Beautiful knees: exercises that will return the ideal form of your feet

Beautiful and graceful knees are the adornment of any of the legs, but not all women can boast of this part of his body. Fat cushions around the knees and loose skin significantly spoil the appearance of the legs. To correct this shortcoming can help exercises for the knees, which include jumping rope, squats, Jogging and Cycling.

To remove swelling in this area, tighten the skin and make it smoother will help a variety of massages, sauna or bath, rubbing honey, creams and other cosmetic products. In beauty salons also offer seaweed wraps, which, along with exercises for knees, helps 5-7 sessions to lose weight in the knees 2-3 cm, and also tighten the skin around them.

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Many women want to know how to lose weight in the knees and get rid of the pain in this body part, because it is on them and on the foot is the load of the whole body when walking, running and other physical activity. Often the pain in the knees is related to the weakness of the joints, excess weight and lack of leg muscles. To help get rid of such effects can yoga classes, which worked out all the joints and muscles. Also with pain in my knees and faced by professional athletes who, because of constant training wear out the strength level of the knee.


Exercises for the knees: practical tips

Deciding to do the look of their feet, and, respectively, and the knees, it is important to perform exercises for the knees. Before each workout be sure to carry out some warm-up exercises and stretching of muscles and ligaments of the legs, and whole body. Stretching and warm-up must be performed in any case, even if the pain in the knees is missing: first, it will not take much time, and secondly, will help avoid pain in the future.

In performing any exercise for the knee involves the muscles inner and outer thighs, quads and buttocks, so there is a great variety of exercises specifically aimed at stretching and strengthening the knee. If you want you can build muscle in these body parts.

In the presence of such diseases of the joints of the knees, as lipartito, arthrosis and arthritis, it is better not to exercise for the knees as prevention. You should consult a surgeon or orthopedist, who will not only correct diagnosis but also determine the cause and prescribe appropriate treatment, which may include performing gymnastics for the knees.

The occurrence of severe knee pain should be diagnosed from the very beginning of its appearance, because it is often neglect and unwillingness to help yourself in time lead to the development of more serious diseases in the knees, to prevent which exercise for the knees may not be enough.

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Along with exercises for knees included in the recreational gymnastics, there are ways to treat the joints of the knees, as:

  • The use of medical devices (bandages, prostheses);

  • Medication;

  • Wellness massage;

  • Surgery.

Once the injury of the knee increases the risk of recurrence of knee injuries, so the treatment is becoming increasingly difficult. Best way to prevent the risk of re-injuries of the knee are exercises for the knees to stretching.


How to lose weight in the knees: exercises

To remove fat deposits around the knees, you must do these exercises for your knees, weight loss while performing which certainly comes in no time as:

  • Riding a bike with a full leg straightening. This exercise is difficult to perform for those who do not have sufficient experience in Cycling, as in this position it is rather difficult to keep balance. However, the bike can be replaced by its analog fitness, balance exercises which will not be needed. Daily five-minute practice this type of exercise for the knees allows you to get rid of 1-2 weeks from 2 cm fat layer in this area;

  • Intense jumping rope that will not only help get rid of fat around the knees, but also help to lose weight in the field of press, hips, back, thighs and buttocks and tighten the skin all over the body. It is important to perform jumps daily in combination with other exercises for the knees, then the result will not keep itself waiting long;

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  • Bobs one of the most effective exercises not only for knees, but for calf muscles, thighs and buttocks. It is important to perform this exercise for the knees, weight loss at which execution occurs very rapidly, right. The heel should not come off the floor, and hands during the execution of squats should hold the waist to stretch out or forward;

  • Jogging – another effective exercise for the knees and weight loss whole body. Jogging is best in the morning before a meal or in the evening after 3-4 hours after the last meal, breathing while running should be deep and smooth. Daily Jogging Jogging for 10-15 min for those who don't know how to lose weight in the knees, is a perfect prevention of cardiovascular diseases, helps tighten the body and lose a few pounds.

To achieve quick results, it is best to perform all the above exercises for the knees is not less than 5 times a week. To speed up the result will help of beauty treatments and proper nutrition, it is also important not to forget to drink 1.5 liters of pure drinking water per day.

To tighten the skin around the knees and, of course, to lose weight in this area can also help these exercises like:

  • Starting position – standing to put together the legs, the arms are pushed back, the blades are connected. In this position, you need three to 30 times to sit down so that your hands reached for the heels. Initially perform this exercise for the knees will be difficult, but its effect will be seen after a week of training;

  • Starting position – sitting on the floor, right leg bent at the knee, pulled to his chest and left lying on the floor, the foot vertical to the floor. Left leg in this position without bending the knees, going up and over the 1 min is charged at the top and legs are changing, and lingers at the top of the right leg. Perform this exercise for the knees, weight loss at which execution will occur in the hips, will allow you to lose fat and tighten up;


Quick workout for very busy women

These 4 exercises will replace You running and will quickly lead to a form

  • Starting position – standing on flat feet, arms rested on the back of a chair or any other support. The right leg rises at a right angle to the side, and 20 times run foot up and down, after which the leg another 20 times flexion and extension at the knee and returns to its original position. The same exercises for the knees is performed and the left leg. After you perform swings in hand, you can perform the same movements back and forth, and to increase the load enough to perform exercises, standing on his toes.published 




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