How to lose weight in hips and thighs: exercises for weight loss

How to make legs slimmerCompleteness of the legs and hips is a common concern for women of almost all ages. Naturally, exercise for weight loss legs and thighs in conjunction with a balanced diet, can give a very good result, but only if done correctly.

To do this, you must clearly understand the scale of the problems, and it can be difficult. The completeness of the legs and hips may have a different reason, and the body structure can dictate their own terms. Heavy bone and massive muscle "by nature" can create the effect of fullness, but ways to bring the figure in order in this case will be other than fat. A particular set of exercises must be suitable to you personally with all the nuances of your body.

Remove excess fathave Already held the opinion that one of the most affordable and effective exercises for slimming leg is swing forward and to the side. This makes sense, but only then when there is a pronounced excess body fat.

In order to eliminate the need for more vigorous movement. Only when additional load can burn boring and very unflattering fat. A serious moment is in the fact that focus on some problem areas just will not really give a noticeable effect. To legs and hips lose weight and stroili faster, the need to train the whole body in the complex.

So, if your task is not just to make the legs sportier and eliminate fatty layers, the exercises need to be integrated. A visible effect you can achieve if you regularly exercise 5 times per week:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday – perform the cardiocomplex exercises for weight loss legs and thighs;

  • Tuesday and Thursday – doing strength exercises.

During the period of "struggle" for the slender legs try to stick to some restrictions in caloric intake. It is better to avoid fatty foods and simple carbohydrates, and the effect you will notice very soon.

Now consider in detail the exercises for leg slimming at home.

Cardio activity for the legs and thighsYou will need any cardio jump rope.

  • First workout on the treadmill for about five minutes. Then get off the machine on the floor and take 100 jumps on two legs with a rope.

  • Now with your feet parallel, straighten, tighten the stomach and quickly perform 50 squats.

  • After that, go back to the simulator and work with the average intensity for five minutes. Then again, get off the treadmill and do 100 jumps with the jump rope.

  • Now do 25 lunges on each leg without weights, then go back to the simulator and takes 4-5 minutes.

  • Upon completion of the work on the simulator, run on the floor for 50 sit-UPS on a press.

If earlier, before the discovery of the problem, have you engaged in physical exercises for weight loss legs very rarely, in the first days of training do not overextend yourselves. Start with gentle treatment and increase the number of approaches, gradually bringing the workout time to one hour.

Simple strength exercises for the legsYou will need dumbbells for 6-12 kg and rubber band shock absorber.

Start training with a warm up – you can perform 300 jumping rope or just run for about 5-10 minutes at a moderate pace.

Squats with dumbbells

Take dumbbells and lower the arms along the body. Strongly pull your stomach, straighten your back. Keep your heel resting on the floor.

Slowly squat on 4 accounts, until the hips will not be parallel to the floor.

At this pace rise to its original position. These squats need to do 12 in one go.

Such approaches should be 3 and the break between sets should not be more than half a minute.

The splaying of the foot with tape

Stand on the rubber band, fixing the left grip tape on the left foot. Now bend the supporting leg, simultaneously lifting your left leg off the floor. Take your left leg as high as possible and slowly return to the starting position. You will need to perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions on each leg. It is important that these exercise for weight loss legs was performed carefully and "thoughtfully", since the effectiveness will depend on it most directly.

Lunge with dumbbells

Take the initial position as for squats. Now take a step forward with the left foot without turning the hips.

The right leg is on toe, knee slightly bent. At the same time need to reach the buttocks back and down into the lunge, preferably up to touch the knee of the floor.

The "front" leg bent at an acute angle is impossible.

At the bottom of the thigh should be parallel to the floor, and the pelvis is bent. You must perform 3 sets of 12 reps.

Abstraction ago, straight leg

A set of exercises for leg slimming also includes such simple but important exercise, as the abstraction of the straight leg back.

Initial position: get down on all fours with a rubber band under the knees.

Put the grip tape on the left foot, then straighten your left leg and slowly pull it back and up, trying not to bend the lower back. You must perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions on each leg.


Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, turn feet to socks looked in different directions.

Hold the dumbbells in front of you and lower yourself into a squat until thighs become parallel with the floor, thus it is impossible to bend the pelvis.

Slowly return to the starting position. Performing the exercise, keep your glutes involved, not relaxing them.

It is very desirable that you clearly felt the work of the inner thigh. It is necessary to perform 3 sets of 12 reps.

All these exercises for quick weight loss feet can and should be supplemented with push UPS, curls press, push-UPS. It is necessary to train the whole body, which can significantly speed up the achievement of results.

Excessive muscle volume

Legs can look too full and not because of fat but because of large muscles in combination with heavy bone. In this case, women often make the typical mistake is a complete rejection of strength training.

This is fundamentally the wrong strategy, because it promises only a reduction of tone, and not volume reduction. In fact, this is reflected in the laxity of the muscles, which certainly does not add to the aesthetic appeal. In this case, exercises for quick weight loss the hips must be somewhat different to "dry" muscles.

To effectively "drying" you will need to stretch on the rope, then take the above exercises and perform them 40-50 times continuously, one after the other. The weights cannot be used. In General will need to perform a 3-4 "loop" exercises in a row.

After that, it would be optimal to run for about half an hour with an average intensity. This sports job will need to perform 2-3 times a week. Complete a set of exercises of short duration but high intensity cardioI.

For example, you can perform 300 jumping rope and immediately do an intense jog for 3 minutes. This cycle will repeat 5 times, while not forgetting to SIP leg muscles. For "drying" is also extremely useful are Cycling and rollerblading with the average intensity and velocity. Do not forget that excessive resistance will have the opposite effect – muscle will grow in volume.

Effective exercises for slimming thighs also have to include stretching each muscle group after aerobic and strength training to remove the excess tone.


One exercise for 4 minutes a day and in a month you will have new bodySUPER exercise for hips and waist — train the oblique muscles

And finally a few words about the food. Try to limit or even exclude the combination of proteins and simple carbohydrates, especially directly after a workout. Carbohydrates it is better to move for the first half of the day, and a day try to eat protein foods with vegetables — then you will feel the most out of their exercises.published




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