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It was an ordinary day ... goats grazed, Putin has ruled the country, and the Crimea did not belong to us ... when his wife suddenly said that I would soon become a dad)

At the first ultrasound was reported by another news - we are twins, a girl). What can we congratulate :) (and something of sympathize)

Will be 26 photos.

We reacted to this with a sincere joy, but, of course, turn a blind eye to the problems and difficulties would be foolish.
Namely - at 23, especially not earn much. I work in a family, the wife quit, and pregnancy-related work was quite hard to get.
But I will not raise the snot on about this and that: with an income of about 40 kilorubley + small bonus from the parents - it is necessary to make repairs in the nursery.
And in general to complain about, because there are two-bedroom apartment available to someone in our place there would be no where to do this repair.

The apartment is old, it does not make repair about 40 years, wood floors, aluminum wiring, well, in general, everything we love :)
About the room - a room of 14 square meters. m. 2, 5 m to 6 m from the storage area. Storage 2.5 m. To 1.06 m.

First of all it was decided to change the flooring. The reasons are many - creaking, old + cats lived in an apartment and ... .Well you understand what I mean)

For this work had to be called masters, as the one I physically could not dismantle it all and make. The rest decided to do only himself.
Came Russian guys brought their 2 Tajiks, as it turned out, they took them half an hour, for those daring mountaineers who dealt with the dismantling of the floor, and left satisfied with 300 rubles in his pocket. Everything on this foreign labor is over) 1.
Since the level of the floor had to be raised to sex, which is in the next room. I do not want to was threshold, which is about ditёnyshi will stumble, had to find engineering solutions ... need to lift the 14 cm. I wanted to do ala - + concrete block on top of the plywood sheet or Knauf. But the masters persuading me to this decision as the - building foam on top of a metal mesh, the top 4 cm screed.

2. Closer

3. The junction with the old floor, the room in which we now live, as you can see, we simply spread a carpet. Dust collector you say? Maybe. But other solutions we have not found, and the floor is really awesome, with slots and other joys of coming off the paint, and a bunch of all sorts of grooves in which dirt and other unnecessary things easily clogged.

4. Storage :) oh, my wife asks to call this room Gadrerobom)
This is one of the reasons why we decided not to demolish the wall. Because things are stored where it is necessary, then a cupboard in the wall, or to make a wardrobe, as we go, and how can we)
The second reason was that the room is very narrow and if to demolish the wall, it will generally be smack in the subway car. On the one hand of course it would be cool to make a themed room in this style, but I'm sorry, draw in funds) And no subject is somehow not very much it will look.
I know that many will challenge our decision. Do not worry, everyone has their own views on it) as well as for repairs in general. and we decided to leave it.

Hello dear friend) As he infuriated me in my childhood, when triggered from the 10th times. As a child I was infuriated parents when tore off the rope, in an attempt to turn on the light.
Naturally from such vestiges will get rid of.

6. Master poured floor, flooded neighbors, and safely left in an unknown direction. The floors are dried up for about a week, plus those hellish days when we are pregnant (!!!) and his wife peeled 4 layers of wallpaper, not counting the layers of newspapers.
It was a real hell, still at the sight of these pictures there is a desire to break something.

7. When dismantle the door, accidentally pulled out, along with part of the wall jamb. Wall plaster way other than that of the gypsum from which it is made is not clear, and it is unclear how. But the functions it performs, and right.

This is an outrage all plastered with alabaster, and pretend that this was :)

8. The joint between old and new flooring. Made with a margin for laying laminate. By the way at the top left you will notice that the mixture was poured 2mya views.
First caught by shit frank and master warned about this and advised to thoroughly lubricate the ground floor ... What kind of wizard are still question the way) mixture constantly belched sand - how many times do not sweep, will always be the mountain of sand. But the other half of the room - a great tie, perfect blend. Well, I'm not going to comment on it in any way more than you understand me :)

9. The ceremony of driving the enemy distant childhood is coming to an end. Do not become excel, and put a piece of wire on the doorjamb, Stroebe why, if you can do so?
Hand I do not have to beat, I know that it is necessary to lay the cable in a special cable channel, for easy replacement and so on. Make no mistake once - wiring in the apartment, as well as in the building as a whole - shit! One day it will have to change completely, but we are still financially and morally not ready for this.

