Gold, gold, gold ...

Gold has always been, is and will remain a subject of high material value and object of desire by-it has increased in price by 135%. Only in the past year. Last sharp increase in gold prices coincided with the annual reduction in its production all over the world - by as much as 8% from 2001. In the history of mankind in the mines it was produced only 161,000 tons of gold. Thus, more than half of this amount were in the last 50 years. This Pictures of the we suggest you look at pictures of people who are looking for, extract, find, buy and sell gold.

1. As for the visitor of the largest gold bullion in the world, weighing 220 kg (a value greater than 7, $ 8 million) in the Museum of gold in Dzhinguashi Ruifange, Taipei, December 2, 2009.

2. November 11, 2009. Hava Katz -nachalnik Treasure Department of the Israeli Organization of ancient archaeological finds - holds a 1000-year-old gold coin, which was minted in Egypt, as suggested, in 1095 AD, on display in the archaeological center of Davidson. The coin was brought to Jerusalem, Muslim pilgrims.

3. Made of gold statue of a bird of prey exhibition of gold and silver in the department «Ginza Tanaka» in Tokyo October 23, 2009.


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