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According to a small survey conducted in the last Command Spot article , answering the question: What is a smart device you wish to connect itself Firstly? - Respondents in the first place (48%) have a smart lock. In this regard, we give a brief overview of the projects of intelligent locks, revised and amended.


Lockitron - project smart door lock is not very simple story. This is one of the first such project has the support of the community, a graduate of the accelerator Y Combinator . The project was rejected by the platform Kickstarter as an unformatted. However, the founders Lockitron already knew about the success of the project , who organized a fundraiser on her website and opened kraudfandingovuyu companies themselves. The company has been very successful, by the summer of 2014 14704 people have reserved units totaling 2,278,891 dollars. It is fair to mention that the output of the device was postponed several times, and last summer was planned to supply a second version of the lock.
However, in early 2015 the project has been reformatted. Now the castle is said to Bolt, and Lockitron - this bridge (the bridge) - a device for data exchange between the castle and the Internet. Previous versions of the castle have had big problems with the reliability and installation. Previously Castle about 40 pieces, some of which were developed from scratch, but now to build comes with several ready-made components. The team also decided to return to its original design complete replacement mechanism (other than a cell of the castle, allowing the use of old keys as a backup option), instead of developing a versatile gadget that can go to most of crossbars (it turned out that consumers use a huge variety of castles) .

Bolt can connect to your phone via Bluetooth LE, allowing you to unlock the door when the owner comes to his apartment or house with an application on your phone. The application also has a number of features that make using the bridge Lockitron, connected to a computer or router, send a command to open the door lock, while being anywhere.

Now you can make reservations online at Bolt for 99 dollars, Bolt Keypad (lock the keyboard for a set of digital code) for $ 149. Bolt delivers the order is expected in November 2015 and Bolt Keypad - since the beginning of 2016.

Kwikset Kevo

Kevo - smart locking new generation. Kwikset company for over 60 years engaged in security issues and believes that the best security - smart security. Now the smartphone becomes your key. No need to look for clues, no need to get a smartphone from his pocket or bag, you only need to touch the lock, it connects to your smartphone and unlocks the door. To work, you must install on your smartphone a special free application that runs in the background and does not require opening for passage. Unlock The lock is unique and encrypted electronic key eKey. You can send eKey any person, at any place and at any time. Term of the key from there and it can be reassigned from one person to another. You can also temporarily disable a key or completely remove a user from the system. I changed the nurse? Replaced repairman? We need to find a new roommate? Now it's not a problem. It is worth mentioning that all the activities are available for viewing in the system log. Unlock can be performed using the key fob. One key supplied and does not require additional installation. You can also buy trinkets separately. And in extreme cases, there is a conventional mechanical key.

Currently Kevo guaranteed compatible with Apple iPhone 4s and later, iPod Touch 5+, iPad 3+, iPad Mini, as well as some phones on Android 5.0. The device is a mechanical lock with an electronic stuffing. The mechanical part of the castle is made of a patented SmartKey technology with enhanced security. The electronic part of a military-grade encryption using PKI. External power lock is available in three color versions: brushed nickel, polished brass, Venetian Bronze. Castle Kevo runs on 4 AA batteries and keychain Kevo runs on one battery CR2025. Depending on usage, the batteries should last for a year before they must be replaced. Earlier Kevo can be ordered online for 219 dollars, the company now refers to retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, etc., The seller's price - about $ 200. Each lock comes two free eKey.

Kevo application can be integrated with a smart thermostat account Nest , which opens up additional opportunities for management.


August smart lock - safe and easy intelligent lock for the house as a manufacturer describes a device with which you can control who can enter and who can not, without keys and codes, and to do it from your device or computer. Of course, in principle kriptotehnologiya safer than a physical key or a normal code for the combination lock. Besides using two-factor authentication and two-layer encryption. With this you control the clock access, and you can configure it only a couple of hours for a plumber or just lunch time every day for cleaning. And you can always see the browsing history. If you suddenly lose your smartphone, you can go to the website and delete permissions for this device. It is clear that it does not need to change the lock (grub) as the loss of the real keys.

The device is attached to the existing castle, so it can be used even in the temporarily rented premises. It replaces the inner part of the castle, so in no way changes the appearance of the door from the outside and is set in about 10 minutes with a screwdriver Philips.

