How to observe lent with the health benefits

Lent this year begins February 23 and ends April 11.

After carnival comes lent, which will last until Easter.

Over the cheerful pancake week, and there was a Great post, the most extensive and rigorous of all the Orthodox fasts.

We must not forget that fasting is primarily a spiritual cleansing, with whom, of course, is cleansed and our body, including excess pounds. Therefore, it is not forbidden to perceive lent as a General health diet. After all, the main objective of any post – to maintain health, both spiritual and physical. In all religions during lent forbidden to eat tahelepanuvaarsele products of animal origin. A few years ago, American nutritionists have come to the conclusion that the alternation of ingestion of meat and vegetarian food is the only correct system of nutrition. In this alternating system, the immune and digestive system.

What is the value of the post?Lent always falls in the spring, this year it begins February 23 and ends April 11.


Diet food is primarily vegetables, fruits, grains that contain fiber and pectin.

In the spring aktiviziruyutsya all life on Earth, as well as the work of all internal organs. In winter, our diet is dominated by junk food, rich in starch, fats and animal proteins. This "heavy artillery food" for the winter months accumulates in the tissues, and in the spring the body begins to process and dispose of. The post serves as a perfect assistant in this complicated metabolic process. The most valuable vegetable food, that fasting in the first place, purged the human organs – liver, kidneys, blood vessels, lungs.


Diet food is primarily vegetables, fruits, grains that contain fiber and pectin, able to excrete harmful toxic substances – radionuclides, substances of heavy metals and more.

Secondly, such food contributes to the gradual effect of losing weight, so fasting can easily and simply solve the problem of excess weight. Everything else, vegetables and cereals helps to eliminate excess fluid from the cells, so after a post I feel light as a feather. Scientists have proven that vegetable food is not only beneficial for the body, but also has a positive effect on the human soul – a clear mind, and intellect. For good reason, many people after the posts I feel re-born, many have lifted the mood, increases efficiency and vitality.

Usually the food in Orthodox positions is divided into several categories:

– a strict fast during which you only drink water;

– post to "xerophagy", that is, the consumption of plant foods not subjected to heat treatment, and without vegetable oils;

– post to "eating of svarene", during which allowed the use of cooked vegetables, but no oil;

– post to "eating of svarene oil" corresponds to the previous one, but with the addition of vegetable oil;

– post to "eating fish", when vegetable food, cooked in any way, is supplemented with fish, seafood and vegetable oil.

Not everyone will be able to withstand dohodniy post, but the one who overcome them, will see amazing results – a healthy body, a beautiful body and soul. Fasting for beginners, it is sufficient just to nullify the intake of animal products: meat, milk, eggs.

What to eat during lent?Now post to withstand easily, and most importantly – delicious! The range of products that make up fast food, is now extremely wide and varied. Shelves in supermarkets during lent are full of special products ranging from vegetable pastry and ending with the soy cheese, milk, cheese. Soy mayonnaise, for example, during lent, sold out instantly, but we must remember that it is the same calories as regular, and to abuse it is not necessary.


Fasting for beginners, it is sufficient just to nullify the intake of animal products: meat, milk, eggs.

Fast products are: grains, pulses, vegetables, berries, fruits, mushrooms, pickled vegetable appetizers, vegetable and fish ROE, herbs and salads, spices, nuts and seeds, honey and jams, and dried fruits, and of course, vegetable oils, fish and seafood.

Before you begin to post, you need to think about your diet – plan out how you will combine meatless meals: for example, salad with vegetables or braised mushrooms with boiled vegetables, meatless cabbage rolls, cabbage burgers, vegetable and grain casseroles – the options are many, so do not be afraid that during lent you will starve and sit only with the cereals.

Carefully selecting food for your Lenten table, you will not be buying products that are considered harmful (hot dogs, sausages, sweet yogurt, which a lot of additives and flavor enhancers, curd and other desserts) – isn't this a great opportunity to give our long-suffering body a rest from colors, flavors or preservatives!





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