Ayurvedic treatment of heart disease

In Eastern medicine, not the brain, but the heart is considered the center of consciousness, the dwelling place of Atman, true self. In the old days in Europe, said: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". The same idea is contained in the Upanishads, the ancient sacred books of India.

The feelings that we experience in the depths of the heart, are the measure of who we really are, and our thoughts often just a superficial impression, passing through our senses. Therefore, heart diseases reflect the deep-seated problems of identity.

Nowadays heart disease is, perhaps, the first place among causes of death. To a large extent this is because in our culture, the fundamental goal of which is personal advancement rather than unity with other people, all heart rejected. Figuratively speaking, people die from a broken heart and a spiritual hunger.


To heart disease include heart attacks, angina, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and stroke. Heart attacks (myocardial infarction), which in the end completes the most heart disease, is usually preceded by palpitations, numbness or severe pain in the chest, mid-back, radiating into the hands and insomnia. Can be celebrated also cyanosis (cyanosis of the lips and tongue), shortness of breath, fever, cough, hiccup, vomiting, loss of consciousness.

To the heart disease result of congenital or hereditary predisposition, suppression of emotions, excessive stress and anxiety, improper diet, physical and emotional trauma. Rheumatic diseases and disorders of the liver and may be complicated by heart disease.

Because the heart is the emotional body, the first step is to figure out the emotional cause of disease. Often have the problems at work or in relationships with loved ones, which may indicate the lack of agreement with his own heart, the inability to feel your heart other people.

Heart disease affected the representatives of all the constitutional types. From Ayurvedic point of view, of heart disease, especially heart attacks and strokes, often constitute violations of Pitta, because Pitta is associated with blood. Angry, overbearing, demanding boss with a purple face, suddenly dying from a heart attack, is a typical representative of Pitta betraying the truth of his heart.

Heart disease of Vata-type are more likely to suffer in old age, when dried tissue and harden the blood vessels. Heart disease Kapha type usually arise as a result of overeating and the accumulation of mucus, fat and cholesterol that impedes the normal activity of the heart.

The diet of Americans and Europeans, in which the Central place is occupied by animal fats and heavy oily food along with a sedentary lifestyle and adopting a system of values based on the desire to evade others, to reach the heights in your career that make predisposition to heart diseases characteristic of modern civilization.

General principles of treatment of heart disease

The heart is first of all required a long rest or at least reduced activity, both physical and mental, with the exception of any tension and anxiety. Need to reconnect with your heart and realize the true purpose of his life. Apply yogic asanas and meditation, which make without any effort and breath control and mind. Physical exertion and tiring journeys should be avoided.

There is a special Ayurvedic herb that have a pronounced therapeutic effect in all heart diseases is Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna related to plants that are part of the triphala). This herb tonifies the heart and lungs, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the heart muscle, stops bleeding and promotes healing of tissues. Arjuna acts are balanced for all three doshas. Usually it is prepared with ghee or taking with him. Arjuna is good in all types of heart failure.

Daily you need to take 1-3 g. powder of Arjuna with honey for Kapha, ghee for Pitta, and with milk and ghee for wool. Arjun in combination with ashwagandha and guggulu good heart tonic common actions. Also useful nardused in Ayurveda and Western herbal medicine for pain in the heart and elevated cholesterol.

Good heart tonic for all three constitutional types is the saffronthat is typically administered in the form of milk broth (1 g per Cup of milk). Saffron is also a special rejuvenating and tonic for Pitta and the female reproductive system.

In Chinese medicine, particularly herb for the treatment of heart disease is considered to be the Dan Shen (sage), which improves circulation, strengthens the heart and soothes emotions. This is a wonderful way to eliminate the pain of angina, a natural analogue of nitroglycerin. Take it with a small amount of cardamom and sandalwood, both before and after heart attacks. Dan Shen reduces blood viscosity. It is especially recommended when conditions of Pitta and Kapha. In States wool add warm spices such as cinnamon.

Best cardiac tonic in Western herbal medicine — the berries of the hawthorn. Hawthorn improves blood circulation, strengthens heart muscle, lowers cholesterol, and ultimately promotes longevity. Hawthorn berries, especially in the form of tinctures that are useful to representatives of types of wool and Kapha. They make a great wine.

Another known in the West means — myrrh. The same as used in Ayurveda guggul, myrrh cleans the blood, lowers cholesterol, improves blood circulation and strengthens the deeply located tissues. This heart tonic can be taken as a tincture or as a decoction with turmeric. The decoction should be strained carefully.

Good for the heart such spicesas ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, is especially useful for conditions of cotton wool and Kapha. These spices improve blood circulation and emotional background and create a joyful mood. Special properties of sandalwood. Essential oil from it is used to calm and cool the heart.

Beneficial for heart a precious stones and metals, which are worn on the body, is in the form of tinctures or specially prepared ashes (Basma). They protect the heart in the subtle plane. Ruby, garnet and gold stimulates the heart; pearl, moonstone, emerald, jade and silver calm him down. Yellow sapphire and yellow Topaz have tonic and restorative properties.

To prevent arteriosclerosis is recommended to maintain water to drink during the night in a copper vessel.