10. putty in two layers. Yes, right on the bare wall. Do not use plaster began.
Used 3 types of putty.
Finished in a bucket (17 liters or 28 kg) sheetrock (1200 r. Per bucket). Well, before 3 rooms are finished using it. Left floor buckets, and spent them.
Then buy some ready-made package, I'm sorry, but can not remember the name. He did by shit when wallpapering start to fall off. In all other areas where the use of the dry mixture, diluted in hand no problems with pasting was not only where lying is the evil mixture.
Walls zater, sanded, primed several times.

From a different angle. From a distance one can see my working place) at which I almost did not work)) play mostly after work.
Incidentally door installation was a big mistake, they had to be put at the last moment. But pregnancy is an unpredictable thing) and repair in the room in general was postponed indefinitely, so the door and put

12. Gluing wallpaper wide one, it certainly is the more acrobatics, but I could not. My wife helped me as best she could, but she could not in any way :)

13. More

14 and more ..)

15. The storage area pokleit what was left from the previous repair, so the picture is very collectively ...)

16. Bought laminate, about 370 rubles per m2. The pack was about 2.1 meters, bought 8 packs. With the stock at pruning. It remains to pack the floor. Also in the hands has padded. Took 4mm, which is the maximum recommended, no more, and less, I did not take, do not trust the masters, who assured that the floor is perfectly displayed.

17. Well, as always ... not enough to wall 7 cm, and I was hoping on a random luck. I had to cut.
But with electric jigsaw is not a problem

18. Few general form ...

19. The junction between the storage area and bathroom. Nothing interesting.

20. Storage. The easiest part of the masonry, as one series consisted of one part-time board)

21. Here is the jigsaw blade, after all this work. In the end it is generally barely pililo.

As a result, a storage room I put in 4 hours. Leaving the necessary clearances and so and so. Well, in general technology. The instructions on the package is, there is nothing complicated, and the process of laying it is known to use.

22. salt goose I pokleit panels, cheap, and not a bad option. + Plinth. Missed sealant joint baseboards with the ceiling to get at least some effect that this one design)

My wife decided to add creativity (battery), she painted, was satisfied)

23. The view from the other side.
Mouldings set too without any problems, although the neighbors took their endless drilling. In order not to have worn out knees, I put them under the remains of the substrate. Guys, save!) And then my hairy knees were started depelirovatsya on smooth floor.

24. IMHO, the dimmer will be very useful here. Mode nightlight, and in principle, any brightness chandelier in your hands, and in the children's room is very handy!

25. Well that's all for now. There was this little room here, I'm going to turn into a wardrobe. But money, power, and my short vacation - come to an end.

26. Here, drafted into the first design editor about what I want to do in the closet (something that looks like a pencil, is actually a clothes hanger))

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A little bit of money (exact estimates are not conducted)
Replacing floors, from A to Z, together with the work and materials - 22 ths. Rub. (12 work, the rest materials)
Wallpaper - 4 thousand rubles,
Clay - 250 rubles
Caulking 1000 rubles.
Laminate - 6700 rubles
Substrate - 200 rubles)
Dimmer - 550 rubles
Wires and sockets - 500 rubles.
Miller Beer 2 bottles - 113 rubles.

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Well, the main points, I think I have covered. Many of the tools I had, so I did not consider. + Some things are used for other purposes, but it should be able to) those who served in the army - will understand)

I know you yapovtsy, like pictures of cats, but unfortunately we have 2 parrots, and in the process of repairing them was not possible somehow to shine, so I apologize to everyone that disappointment).

For adequate criticism always say thanks, for inadequate - will not say thank you)

P.S. the last ultrasound, which was the next day as pokleit wallpaper it turned out that we have a boy and a girl ....)

And sorry for the logo at the bottom of the picture, I forgot that Yap limit on the size of images, began to squeeze in a panic that was.

That's all I wanted to say!



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