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My daughter came to vacation in Vienna and told. She rode in the spring in the Vienna subway to his university. At the next station, the train comes to a Negro with a bag of chips and sits opposite the typical Austrian old woman - there is a type of well-preserved stervochek gently lick and eternally dissatisfied. And she began to resent boring - say, come in large numbers here are different, would sit himself in Africa at their palms, and then pass them not - and so on. She took his ranting the whole car. A black man, by the way is quite intelligent species continues to sit against it and slowly has its own chips.
 It just gets old woman, she continues to burn on what they say and go nowhere is now in Vienna, throughout different rag-tag, and the metro was because of different aliens and ragged nagazheno them here and so on. A black man does not pay attention to it and continued enthusiasm has its own chips.
 And here comes the train controller. In Vienna, you can ride without a ticket for years, and no one will, as a rule, does not check, but if caught controller - Khan, they like bulldogs are not going to compromise, and do not believe in tears. And the controller meticulously checks all order tickets, compares them with the time and generally do all the instructions. And the old woman, holding in front of your ticket, continue boring buhtet what they say at this nigger and ticket-it probably is not, and why it should contain different monkeys on their money, and were they in their homeland, so no - come in large numbers here and air ports.
 A black man sits quietly against her and continues intently tuck their chips.
 And finally, the controller came to this old lady, but for a moment before he turned to her, a black man quietly pulled from her ticket and sent him into his mouth after the chips that went with enthusiasm to chew. The old woman stiffened, stared at his empty fingers, which just had its fair paid ticket and gasped as the words just crowded in her throat, interfering with each other.
 At this point, the controller turned to the old woman and demanded a ticket. The poor old lady could hiss only one - "The Negro ate it!". Negro razulybalsya, he shrugged his shoulders, shook his finger to his temple and pulled from the breast pocket of your own ticket for verification, shall declare at the same time on a perfectly correct German. After this poor, numbed by such a terrible bases grandmother was exposed to the controller from the car and taken to the police, and the Negro continued methodically absorb their chips and winking provocatively around ...


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