What is love or serenity heart

Actually, you still someone to love. And I don't care, and she doesn't care. It is our inner need and we just have to choose the object of his feelings. There are people who have this need clamped a tight rein, their heart is frozen, for various reasons, mostly due to past bad experience. And sometimes that love just to feel alive.If the man had only a heart, we would love and there was absolutely serene, in love and harmony. But we have the brain and the sexual organs, so it is complicated, there is variability.

Michael to me of love said.It was our first time with him on such vague concepts of talking, it's fascinating.

Love — it's not yours and not mine, it's just there in the world, like the air, belongs to everyone and no one. You can get and give, flowing through the heart. Here is the flow: take it, or do not want — do not take it.

A closed heart with love not washed, and stagnation begins. Perhaps heart disease caused by blockage of love, but then, as you know, we are far from science, and doctors of such words it is better not to speak. For science there are no phenomena that cannot be measured by instruments. They severely limit their capabilities of understanding the world in this way. Well, okay, to love back.

About tranquillity of the heart, Yes. With him is no problem — take love, give love, it goes all happens. We are connected by love with all the people on earth could just get the eternal high. That is love — napolova phenomenon, nevozmozhnoe and even neobychnoe.

But we are unable to enjoy it, but because I want. You can't with myself to play chess, it's interesting. For the game need more people, and so there are social ties. Accordingly, you should be able to choose the games we want to play, and partners in these games. It would be cruel to give people freedom of choice, but do not give criteria for the choice. In addition, we need to multiply. This issue must also be able to choose.

— You noticed, what was happening now behind the bar?

No. Of course, you didn't pay attention to the bar.— And what happened there?— It doesn't matter. Around you there are many events, but your life is filled with only those on which you focus. You know you have a heart and it beats, but you hear it only in the case that will direct their attention to it. Similarly, in order to feel love, you should focus on a certain person. Then you will notice the love that binds you, and will be able to experience the joy of love. Not seen, not experienced. So we are made.

Hypothetically, if we only had the heart, we could now feel the love of every visitor to this cafe at a time. Why are we not doing? We want a more individualized, more targeted experiences and more powerful than the universal love available to us at any time and in any point of space. We know that focusing on a particular person, we're concentrating scattered around us love. That's why we need each other. How do we choose certain people?

Our brain steers in the selection process, it determines to whom we pay attention. On some basic level, if not to take into account the Supreme intelligence, the brain builds up a system of filters: to whom is the sense of focus, and who don't. For starters, he notes secondary sexual characteristics suggests the presence of primary, then picks up the hormones-pheromones, notices and evaluates the external signs of health. It's such a coarse filter, a set of minimum requirements, in addition to the joy of love, to provide reproduction and sexual pleasure. This mechanism is now almost all is clear.

People who have passed the primary selection, able to give birth in us lust, passion, sexual desire — call it what you want. So that's the Union of love hearts to everyone and focusing the brain on a suitable sexual partner people call love, and sometimes love. For joy and comfortable life to our organisms, that is quite enough. It's a variant of holiday romance. The heart at this stage still not important whom to love. The brain performs the function of guidance systems of our libido. I agree, the amount we will receive more joy than from pure universal love, which is out of focus.

Sex is a very important thing. Besides the obvious biological function of reproduction it has another function. And it's not a pleasure in itself. Sex allows you to precisely focus on a particular person. This is such a powerful attractant attention, he narrows the focus most effectively. So it happens that people who have entered into relationship with increasing sex notice the increase in power of love. Women understand the thing with the focus, therefore, scattered less in sex than men. Here she is afraid to have sex, feel love, and the partner actually she is not very fit — bummer.

But we (men and women) want fun from love as much as possible and for as long as possible, and most importantly — with a guarantee. And then the intellect builds a system of fine filters, which consists of our personal preference. We gain life experience, develop insight, learn to identify safe options. We have formed the requirements that we imposed deliberately, but not always expressed: the level of education, willingness and ability to cook soup, the ability to skillfully hide dirty socks, the presence of children from previous marriages, etc. In the same list includes various constraints dictated by society. The concept of beauty and attractiveness, too, here, the criterion of social, nourish, and has nothing to love, no sex, no reproduction.

That is, the third factor in our choice, intelligence, cares about the comfort, security, predictability and stability of relations. It can affect sexually attracted to a specific partner — to cut, to kill it or strengthen it. It is in his power, Yes. Moreover so constituted precisely because the sex is very effectively focuses our attention and should be the mechanism to secure and control. And love intelligence does not control, it controls the relationship.

In the end, where the picture is. There is love, it is available always and everywhere. A brain and sexual organs, together they are able to multiply our joy from love or out, to disguise it, cover. Sex itself is pleasant, love itself is nice, but together is much better.

That's all I need? If you want love, you have it by definition. You have your attention focused on a particular woman that love to feel. Well chosen and selected for certain characteristics. And, most of all, she's too focused on you. So you have no problems with love. You say he is stiff in bed and thinks you're some kind of catch? All of your claims are on the level of intelligence. And she, too, by the way. Her mind slows down the sexuality, to not focus on you too much. Here is her intellect with fear and inhibits libido.

— Hey, how's your wife refers to the fact that you don't care who you love?

— Properly apply. She, too, still. We are just very good to each other focused.



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