African Gold Rush (25 photos)

The author went to Mali to take pictures of interesting stuff and show us how people live there.
The country produces nothing but disgusting beer, so the authorities are allowed to mine gold for everyone.
I wish you all - eat what you want.
Gold produces a lot - up to 50 tons per year, is the third figure among African countries.
Now tell me how you hard at work :)

This is an important man - he has a metal detector. He is looking for a place where there is metal, where you can dig a shallow pit.

Metellus found there immediately and go digging. This African Klondike.

All expect to find a large nugget - this has already happened more than once. Then, you can buy a home and do not work up to the end of life. This is all dream.

Some bad luck, they find nothing. Here is the "Miner" burned in his hole dug in the ground. "People are dying for the metal».


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