Smart Remote — the smart remote control for smart home

Sevenhugs the company has developed a device for smart home control, which switches from subject to subject with a single pointing. The console supports more than 25 thousand clever devices.

In order to turn on the light or TV into a "smart" house, now no need to manually switch the mode on a separate remote control. Simply put universal smart remote Sevenhugs to the device and it automatically recognizes it and prompts the user to the appropriate control panel.

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The remote looks very minimalist and is an oval touchscreen interface that fits in the palm of your hand. In addition to control smart objects, like speaker Amazon Echo or Google Home remote control Smart Remote is also able to show the weather forecast, if you place it on a window, and even call a taxi — if you place it on the door.

According to the creators, Smart Remote supports more than 25 thousands of devices that work through WiFi, Bluetooth or IR. The program associated with the device, uses an open application programming interface (API) that enables third-party developers to Supplement and improve compatible with smart remote software. Versatile device currently available for pre-order on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for $99. It is assumed that in retail stores Smart Remote will appear in the spring of 2017, and it will cost about $299.

Informed interesting development in the field of smart home management also said the company Vome: it presented a platform that verbal to manage objects that are not even equipped with smart technology to operate such a device requires only a power outlet and power 10 amps. published




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