A simple way to speed up mobile Internet 3G and 4G

If in the country, in a country house or in any location where the bad reception of the mobile Internet cannot be made conductive, try the antenna HiTE HYBRID. It catches 3G and 4G, and greatly increases it, so in the end you will get an Internet that rivals the speed of wired.

It is not always possible to use wired Internet, for example in the country, in a country house in the new office, and the mobile Internet is bad or all is lost. So as not to burn the nerve cells, for 10 minutes trying to upload a video or a heavy page, you can buy an antenna amplifier. This article focuses on one of the modern models — HiTE HYBRID, which helps to increase speed as 3G Internet and 4G (LTE) does not require long set-up (on my connection it took no more than five minutes) and connects with just one cable, which is power, and data transmission.

Antenna HiTE HYBRID amplifies the signal via MIMO technology that greatly enhances the quality and stability of the Internet connection. The stated gain of an antenna for 4G — 2 x 16 dBi, for 3G 2 × 13 dBi.

Everything else, Internet can be distributed via a router: HiTE HYBRID compatible with all routers and you can connect it both to PC and to the router.

We tested the HYBRID antenna HiTE to strengthen the 4G signal and got good results not only in Internet speed, but in ease of installation and adjustment of the antenna.By the way, since 4G Internet is far from ubiquitous, in his absence, the antenna boosts 3G signal, and it deserves special mention.

Now and futureNow all the mobile operators are switching from 3G to the Internet of the fourth generation, but 4G coverage is not everywhere.

So, if you decided to increase 3G signal, you have to buy the antenna for this frequency and in a year or two, when the 4G coverage area will reach your area, you will have to buy a new one.

With HiTE HYBRID such trouble is eliminated. It boosts 3G and 4G signals and selects the best, so no need to worry about frequencies and purchase new equipment.

Equipment and setupIn the box you will find the very neatly folded antenna and PoE adapter, Ethernet cable to connect the power adapter and mount.

The antenna and components in the box Antenna HiTE HYBRID has a rugged and fully sealed housing made of metal and plastic with dimensions 250 × 250 × 75 mm and a weight of 2 kg.

The body of the antenna with a waterproof connector of Course, it is best if the antenna is mounted outside, on the roof or on a bracket outside the window. In this case, to achieve maximum gain.

Operating temperature range from -30 to + 50 °C. the Manufacturer promises that it is possible to work at lower temperatures, if winter does not turn off the power. The kit includes a mount on the mast (or bracket).

To fit the antenna cable length of 30 m. This is enough to pull him out of the house on the roof, but if you need more, you can extend it up to 100 M.

Antenna with accessories As we mentioned above, this cable is used for power supply and for data transmission, which further simplifies installation — no adapter and extension cords don't have to buy. The kit already has everything you need for the antenna.

Choose SIMFor antenna will need a SIM card. If your SIM does not support 4G network at the frequency of 2 500-2 700, the antenna will not work with 3G network at a frequency of 1 900-2 200.

In General, the antenna will work with any Russian operator, which provides mobile Internet 3G or 4G. I tested the antenna with the SIM card of "MegaFon" 4G Internet.

SIM card MegaFon 4G Insert the SIM card in the dedicated slot and tighten the waterproof cover. Hermetically, so that the safety of your Sims you should not worry.

Insert the SIM Opened on the PC the address specified in the instructions, and see the management interface connection.

The management interface connection


Before you the connection status and statistics.



Test antenna in the fieldto test the speed of the antenna, I used a service Speedtest.net. For comparison, the speed brought the modem from "the Megaphone" and tested it with the same SIM card 4G.

We decided to test the antenna in the field, for which, in fact, intended. Since I have neither cottages or country house, we were just out camping in the woods near the city (about 12 km).

Location 1. The glade in the forest, 12 km from the town ofAntenna HiTE HyBRID: 6,21 MB/s — download speed of 1.21 Mbps upload speed.The modem is not connected.

In the clearing were Collected according to the instructions included in the kit: connect the antenna to the POE adapter, the adapter to the laptop and turned it on in the car's network through the Converter.

Antenna connection

Connected and ready to go Immediately I must say, we were testing not in the same place — where-the antenna worked better, somewhere worse. In the original location where the modem flatly refused to catch a 4G signal, the antenna gave the incoming speed of 6.21 Mbps.

Looking for signal

The Speedtest Results Location 2. Elevated position, 12 km from the town ofAntenna HiTE HyBRID: of 8.62 Mbps — download speed of 1.05 Mbps upload speed.The modem is not connected.Next to the car catching best, although due to the long cable we moved across the meadow, trying to catch a better signal. The most successful figure in this area is 8.62 Mbit/s (stopped on a hill).

The Speedtest results are in the second location the Following location was closer to town, around 5 km in the field.

Location 3. A field, 5 km from the town ofAntenna HiTE HyBRID: 11,95 MB/s — download speed of 0.44 Mbps upload speed.Modem: 0,05 Mbps — download speed of 0.05 Mbps upload speed.

Catch the signal in the field began working Here the modem from "the Megaphone". He gave figures of 0.05 Mbit/s (not to mention the fact that we could hardly wait when he's going to open up speed test).

Speed test modem With antenna mobile Internet from MegaFon soared to 11.95 MB/s. In principle, this was the best performance that has been achieved.

Overall impression


If you use 3G/4G antenna outside the city, where the Internet often disappears altogether, the indicators are very different from the same modem (which you can see in the screenshot above).

In a forest glade in 12 km from the city we got the speed with which you can surf the Internet without risking to smash the computer against rabies.

In principle, if instead of a man who wanders through field and forest glades, raising the antenna above my head was the wizard that will install the antenna on the roof of the cottage, the speed would still be alive.

But, as I said above, to connect the antenna and to obtain their legitimate 5-10 Mbps, even on 3G, you do not need any knowledge and skills.


P. S. the HiTE Company produces and the more powerful 4G LTE antenna, but we chose to test a HYBRID model for its flexibility and ease of configuration.published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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