6 Reasons NOT BE psychotherapists

The psychologist is working. If you pass through a daily life of others, you come all sorts of interesting, but few things are reversible. Do you want to be a psychologist? Get ready.

1. You will become callous
Being a psychologist - means to develop their own sensitivity. Callousness - a direct consequence of hypersensitivity. Otherwise, you can not understand all these people, and even more so - to sympathize. But everything has its own measure. When you feel all day at work different feeling tired. In ordinary life it is difficult to find people of Psychologists stale.

Trailer. The huge hall of the supermarket. Divisions between "fish" and "meat" crying child five years old, he lost. Buyers are divided into two categories: those who go by and those trying to help. And then there are those two over there that are some distance away and watch how the matter.

Look closely. Go past the Child-free (in the literal sense). Consoled the baby is not burnt "detnye": teen mom or a mature woman, ready to be a grandmother. They, not having time to "comforters" looking for the missing mother. Two freak aside - psychologists, who came to the supermarket for ... and cheese. Leaving the psychologist can not, he is a humanist. Includes also can not "skin" hurts. Therefore, they are just waiting for the mother echidna there.

Life hacking. If you are - a psychologist, estimate, how many hours per day do you insensitive to lost children. Always take at least 2 people. Anyway, do not become a psychologist, if you a) are often sorry for the people, and b) you want to love them more.

2. You will be demanding
If the psychologist is not in prison, he is working with good people. (Clarice Starling imaginary sends me a ray of bloody diarrhea). Look at yourself, to doubt the correctness, trying something to improve themselves - all this is done only good people. (The rest of the wish to improve the other). Imagine how such work corrupts?

Trailer. One of the strongest impressions of the network over the past couple of years for me was the Christmas story of the infamous restaurateur. I like everything in facebook with 3 to 8 January, I believed that he was really looking for his wife, and even left a comment on his wall in the spirit of "Stay." I remember him with disappointment when it turned out that he himself killed her, my view of the world even more deteriorated. And so, apparently, yes?

Life hacking. Psychologist needs daily training prose of life. Listen to a radio program for motorists ("Oleg, do not eat up your engine oil?" - "Oh, no, Michael, all the time at the maximum!"). Read at your leisure books such as "Cold sale" or "Hard Management". Get a friend who is on the job cuts or cheats people (realtor or surgeon). Ideally, this should be one killer, but who is telling the truth psychologists! Anyway, do not become a psychologist if you are a romantic.

3. You will be naive
This point follows naturally from the previous ones. You can see all day good people trying to get better? Of course, you get used to. Teaching worsens the matter: the young psychologists not only that they themselves are good, even eager to help others. In addition, a psychologist, listening to people, must always proceed from the fact that he had been told, that is - trust. That is, the skill to take note of what has been said - is enhanced with time and skill doubt - shaken. In general, the more in-depth psychological worker working for a week, the more painful encounter with life. Especially if the house is not a psychologist or a surgeon waiting for the realtor to sober up, and comfort.

Trailer. One day in April 2012. driver vozivshy my children to school, complained of financial difficulties and asked to pay in advance before the end of May. (And I must say that in September 2011, I spent a month searching for candidates!). Needless to say, that we no longer Bory seen? The tube, he did not take off, and a written request to return the money, said: "I worked all».

Life hacking. Of course, notaries' for wimps. " But please, save important e-mails. In other partners will always fend you in the spirit of "I do not mean it." Drop in occasionally to check the restaurant: a man with your face difficult not to ascribe to others a couple of salads. In the subway keep the bag in his hand, fasten pockets. And if you have a driver, ask your surgeon to decide money issues with him. If you do not know how to be tough, do not be a psychologist. And again, close your mouth.

4. You will be selective in communicating
The selectivity is obtained when mixed with innocence and demanding experience. In fact, only a naive (psychologist) thinks that in the big world can repeat what is going on in his office. Experienced understands the trust - it is for Buddhists, love - for guitarists, but for the most part people do not want to be better. They do not want to understand myself. They are not interested in how the other people. They are interested in how to make everything easier, faster, cheaper, and it is desirable that in this case the engine does not eat up the oil. Psychologists are just beginning to think that there are some other people who (insert desired).

