Properties and benefits of bran

Bran is a comprehensive source of roughage, vitamins and minerals. Numerous scientific studies have shown that taking bran as a dietary Supplement: helps to normalize digestion and improve intestinal motility, is an excellent remedy for constipation, normalizes biliary excretion, reduces cholesterol levels, normalizes blood sugar. And this is not the whole list of positive effects of bran on the body. Besides bran – a great absorbent. But bran suppress appetite and promote weight loss while cleansing the body from accumulated in it of toxins. But we all know that losing weight should start with body cleansing. You can add bran to salads, soups and pastries.

This method is good because you without any special effort, will increase the amount of fiber and lower calorie ready meals. However, quick weight loss this way you will not reach, but normalize the digestive tract, which is very good. Diets with caloric restriction diet and the simultaneous intake of bran, give more quick result. But it is worth remembering that such diets are impossible to stick more than a month. After 30 days of this diet should take a break in the reception of the bran.

For weight loss is recommended three times a day for 2 hours before the meal to drink two tablespoons of bran with a glass of water. To eat you all, but as you understand, the balance will be diet the faster you will lose weight. For more effective weight loss starchy foods, sweet and fatty should refrain or reduce consumption of such foods to a minimum. It is recommended to use bran to go on a diet of certain vegetables and fruits.

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