The Botanical garden at Atocha station in Madrid

Most of us stations associated with icky waiting rooms, where painfully long time to wait for the train, sipping coffee and leafing through the tabloids. But the inhabitants of Madrid were in luck: every journey begins with a delightful station Atocha, which is more like a Botanical garden. The total area of 4 thousand square meters is a real tropical Park with lots of amazing plants.

The station was built in 1851. Earlier this place was located one of the gates of the defensive walls of Madrid — Atocha, in honor of them, the station got its present name. The station building was badly damaged by fire in 1892, but after that it was restored several times and rebuilt. Today it has numerous cafes, shops and Nightclubs, and unique Botanical garden. In Atocha you can find about 7000 plants and two lakes that are home to a total of 22 species of turtles and fish. In the summer months, filled with sunlight, the Madrid station is reminiscent of the African jungle, delighting travelers with their unusual beauty.

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