Honda unveiled the electric Clarity Electric Clarity hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid

Honda debuted in the segment of electric cars with two new models, which will complement the range of machinery companies on alternative fuels.

At the International motor show in new York in 2017 the Japanese automaker has unveiled two new versions of its Clarity sedan, which until now has been a platform for cars on hydrogen fuel elements. New vehicles are called "Clarity Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Clarity" and, accordingly, are hybrid and fully electric models.

According to a statement by Honda, the new electric cars represent the future of the company. Guide Japanese brand even noted that the presented models are the "DNA of the company."

"Honda Clarity aims to accelerate the introduction of advanced technology electric drive and bringing electric cars to the status of mainstream. The Clarity series also marks the promotion of our initiative Honda Electrification Initiative, demonstrating our investment in a full range of electric mobility technologies", — said at the conference, Jeff Conrad, senior Vice President of the American division of Honda Motor.

Hybrid Honda Clarity Plug-in was equipped with operating on the Atkinson cycle 1.5 liter engine, by an electric motor with a capacity of 181 HP and a battery capacity of 17 kWh, providing mileage electric 68 km, and charging from the mains for 2.5 hours. The petrol engine used to charge the battery and to drive the wheels. General reserve a hybrid of the Honda power reserve is 531 km.

Electric Honda Clarity had engine power of 120 kW (163 HP), and battery capacity of 25.5 kWh, the charge of which is compensated by the voltage of 240 volts for 3 hours. Fast charger SAE Combined Charging System to charge the battery to 80% in half an hour. About the range of a "pure" electric car manufacturer said nothing, however, judging by the capacity of the traction battery, this indicator will be quite modest, and will be about 130-150 km.

The purpose of sales – U.S. market, where Honda expects to sell 75,000 vehicles Clarity of all three versions in four years. On the specific prices of their electric cars in the company did not report, however, assumes that the cost of a fully electric version will start at $ 35,000. First deliveries of the new cars are expected at the end of the year. published


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