to increase its efficiency several times and never disappointed with the results.

So study, apply and enjoy.

1. First you need to choose the best coconut hair oil from the variety offered by modern cosmetology. The tool definitely should be unrefined, because only in him is concentrated the maximum amount of useful for hair and scalp substances.

2. Gently reheat it in a water bath of 35-40°C, but will not overdo if you're going to include in the mask the essential oil (they will become ineffective when in contact with hot liquid) or eggs (they curl up at high temperatures).

3. Grease means the skin on your wrist: this will allow you to identify allergic to it, if it is present. You'll know if you are contraindicated coconut oil for external use: skin will itch, turn red, can be covered in nasty blisters. In this case, you will have to abandon the magical transformation of hair with it.

4. Mix the coconut oil with other ingredients mask. Thoroughly.

5. Massaging gently RUB it into the scalp with fingertips. Then with the help of the common scallop distribute the weight throughout the length curls. Abundantly moisten the tips.

6. Clip away the hair on the top, cover your head with a plastic bag, wrap it in a towel.

7. In the absence of the mask irritating ingredients you can sit with her until 1-1.5 hours.

8. When rinsing, moisten hands with water, apply hair shampoo (it needs to be without collagen and silicone), whisk it, and then abundantly rinse with running water.

9. During the last rinse would be good to add water to the lemon juice, the decoction of some herbs or Apple cider vinegar. This will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the used funds.

10. Frequency of use of coconut oil — 1-2 times a week.

11. 15 masks, experts strongly recommend giving the hair a break for 1-2 months.


If you follow these rules, the hair after coconut oil (assuming regular use) will become incredibly silky, manageable, shiny.


The color (even after staining) will be full-bodied and fresh.

Cease to torment dandruff, stop hair loss strands.

Finally you will be able to notice that they began to add significantly to growth.

All these pleasant changes don't have to wait long months: after the first application of coconut oil the hair will bloom and delight you with its strength and beauty.

So be sure to learn how to make homemade masks from this amazing money: there is no shortage of recipes.

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Recipes masks out of coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil can be used for hair as a usual compress. But most of all, to strengthen one or another of his properties, add various other ingredients. It can be food, cosmetics, or essential oils, decoctions of herbs and even some medicines.

It is very important to observe all proportion, not to harm and not to be disappointed in the results.

Follow exactly the recipes — and your hair will be transformed under the magical effect of coconut oil.


  • Homemade coconut oil
Open the nut of a coconut, empty the milk, chop the pulp in a blender, fill it with clean hot water (not boiling water), let cool, refrigerate. After 12 hours remove from its surface a greasy film — this is coconut oil homemade. Store not more than 15 days.


  • Mask for hair Shine
This mask is more like a compress. Heated unrefined coconut oil (50 ml) mixed with 3-4 drops of ether rosemary or ylang-ylang.


  • Firming mask
20 ml of coconut oil whipped with egg yolk.


  • Mask
In equal proportions to mix unrefined coconut oil is heated with liquid, warm, natural honey.


  • Mask for dry hair
Melted coconut oil (2 tablespoons) mix with low-fat sour cream (1 tablespoon). If the mask will be too thick, add a small amount of cream (preferably also not very oily).


  • Nourishing mask for damaged hair
Whip, puree the pulp of two fruits in equal proportions (ripe banana and avocado). Add a little warm coconut oil.


  • Brushing to hard, naughty strands
Often comb moistened in warm unrefined coconut oil for 3-4 minutes to thoroughly brush their hair. Strands will be shiny, smooth, soft and very manageable.


  • Mask for normal hair
Mash a ripe banana until creamy, mix it (three tablespoons) low-fat sour cream (only one tablespoon), add in the prepared mixture a small amount of warm crude oil (about two tablespoons). Especially good this mask in the offseason, when the scalp and hair, there is a lack of vitamins and supplementary food.


  • Mask
If your hair was badly damaged from perms or permanent hair dyes, damaged, brittle and break be sure to try their home recover from this miraculous mask. All the ingredients are taken in equal proportions — 2 tablespoons. Need to get milled into flour, flakes of oatmeal, a little warm milk, warm unrefined coconut oil.


  • Mask for hair growth
If you want your hair to grow, like yeast, be sure to make them for kefir mask is not less than 2 times a week. Milk at room temperature need in equal proportions mixed with warm coconut oil.


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Knowing how to apply coconut oil for homemade hair care, you will be able in a very short time to restore damaged strands and split ends to make locks soft, manageable and silky.

Be sure to use this wonderful tool in order to transform and catch yourself admiring glances, not to complex, densely blushing, about their dull, lifeless strands hanging.published 




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