The device is made of a durable anodized aluminum in four colors: red, black, silver, bronze. LEDs indicate the current status of the device. Smartphone and locking contact protocol Bluetooth 4.0. Castle does not depend on the power supply, the device can be operated up to a year on 4 AA batteries, on which the discharge will be notified. In the event that the battery does not work as well, and always, you can use the real key staff of the castle, and you can manually lock or unlock the door from the inside. Castle also requires Wi-Fi network to function. August smart lock is worth $ 199.

In addition to the castle, you can buy video intercom August Doorbell Cam for $ 199, the numeric keypad August Smart Keypad for $ 79 and August Connect connector for $ 79 for access to the castle through the Internet.

Castle August smart lock operates with a known service rental apartments Airbnb tenants to facilitate access to the apartments.


Goji Smart Lock - smart lock is characterized by the device manufacturer. The device consists of two parts: the outer in the form of a tablet, covering the keyhole, and internal as a parallelepiped with rounded edges, which is connected to the home Wi-Fi router. The device completely replaces the lock. On the external unit you can display the information. For example, the castle welcomes you to the words "Welcome, [name]" when you open the door. The lock can be unlocked remotely via the app for iOS or Android, smartphone when approaching programmable Bluetooth remotes (sold separately), or you can send visitors to smartphones, electronic keys with a limited validity period. Cancel or change access at any time, with no problems with returning the keys to the owner of the guests or tenants. If necessary, you can also use conventional mechanical keys that are included.

The lock can take pictures of who stands in front of your door and send them to your phone, providing you with real-time information on who has access to your house. You can also receive real-time, and text notifications of all activity around your castle. All actions are recorded and registered in the system. The manufacturer stated level encryption banking online encryption. Call center companies operating around the clock, you can lock or unlock your home remotely in case something happens to your phone. The company can also send a certified technician at.
The project was launched to raise funds for the site Indiegogo in June 2013 and took over two months a little more than 300 thousand dollars instead of the claimed 120 thousand. Then we moved to pre-order your own company website. Initially delivery devices is expected in January 2014, then - in March and then take orders for November 2014. On Indiegogo could pay $ 235 for the device, and then pre-orders taken at the price $ 278, at the time planned retail price after the release for sale in the amount of $ 299. Now Online Castle is 324 dollars, planned retail price of $ 349.99. You can also get acquainted with the notice that the delivery is scheduled for November 2015 and this will be the second production batch.


Okidokeys - an intelligent lock. The parent company of this project OpenWays Group succeeded in delivering intelligent locks for hotels. These locks the company employs 256 - bit AES encryption. This technology is used in locks for the house Okidokeys, which are controlled from a smartphone on Android or iOS via Bluetooth 4.0. In addition, the lock can be unlocked with the help of RFID - tags, which can be placed on the map in a bracelet or key chain. And finally, the door can be opened remotely from your device. Using the company website, you can manage accounts, providing people with limited access to the room. For example, your sitter can access only during a certain time. If someone tries to pick a lock, you will receive a notification on your phone.

The lock is mounted on the existing closure devices and involves the use of a conventional wrench if necessary. Installation requires only a screwdriver and a drill and wiring are not necessary. Power produced by the battery lock. Locks for work does not require a network Wi-Fi. To manage remotely lock requires additional power (Smart-Gateway), which comes in one of the possible complete sets. Depending on the opportunities provided by the price of the device is in the range 189 - 349 dollars.

Schlage Sense Smart deadbolt

Schlage Sense Smart deadbolt - an intelligent lock, the most advanced branded Schlage. It allows you to gain access to the premises by access code or by using his iPhone, using the technology of Bluetooth. Castle is compatible with the technology HomeKit from Apple, that allows you to unlock the door using Siri on iPhone, iPad or Ipod touch. In addition, the product is integrated with the service SmartThings (Works with SmartThings) by SAMSUNG.
Touchscreen castle is illuminated. The housing mounted sensors that warn of adverse effects. When battery power is user receives a notification. This lock is installed in a few minutes with a standard screwdriver.

The castle is offered in two finishes and three colors. The cost of the castle is 229 dollars. It is emphasized that there are no fees, subscriptions and additional payments.

After reviewing the six models of intelligent locks can be stated as follows. Most of the locks is equipped with a locking Okidokeys. Prize receives our sympathies for their August mini-ecosystem.
In addition, it is impossible not to note the trend to integrate smart locks in a variety of third-party services and platforms. And also the fact that consumer confidence deteriorated markedly kraudfandingovym projects.



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