12 scientific secrets of attraction to the opposite sex

Disclose psychological tricks and dispelling popular myths.

Love is so much. This butterflies and laughter, happiness and comfort, loyalty and friendship.

But love, alas, is not so easy to find.

How and why two people suddenly realize that they need each other?

To find the answer to this question, we turned to psychological research for several years, and in the process debunk a few myths, and however, find that some clichés really are true.

1. You care about the environment

Serious attitude to ecology can bring you a serious relationship (and Vice versa). Research 2016, showed that men and women who prefer "green" products are perceived as more suitable partners for a long term relationship, and those who commit luxury purchase, seem more physically attractive and more desirable to short-term relationship.

2. You, playing hard to get

In 2014 a group of researchers found that in a "speed Dating" men higher rate the attractiveness of women, if it depicts the inaccessibility, for example, demonstrating a reluctance to answer questions. However, this only works in certain situations.

In particular, for this man obviously needs to fuel interest in a woman. In this study, these results showed men who chose their partner, but not those for whom a few I found by accident. It is also worth noting that although women Impatiens seemed men more attractive, the overall level of sympathy for him was below. Alas, love is complicated.

3. You have the right facial expression

Your face usually makes women more attractive but with men it's the opposite. In 2011, scientists conducted an experiment involving more than 1 million people. The subjects were shown pictures of persons of the opposite sex, which needed to be assessed by the degree of attractiveness.

The results showed that men find women most attractive when they look happy, and least attractive when their face is proud. Women, on the contrary, gave the highest ratings to the men, whose face portrayed the pride, and the lowest — those who looked happy. Interestingly, the expression of shame was quite attractive for both men and women.

4. You are like the last partner of his companion

Probably each of us like a certain "type" but women adhere to it more consistently than men. In one of studies 2011 researchers found that both men and women find members of the opposite sex more attractive when they resemble their current or last partner. For men, however, this dependence was less pronounced than for women.

5. You gesticulate a lot

Want love? Be yourself. Do not limit yourself — active motion and don't forget about the open positions. In 2016, scientists conducted a study in which they observed the behavior of men and women while speed-Dating. The results showed that respondents are twice as likely to have expressed a desire to see their partners again if they actively gesticulated.

In the same study, the researchers created for men and women at the two profiles in the Dating app. For one of the profiles used photographs in the open positions to the other in tight. Of course, it turned out that the appeal of the person assessed much higher if he is depicted in the free position.

6. You are very similar to partner

Decades of research have shown that the popular expression, "opposites attract" is absolutely wrong. Gian Gonzaga, one of the authors of the studies involving couples who met on the Dating site eHarmony, said: "Partners who are similar on a personal level, often have more shared experiences. It helps them better understand each other."

7. You look into each other's eyes for two minutes

Psychologist Joan Kellerman of the University of Massachusetts asked a stranger to 72 undergraduate students to pair up and look into each other's eyes for two minutes. "Later they reported that they felt passion and affection to their partners. This suggests that prolonged eye contact can help you form relationships and even to arouse a love for someone whom you've never met," reads the study.

8. You react to the attempts of the partner to attract attention, and he responds to you in return

The beginning and development of relations depends largely on how much people are willing to pay attention to each other. Psychologist John Gottman, who dedicated 40 years studying couples, says that this question "request attention". For example, when a wife, who loves birds, tells the husband that to the next tree just sat goldfinch, he can "turn away" from it, ignoring the remark, or "turn towards it", sharing her enthusiasm.

Emily Esfahani Smith, the results of the research of Gottman mind-boggling: couples who decided to divorce after six years of marriage, reacted to the attempts of the partner to attract attention only in 33% of cases, while the same indicator couples still married is 87%.

9. You smell correctly

University of southern California conducted a study that showed that women during ovulation prefer the scent of t-shirts, which for some time had a man with a high level of testosterone. This is consistent with the data on the other is hormonally-driven instincts: some women in the same period, prefer men with sharply defined jaw.

10. You look like one of the parents of your partner

Psychologist David Perret of the University of St. Andrews and his colleagues found that some attract people with the same color of hair and eyes, and their mother, if we are talking about men, or the father, if we are talking about women, and the same age as their parents at the time of their birth.

"We found that women whose parents were "of age" (over 30 years), with greater coolness belonged to young partners, and expressed more sympathy towards people with severe age-related symptoms than women with 'young' parents (under 30 years). Men's preferences were determined by age of the mother, not the father, and only for a long term relationship" — say the study authors.

11. You have a dog

In the experiment, 2014, one hundred women from Israel invited to read a short story about a few men. Whenever the hero was a dog, women have rated it as a more suitable partner for a long term relationship compared to those who have dogs don't have. The researchers came to the conclusion that having a pet shows that you know how to care for and able to make commitments.

In addition, a person with a dog might look more relaxed, accessible and happy. Not ready to have Pets? The good news: even if the dog just happen to be nearby, it may increase your chances for a date. In one study, 2008 male 20 years old, approached a hundred women and asked each phone number. When next to him was a dog, he got the magic number more often.


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12. You are as cute as your partner

In the 1996 study, each participant received a "ranking" of physical attractiveness, and then between randomly selected pairs arranged date. Later they were asked to assess the degree of their satisfaction.

More attractive participants were much harsher in their judgments — even if their partner was just as attractive. Thus, the more attractive your partner, the less chance that he will like a date! But this only applies to very attractive people. Mere mortals, according to the hypothesis, like most people as attractive as themselves.published



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