10 true facts about weight loss products

We are very skeptical of products" for weight loss. We have compiled a small and cogent set of facts about how nutritionists are gradually taking over the world — and our wallets.

1. According to who, the world overweight have more than 1 billion people. 30% of them suffer from obesity. According to forecasts, at preservation of the status quo in 15 years excess body weight is 40% of the population — in other words, almost every second. 2. The cheapest way to reduce the calorie content of the product is degreased. After removal of the fat food loses its form and flavor properties of the milk more like water, yogurt — clotted mucous mass, the cheese becomes dry and sour. Therefore, the manufacturers of "finish" products with no fat added starch (to give shape) and sweeteners to be tasty.

3. In a small granola bar that they sell in the departments of healthy eating — 6 different sweeteners. Honey, condensed milk, some strange syrup of glucose (actually it is dissolved in water sugar, this product is identical caloric sugar). Two "synonymous with" sugar — starch or corn syrup.



4. Oat bran. Perhaps they really help in losing weight — but why so expensive? In stores their prices range from 30 to 500 roubles. Bran — a waste that remains after treatment of the grain. Sooner that logical — they're not worth anything, they fed the horses. Today on the packaging with the bran put a picture of a world-famous nutritionist Pierre Dukan (he first wrote about the oat bran) — and the price skyrockets.

5. Maybe bran for 500 rubles differ from bran, bought for 30 rubles? Before the actual Dukan put three cups of different prices of bran and asked to choose the best (i.e. "their"). Great nutritionist wrong! How so and why your bran, Monsieur Dukan, are so expensive? He replied that he had their bran together with Finnish partners. Those bought bran in Russia (!) and then "very accurate way of industrial process, very technical". Technical work, do not say anything.

6. In Russia there are no clear rules regarding which products called "low-calorie". Manufacturers use this word as they please — so the label "light" can stand as the packaging of lettuce with energy value 60 kcal, and on the pack of butter, where they were 560.

7. The concept of "calorie" is rather arbitrary. To find out how high-calorie product, before it burned in the special stove, how much it will emit heat, so be calories. Today, manufacturers often just copy the information on the caloric content of the old data, including Soviet times. But since then much has changed — and the conditions of production and the quality of ingredients and types of products.

8. Goji berries... the Sellers claim it is enough to take 20 g of berries a day and the weight slowly but surely will begin to decline. But no official research organizations, this statement is not confirmed, and the sellers themselves admit that the information you take from the Chinese sites.

9. Journalists ordered examination of Goji in the laboratory of the Moscow state University of food production (MGUPP). The sellers of miracle berries claim that the content of vitamin C in this product is 500 times greater than the same figure for the orange.

Leading researcher MGUPP Alexander Kolesnov just shrugs: granted for study samples of dried Goji vitamin C is "low — 45 mg per 100 g respectively." Sorry, but the orange even more! Maybe the berries help to lose weight? No, this is marketing and nothing more. Is it worth to pay for a bag weighing 200 g 500 rubles? A rhetorical question...

10. Comes to the ridiculous: journalists found on the website for the sale of Goji berries positive opinion of a doctor of medical Sciences Dneprova. That's just his "research" on the Internet not to find, and the managers of the company to connect with "Dneprodym" refuse.

However, nutritionists do promote superfood — negotiate with vendors on mutually beneficial terms, and then offer them to their clients. For this they receive a good raise.

And finally: do you know how much money the diet industry earns in a year? $2 000 000 000 000 — and it superfood, oat bran and consultation "nutritionists"! Maybe it is easier to go for vegetables, meat, fish and high-quality "milk", that is just a healthy low-calorie foods from nature?published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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