Trailer. When my children were young, I changed two dozen nurses. Children do not remember, but I still shudder.

Life hacking. Do you want to be a psychologist - try to find your friends and get married (to be married) to graduation. A couple of years after graduation, you probably have to find his barber, a family doctor, a massage therapist. And in general, afraid of loneliness and disappointment - do not be a psychologist.

5. You will be pathologically honest
Psychologists dialog and humanistic areas often suffer from intoxication own honesty. For dozens of years, "a work" they mistakenly used to think that the only way to create change - to tell the truth. In fact, you can create change and reverse ways to say what they want to hear and remain silent disadvantage. Ultimately, the truth is good, when the rest did not help. After all (as any natural product) production is much more expensive than the production of truth lies and truth itself (unlike falsehood) is much faster spoiled. That is why it sell well for a pick up artist training and house in the village.


When I handed over the car to the right to a medical board was required to fill out a questionnaire. The question "Do you ever turned to a therapist?" Threw me into a stupor for five minutes. I understand that the answer, "You know, actually, every self-respecting practitioner psychologist should attend personal therapy, but that does not mean he's crazy," here is no good. However, write "no" it was very difficult. After all, this is not true!

Life hacking will be brief. Do you want to be a psychologist, learning lie in advance. Then it will be harder.

6. You will become secretive
Unfortunately, almost any ne_psiholog, knowing that there are psychologists, in varying degrees, suffer TyzhPsihologiey brain. (Many psychologists too) I have in mind the basic people's confidence in the fact that a psychologist everyone, everywhere should be good, and their willingness, if it's suddenly not so - immediately point it out. If you're a psychologist, you need all the time to make special efforts to open information about you does not cause seizures TyzhPsihologii in others, and it's pretty exhausting. Psychologists, like all other people, divorced, overeat, lead children to a neurologist, suing, scandals have bad habits. Just in contrast to all other people, they can not talk about it out loud. Some so addicted that look like gods. Do not flatter yourself.

Trailer to this section, for obvious reasons, will not be.

Life hacking. The combination of habit to tell the truth to the need to refrain from this very tiring the brain of the average psychologist. No good advice to better cope with it, no. Just often spend time with those from whom do not need to hide anything. What remembered item "Selectivity"? I do not promise that will be fun. Yes! And do not become a psychologist, if you think you'll be fine. You will have everything, like everyone else, but unlike all, you'll know why you do something bad.

On burnout psychologist. Test
It is no secret that psychologists and / or psychotherapists are subject to professional burnout, as well as other representatives of the helping professions. In particular, this is because we have difficulty to set boundaries between work and non-work, than, say, a surgeon or a killer. After all, much less their customers asking them to take overtime, to work with them longer, or to make allowances. Anyway, sometimes very humanistic values ​​interfere with life.

I was almost projective test self-diagnosis of burnout among psychologists. Answer "yes" or "no».

Block «No»
Is there a category of people (or type of request), whom you would have continued to take to work for 3 rubles, even if you came to the sea of ​​money?
Is there a category of people (or type of request), whom you would not take a job, even in a lot of money?
Do you have any inter- or supervizorskoy artist? Supervisor? Therapist? How often are you at conferences, training groups?
You know, from what exactly do you get tired at work, when you know that tired?
Do you know the way, guaranteed to improve your condition?
In your life there are things the place has nothing to do with work? Friends, sports, entertainment, personal care, travel, time with loved ones?
Is there still a very important issue of burnout, which I forgot to ask?
Block «Yes»
If you work just for fun, it would change the direction of your work?
Is there a category of people (or type of request) that you no longer have to take the work if you had a bedside table with time and money?
If you had a bedside table with money, you would no longer work at all?
Count da responses and no responses in each block. Each answer "no" to questions in the block entitled word "no", and each "yes" in the block of questions, going below - is one point. The maximum number of points - 10. The higher your score, the worse.

Take care of yourself, colleagues;)

Author: Pauline Gaverdovsky


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