Honda has patented a touch of glass for cars

It would be great if the glass of our car suddenly would become fully interactive. For example, I wanted you to darken the glass on the passenger side, to the sun shone in his eyes, just held the glass with your finger down and you are done. Glass darkened eyes. Japanese company Honda has just patented a touch of glass shading for cars, so in the near future to use the first prototypes of such devices in vehicles of this manufacturer.


In fact, the idea is not new. Some of the major car makers already use in their cars electrochromic Windows, which are blacked out in automatic mode depending on the level of environmental illumination. Process this driver can also control and traditional button interface. But still nobody guessed to make such glass touch-sensitive fingers of a man. In this respect, Honda is, of course, made a knight's move. However, it is not entirely clear when exactly this technology will be implemented in real cars.


Patented by the inventors Honda glass consists of several layers including one touch and a lot of shading which constitute the liquid crystal film. Swipe down you will be able to lower some kind of a virtual curtain, blackout glass from top to bottom. Dragging your finger left and right you can adjust the degree of darkening lowered blinds. And if you touch the glass with two fingers and spread them to the sides, you will be able to do in the area some sort of window through which a good view of the surrounding world. All brilliant, as they say, just. published




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