How to make 3D floors with their hands

The apartment owners dream to create a memorable interior. This can be accomplished using such elements as three-dimensional floor. The unusual design of any room with a bright picture on the floor can be done by hand. This article provides basic steps on creating 3D floor.

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The necessary materials and toolsBefore beginning to create a bold floor covering should determine a list of materials and tools that you need for work:

Grinding machine for preparing of the ground floor. A vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. Capacity for the preparation of compositions. Spatula with serrated and smooth edges. A mixer for mixing the mixture or a regular power drill. With a soft cushion and a needle surface. Special shoes (this monster high heel) with a needle sole. Respirator and overalls (do not neglect these things, because the epoxy resin have a strong odor, harmful to health). Epoxy primer for alignment changes. Epoxy filler for the removal of defects of the screed. Self-leveling screed and leveling floor. Two-component polyurethane composition to fill the bulk of the coating. Protective Polish for topcoat. Art, vinyl film with three-dimensional pattern. Thirty three million four hundred ninety thousand one hundred twenty six


Above is a list of basic materials and tools that will help you to create your own work of art on the floor. If you have artistic skills, you can decorate the cover and create the unique atmosphere in the house. After acquiring all the necessary things you can move on to preparing the subfloor for application of the polymer layer.


Floor preparationTraining begins with the dismantling of the old floor and remove dirt. After dismantling it is necessary to remove all skirting boards and doors. Then the coating is carefully analyzed for cracks and drops and is made by grinding the concrete surface. If the room is high humidity before sealing cracks is to lay waterproofing and stick to the joints of the floor and perimeter wall damping tape. Treatment of cracks is performed using a filler based on epoxy resin. When the mixture has dried, carefully go a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and degrease the concrete floor.

Council! To self-leveling floor lasts a long time, you need several layers with a spatula or brush concrete joints with epoxy primer.

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When applying all the preparatory layers completed, you need to leave to dry the soil for 24 hours, and then soak the base of the polyurethane composition. Work is best done in the days when the humidity is minimal. High humidity will adversely affect the quality of the future coverage.


The polymeric layerFor the application of this layer should be approached very responsibly. The room temperature should be above 10 degrees, or there might be problems with the viscosity of the polymer composition. High viscosity, self-leveling mixture will adversely affect the quality of adhesion and durability of the floor. The layer of polymeric composition should have a minimum height of half a centimeter thick. If necessary, the fill layer greater height should be used level.

Council! Kneading of the polymer composition should be strictly according to instructions. It is advisable to weigh the components before preparing the mixture.Seventeen million five hundred forty four thousand eight hundred ninety nine


Hand mixing is not suitable for these compounds. To achieve the perfect consistency and homogenization of the mixture, it is necessary to use the construction mixer or a drill with a nozzle for viscous compositions. Screed needs to be prepared before applying to a concrete base. Pour the mixture needs to small parts a short distance below the composition could spread and mix. Align the polymer solution is of a wide spatula with a straight edge. For this to work you will need shoes with spikes (this monster high heel) or a special pad. When pouring space over, on the surface, need to go with a spiked roller to remove air bubbles. Dries base coat for about a week. Only after completely dry you can start decorating the future of sex.

Ninety five million five hundred sixty five thousand four hundred forty nine

Gluing three-dimensional figurePattern is the main component of the 3D floor. Thanks beauty and the huge number of colors gender with any interesting picture will attract the attention of guests. To decorate a floor covering based on polymer composition a variety of ways.

Drawing with acrylic paint. To create a unique design using your own efforts, few people can. If you have artistic talent, then feel free to stock up on acrylic paints and brushes of different sizes. Create your own masterpiece! Remember that after application of a finishing coat, it will be impossible to fix anything, so be careful creative process.

Fifty five million seven hundred forty seven thousand seven hundred sixty eight


Sticking pre-printed image requires less effort, but costs more. The first step is to find a beautiful image with high resolution. When he came to the printing house, report that need to print on vinyl film or matte satin. Resolution should be at least 1440 dpi. Printing on vinyl film, which can stick, will greatly simplify the task of creating a 3D floor. You need a good glue film, avoiding air entrapment. Glue the image printed on satin, you can, if you apply a finishing polymer layer on the underlying coating.

Sixty four million two hundred eighty seven thousand seven hundred seventy seven

Decoration various small things: coins, shells — all that will like. The only, but very important point is the need to fill all voids in these subjects by means of gypsum.

Sixty five million one hundred thirty thousand four hundred nineteen


The choice of the decorative layer often depends on the financial possibilities and artistic preferences. When the layer with the image is ready, it needs to be consolidated and apply a final clear layer of polymer and protective lacquer.

Twenty two million two hundred thirty four thousand six hundred thirty four

The application of finishing layer and a protective lacquerFinal layer should have a thickness at least 3 millimeters. The average polymer consumption per square meter will amount to 4 kilogram of the mixture. Preparation of the composition is the same as the base. It is important that the mixture was homogeneous. Put a layer similar to the basic layer of self-leveling floor. Needle roller to apply more until the mixture thickens. After that you need to cover the surface with plastic wrap. When the finish coat dries, you can cover it with a protective lacquer.

Twenty six million one hundred twenty one thousand two hundred seventy seven



The calculation of the cost of materialsThe cost of one square meter includes the cost of all components to create the floor. One of the expensive items when calculating the price of the coating is a decorative image. Floor with 3D coverage is from 5000 to 6500 rubles depending on the selected materials. Floor with a regular pattern will cost less than from 4,000 to 4,500 rubles.

Seventy three million eight hundred forty seven thousand six hundred seventy


With self-creation of such floor coverings do not need to spend money on workers, so the cost per square meter is reduced to 2500-3000 rubles. The savings are significant.

Eighty nine million two hundred seventy five thousand two hundred thirty eight

Of course, the 3D floor is quite expensive, but it is great for the bathroom or toilet and kitchen. Epoxy flooring is perfectly resistant to moisture and easy to clean with detergents. published  


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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