Particular manifestations (types) of heart disease

Heart disease of Vata-type, manifested by palpitations, feeling disruptions of the heart, a sense of numbness and compression in the chest and pain in the heart pulsating, bursting or explosive nature. The patient complained of insomnia, shortness of breath, dry cough and constipation, it is annoying noise and loud speech. Often around the eyes appear dark circles. Attacks usually occur after exhaustion at work or excessive physical exertion. Marked anxiety, timidity, fear, anxiety, sometimes fainting, after which the symptoms intensify.

Heart disease of Pitta type manifested by burning sensation and the "glow heat" in the heart area, attacks of sweating, feeling of heat throughout the body. The face is usually red, eyes reddened and inflamed, sometimes dizziness, sometimes loss of consciousness, and the skin and eyes or pale yellow, may be vomiting of bile or sour content. Chair yellow and unformed. There is a tendency to nose and other bleeding. In the emotional sphere is dominated by irritability, anger with outbursts, which further worsens the condition.

Cardiac diseases of Kapha-type manifest feeling of heaviness and numbness in the region of the heart, stagnation, accumulation of mucus in the chest, coughing, increased salivation, lack of appetite, nausea, sometimes vomiting, and a lack of energy, excessive drowsiness, a sense of stupefaction with the decline in clear thinking. More typical emotions, such as greed, attachment, reluctance to part with anything.

In General, we can say that the neurogenic heart disease are, as a rule, to wool; inflammatory — such as myocarditis, endocarditis, pericarditis mainly for Pitta; and the disease is accompanied by congestive manifestations or edema (due to heart failure) is mainly Kapha.

Treatment of heart disease of Vata-type

Should follow a diet that reduces Vata, with the exception of dry, light food and artificial ingredients. You need to eat regularly. You should be in peace, more to enjoy nature, meditate and do yoga asanas in the sitting position. To strengthen the heart on the ring finger of the right hand wearing a ruby or a garnet mounted in gold. If heartbeat or pain in the heart can lubricate the forehead or chest sandalwood. Calms the heart the mantra "sham", reinforces the mantra "RAM".

Herbs are used ashwagandha, Arjuna, cinnamon, cardamom, sandalwood, guggul, elecampane, and licorice. You can take milk decoction of ashvagandha (3-6 g of herb and 1 tsp of ghee to a Cup of milk 2-3 times a day).

A more directed effect ashwagandha in ghee or in the form of herbal wines, as well as preparations on the basis of Arjuna.

Effective tools Western herbal medicine: the root of comfrey, hawthorn berries, Solomon's seal, myrrh; and Chinese medicine: Tang quay, jujube, ginseng, Astragalus.

Treatment of heart disease of Pitta type

Treatment involves diet, which reduces Pitta, with the exception of alcohol, hot spices, with a limit of oily and greasy food, salt. Contraindicated prolonged exposure to the sun and great exercise. It is advisable not to encourage such emotions like tension, anger, hatred, resentment, lust for violence. We need to develop feelings of peace, love and forgiveness.

On the middle finger of the right hand wearing an emerald mounted in silver, pearl or moonstone. The area above the bridge of your nose (the third eye region) and Breasts can be lubricated sandalwood. Cooling and calming effect of the mantra "sham."

A good helping of herbs like Arjuna, saffron, sandalwood, shatavari and bramhi and bitter: aloe Vera juice, katuka, barberry. Katuka or barberry can be mixed with the same amount of licorice and take along with ghee for 2 after a meal. In severe cases, laxatives help. Good drugs based on Arjuna, brahmi and Brahma rasayanas.

Used is also known in Western herbal medicine remedies: motherwort, myrrh "gold seal" and of Chinese medicine Dan Shen, goldthread.

Treatment of cardiac diseases of Kapha-type

The main cause of heart disease Kapha type — increase of level of cholesterol the result of excessive consumption of Kapha increasing foods. Assigned a diet that reduces the level of Kapha. Avoid sugar, dairy products, cheese, butter.

As with Vata Constitution, the representatives of Kapha okay to wear a ruby or garnet set in gold. Chest smeared with camphor, mustard or cinnamon oil. The mantra "Om" purifies and opens the mind.

Use expectorant that removes mucus herbs or sparing techniques vomiting therapy. Effective Arjuna, calamus, cardamom, cinnamon, guggul. A good remedy for heart diseases of Kapha-type — nard and pippali in equal parts. Instead pippali you can use red pepper. Take 1 after food with ghee. You should not take licorice, as it may increase cardiac dropsy. Recommended Arjuna, trikatu who take honey.

Means Western herbal medicine good red pepper, myrrh, Myrtle, motherwort.

In our days it has been proven that red pepper restores cardiac function after seizures and is a wonderful remedy for heart diseases of the Kapha type. Useful red peppers and Vata Constitution. When Pitta body-type it can be used to restore cardiac activity for only a short period of time; you know, that it's best taken with ghee. In Ayurveda and in Chinese medicine it is used purified Aconite.

Well known and used in the West and in China, motherwort, cooling and diuretic properties which make it a good remedy in cardiac edema and for the treatment of conditions of Kapha and Pitta.published

Materials: J. Frawley "Ayurvedic therapy".


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