Technologies that may remain in 2009

Several technologies that we can use to stop in the next year.


fax machine obsolete 15 years ago. This is nothing more than a set of printer, scanner and archaic analog modem that only eats wasted time, money, paper and electricity.

Documents sent by fax, usually initially have a digital format. To send it by fax, you must print the document first. You put the printout in a fax - and fax machine again translates it into digital form and then with the help of the analog modem of 1993 converts the digital image into sounds and transmits the information in the audio form.

The modem generates noise on the telephone line, and at the other end another fax machine with the modem listens to these sounds and converts them back into digital format, directly before printing on paper. And then again, usually necessary to translate this piece of paper to a digital format, either clog the information manually, or scan a fax.

The document almost always begins and ends his life in digital form. But during his epic journey, he visited four times in digital form, the paper twice and once in the form of sound.

The mass delusion that supports the life of obsolete technology, is that "hard copy" allegedly more legitimate. In fact, paste someone else's signature to a document before sending it by fax - this is the easiest way to fraud because of the low quality of fax images.

Cigarette lighter socket in avtomobile

The idea to place on the dashboard cigarette lighter cigar / cigarette appeared in the 20s of the last century and reached its ideal incarnation to 50th. Decades have passed, but the automotive industry is still supplies the cars these strange connectors, but now usually without lighters.

As an electric socket cigarette lighter socket is very dangerous, unreliable has excess energy, uncomfortable, and quietly expensive. For him the need to buy an adapter and / or the adapter, which will further clutter up the car interior.

All vehicles must be fitted with standard sockets with built-in converter. Or USB-port, through which you can charge your gadgets. Or both, and others.

Almost nobody smokes in his car. Almost all of us carry with them mobile phones and gadgets that need power.

Letters WWW addresses in saytov

According to the original idea, the prefix in the Internet address must indicate the type of service. For example, points to servers World-Wide Web, designed for viewing through a browser, and indicates services accessible via File Transfer Protocol.

Network administrators now chooses whether technical necessity to the address was the site prefix www, but in any case, the browser adds it automatically.

That's why there is no need to pronounce the www before the address, print it on business cards, or manually typing in the browser. We stopped specify http: // prefix few years ago, so now you can give up www.

Business kartochki

It is not clear why we still use these phone cards from the 19th century. When you get the card, you have to do boring work on introducing this information anywhere, and it's usually no one does.

There are several alternatives to business cards, and they are all excellent. If the meeting is assigned to an e-mail, to the letter, you can attach contact information, attach vCards, links to a web page with contact information, and more.

Even if you are suddenly faced with someone, it is better to share the contact information on the spot using a mobile phone. It's easier to click a few buttons on the phone to save the incoming call than to manually enter information from the business card.

Rental kinofilmov

For several revolutions happened from the time we walked to the kiosk rental video tapes, stood in line, we took the coveted film and went home with him. The film - a conventional digital file. You can download it, get it in the mail on disk, etc. To go somewhere, stand in line for a digital file? Come on!

Panels A / Y for home sistem

Almost every element of home media system is too complicated with its own remote control. One of the TV. One from a digital video recorder. Another player from the Blu-ray. Even the music system has its own control. But some people at home several TVs, iPods, stereos and other electronics remotely controlled so that the number of panels in the apartment more than a dozen. For each of them need to change the toxic batteries and continuously track the location (panels tend to get lost).

It is unlikely that even someone enough time for quality of service and programming their remotes D / V. Enough! It is time to replace these consoles programs for mobile phones.

Mobile phones may be different consoles, because they have a better user interface, rechargeable batteries, and they are not so easily lost. Calling the program easier to program and upgrade.

Already produced several programs for the iPhone and other devices that control digital video recorders and more. Apple has managed to make a really simple interface to control iTunes from iPhone.

TV manufacturers need to improve the functionality of the control menu on the TV, and join the revolution smartphones, to create simple programs for remote control, and universal programs to all the devices can be managed from one program.

Wired telefony

The number of US households that have completely given up wired phones, doubled from 2006 to 2009, and now every fourth apartment is not wired telephone.

Why wait for the remaining three-quarters? Corded phones - it's overkill, headache and wasted time (because the phone can not pick the person you are calling). Corded phones can not receive text messages or voice mail feature is absolutely obsolete. It's time to make the final call on the phone - call the operator and ask to save you from the telephone line.

Musical CD

With music CD's OK, just do not have any significant advantages over MP3, while the disadvantages are: they are made from toxic materials, it is difficult to recycle and awkward to carry.

We all have to go completely to digital formats, the music library of files that are suitable for search, backup and transport in any quantity.

Satellite radio

Of course, Sirius XM content is different, but you do not need to launch rockets and orbiting satellites to deliver sound to the radio listener. All this can be done through the Internet and through the application to the iPhone, it has demonstrated the same radio station Sirius XM, when such service is provided.

There are times when satellite radio has an advantage. For example, when you drive on the road without a covering cellular networks, and listen to relevant content, such as news. But most of us are rarely chosen in such a jungle, and the majority of the content of satellite radio is not so important. In addition, you can not listen to it when parking the underground garage, for example. Or near tall buildings or in tunnels.

Now there are a bunch of high-quality audio content that can be listened to in the car: audiobooks, podcasts, music, MP3, etc. If you are so needed for something to pay, it is best to subscribe to the tariff plan of the wireless mobile Internet.


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