Where does the ENERGY MEN who walks

The answer to the question - where the energy goes, if a man is walking to the left? It does not matter that happens physically or virtually, because the higher plane cheating going on. It destroys their masculine identity. This is the path of self-destruction ...

Where does the energy of a man when he walks? Males are polygamous and monogamous women, and it is nature. Of course you can comfort yourself with the words, but the man is above all a man, capable of spirituality, to control your body, mind and life. Man - is the personification of the creator of the world. Look around the world all done, the men built his hands almost. He's leader, and his love of a woman is the force that fills him for great things.

So where does the energy when he walks to the left? It destroys their masculine identity. His man's destiny to create, to build peace, to protect his woman, his wife, whom he chose. He has to lie to him from that "spoils" character as a woman, if she has to lie and dodge.

Such a man is destroying unique karma, and later it will be difficult to find a good woman.

Where there is betrayal, there is no family, there is no general power.

After all, when a man and woman in love, they are developing a common energy interchange, they reinforce each other.

So, when a man walking, changes, it is not, and this is important to physically or virtually, because the higher plane it occurs. The woman with whom he walks, too, can not give him enough strength to both of them have to cheat. This is the path of self-destruction, while externally, on the material level, things can look quite successfully. It has already been written about why you should not meet with married men to women.

The woman is filling, and the man is the structure. A man needs a woman, in her love. Men should be able to find a woman to fill the structure.

I recall the example, which is very common in the world - he and she live together, but do not build a family, and looking for someone in parallel on the side, and suddenly he will be better. There generally is difficult to speak about the appearance of a good overall energy. This couple soon will soon be destroyed, a very small percentage that both change and will they have "lived happily ever after", in fact they the best option and will initially present the lie to the other partner, and where there is deception is better not to wait. As a result, the man is attracted bitch that will show this man what's what, and deceive him as well as he once cheated. A woman is attracted goat, and the situation will be created pohlesche earlier. Looking good inner work on himself, or situations that can lead to this. Life is the best teacher, it is very true. So now many grievances that were used, and all because of the distorted initial approach. The house can not be built without a foundation.

If a man is not married, walk left to right, here he just destroys itself, because its purpose is to create, to build, to the best of their abilities, making the calls himself and implementing them. And this energy he spends on the pickup, which essentially screams that he needs affirmation.

Best man asserts itself through actions, deeds, self-development, spirituality and its financial stability. If he is a writer, an architect, businessman, anyone, he should reach the affirmation that will help you in making, and it will benefit the world. Invest their mental energy to the development of business, improvement of the world, his woman.

Indulging only lust, a man stuck at the level of energy ... and it leads to the degradation of the spirit. His goal is to learn to control your thoughts, actions, desires, and to create, to fulfill its mission.

This article is just the answer to the question - where does the masculine energy when he walks. And why is this happening, which is a prerequisite and the other is a broad topic.

By the way one of the psychologists in the examples of the films reveals one of the aspects than paying one that walks loses any quality.



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