The most unusual mobile phones in the world

According to statistics, by the end of this year, the number of tubes exceed the number of people on Earth. Although most of the devices do not stand out from the masses, the world's advanced technology sometimes these legends are born.

1. The cheapest mobile phone

The first cell, got on the shelves of America in 1979, was intended only for wealthy buyers. Its price, which amounted to 3895 dollars, higher than even the cost of car Toyota Corolla, a minute of conversation is more expensive than a gallon of gasoline. And now the high cost of no surprise: for example, sales of the new iPhone 6 will start from 32 thousand rubles. Counterweight chic innovations, beating record prices, are simple dialer, endowed with only the most necessary functions. The cheapest of them - it's a phone HOP1800, sold for only $ 10.
This really is a budget model is not equipped with an alarm clock, calendar, backlight and games. In it there is not only a memory card and camera, but even support SMS and address book. The goal is simple HOP1800 - dial a number and make a call, just like old times.

2. The smallest mobile phone

In 2011, in the pages of the Guinness World Records has lodged a new champion. Miniature mobile phone sWaP Nova, the first public demonstration at the IFA 2010 in Berlin, is so small that it can be used as a keychain. The device weighs just 43 grams and its size inferior credit card format, does not affect the functionality. sWaP Nova is equipped with a touch screen, built-in device for reading books and the operating system that supports 8 languages. Thanks to a special module mobilka one hand movement is converted into an ordinary USB flash drive, running from USB-port.
For the convenience of making calls, optional BLUETOOTH-added wireless headset with USB-charging and headphones. Baby, weighing not more than 40 grams, is able to withstand up to 2, 5 hours continuous talk and even play video.

3. The most popular mobile phone

After analyzing the markets in 35 countries, the Chartists said: only in May 2014 has sold more than 7 million fresh "apples» iPhone 5s. But despite the wholesale addiction to gadgets company «Apple», not their prestigious product has become the most popular mobile phone in history. World record sales was made the old lady Nokia 1100, released in 2003.
According to statistics: the total number of handsets of this model has exceeded 250 million. The device is released to the markets of China, flying as fresh pastries each week sold a million copies of line 1100. MobilCom was simple, functional and virtually immortal. It is easily experienced swimming in the toilet, a drop of human growth and "communication" with the children. Only as "bells and whistles" monochrome Nokia 1100 had a flashlight.

4. The most reliable mobile phone

Nostalgic for past, we often recall how we were correct Nokia 3310. She was not afraid of falling into a puddle, and do not fail from hitting the floor. She was not afraid of any cold or heat, and monochrome screen, giving even crack worked like clockwork. But despite the enviable stability, brainchild of Finnish multinational company failed to win fame as the most reliable phone in the world.
Guinness World Records listed the achievement of phone Sonim XP3300 Force. Field tests conducted at the request of the Dutch settlement Fire Department Epe, collected thousands of onlookers. Mobilku checked with all severity. She continued to work and after fell down from a height of 10 etazhki, and after the collision was the victim of an SUV. Sonim XP3300 Forcezamurovyvalas in ice, was under water for half an hour, but never lost its integrity.

5. The most expensive mobile phone

Striding leaps and bounds, the progress embodied in reality the most seemingly unrealizable desires. Now even a simple phone has everything wants soul: Camera, Player, Internet access and even fingerprint reader. But how do you stand out by means of mobile telephones, with emphasis on wealth and status? Smart phones Vertu, decorated with sapphires and covered with a soft skin - it's not the ultimate dream. After all, the most expensive smartphone on the planet - it's the iPhone 5 BlackDiamond, established through the efforts of Stuart Hughes.

British designer specializing in luxury goods - is not new to the world of the Rockefellers and Abramovich. In 2009, he released the iPhone 3GS, decorated 136 diamonds, and a year later -iPhone 4 gold. His apple was decorated 53 diamonds, and a reset button - pink 7, 4 carat diamond. The cost of the most expensive creations Hughes - $ 15 million. This brilliant miracle, made for a rich man from China, strewn with loose diamonds out of 600, the screen is protected by a sapphire crystal, and the button "Home" tanned 26-carat black diamond.
But what struck cellular buyers of its strangeness?

6. The most unusual mobile phone in the world today

Responsibility for the most amazing mobile device, as usual, lies on the Chinese. These inventors have come up with Haier P7 Pen Phone - nepishuschuyu but ringing phone spy pen, and ZTEs312, rechargeable by solar energy. But riding originality became Wang XYW 3838, filled all the English-speaking tehnoblogi.
This Chinese fancy, decorated by a pack of cigarettes, looks like a cross between a Rubik's Cube, a non-genuine "Rolex" and inauthentic fashion mp3-players. But it is not in appearance: average phone with a color screen can not only make calls and take photos, but also used as a cigarette case. In the body, painted in the colors of Chinese cigarettes «Chonghwa», fit seven cigarettes. Enterprising residents of China have taken care of the model for export: they have a telephone line for storing "Marlboro».



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