Smart homes does not happen - there are stupid owners. Like those, and others to make adequate?

I have to say we are in this topic since the foundation under the tab "smart house" mangled and had a lot of electronic devices. Although the previous phrase sounds and unprofessional, because every client - it is always something for the first time. But today we are taking a subtotal particularly his experience - in general, does not pretend to the world. And we have started with the Tablet PC, and that these were not called.

Guess what kind of device it is and what year?

In general, we specialize in & quot; intelligent surveillance & quot; and for all his 19-year-old practice of never declared themselves as installers Smart homes not to disgrace incompetence, because we still did not understand what it is. Although equipped with more than one hundred objects. And sintegrirovalis nearly all electronics manufacturers abstruse. How is work?

When customers are allowed into the house to install a video surveillance system GOAL, they understand it ogromennye possible to simulate the behavior of algorithms < / a>, asking the natural question: is it possible, in addition to security, hang there yet and all home electronics? In general, we already connect to a multitude of household appliances, to frighten, confuse and neutralize potential intruders.

By the principle of "prevention - the best
security » GOAL our system controls lighting in the absence of owners, including radios, televisions - to create a visible presence, and more more. What it does have to pick up the men into the house, we are not going to paint today, because the topic is not about protection a >.

That's how the people - if he sees a specialist in computer technology, it starts to breed all their electronic "Wishlist." And we, all of Commerce, we go on about the extra income, the more that it is an interesting topic. After so many years of such work remains only to find out - what is a "smart house"?

We've seen clever lighting, such as a motion sensor turns on the light when a person. We've seen clever heating - in every room temperature controller monitors used climate. We've seen clever blinds that can open voice. We have seen a clever plumbing where circulation pump circulates hot water and always keeps the crane ready for submission fusion of water. Naturally, we've seen, but rather develop intelligent video surveillance and security systems. But it's some clever, if so fashionable to say, the elements, and where the very smart house?

Still, it seems kind of comprehensive centralized point of control and management, rather than a set of clever gadgets. Or what? Frankly, we re-read a lot of foreign and nashenskie literature, and the client is sometimes clearly set goals: I need to come home when my turn on the lights in the entire building, exhibited the temperature 20 degrees in the kitchen, 25 - in the bedroom, with the appearance of the sun draws the curtains in the living room, at the entrance to the hall the music starts ...

Well, when there is a clear TOR. Welcome! By implementing conceivable hotelok 10 years ago, the company has developed Spetslab
custom programming language device behavior «SL ++». There is even the student can choose any device connected to the computer, at its properties and assign a particular behavior, and, depending on other events, occurring both singly and in combination.

Any electronics can be connected to a computer for IP-based networks like using assistive devices at the level of elementary contacts and for all sorts of clever protocols, if supported.

And, like, cool! Here we have created a smart house! Customers touching «SL ++», convinced of the simplicity of the system, even without a start we create programs, sometimes falling into childhood. But the fascination with the rich programming dyatka sooner or later passes, the question arises about the real comfort of Home Automation.

It comes as a host of home and suddenly realizes that he is tired and wants to rest. Outright lies on the sofa - and then on the program everywhere Home Automation light comes on, turn on the music, television reports on recent incidents in the house ... The owner raises his body off the couch and goes to look for the tablet control all these economies. Finally, it is on the floor below - where the last time left, and presses the button «Power». And she does not respond - the battery sat down. It does not matter where a tablet was the second ... In one of those days people understand that quickly turn the bulb, pull the wire out of the speakers - and pospaaaaat!

Broadcast from the scene: "We must open the door to the plate, and he does not take too dry or wet fingers. "No, I understand, I just do not go there ... pressed Batz, instead opened a garage door! Oh, I got out of the app! Damn, I pressed the button "Volume" ... "- something like that, but not quite censorship host exclaims.

The sun came out - curtains on the program pushed, and I have a good mood today, I want curtains parted! A panel near there, and no voice aktiviruesh since TV in the room works. The owner of pushing hands, hang stuff on some podstavochki - oh, joy!

And the list is to bring happiness to host Smart home is long. We once went to a very abstruse house, and there is nowhere a living space, all povydergano - as if thieves came for wiring to pass on the scrap. Gradually, you realize that the main thing in a reasonably House - is the ability to turn it off.

And then we came up with the smartest device - "Spetslab-trigger." His electric shemka allows you to transfer any electronic device in manual operation. That's all, but how much fun!

Monopoly work programs Home Automation can be safely switched off directly on the devices to which the owner touches here and now. Painless - because "Spetslab-trigger" does not disable the entire Smart House or any of its elements, it only suspends the program: only for specific devices and once only.

"Spetslab-trigger" - an electronic device that captures the power and makes it, so to speak, intelligent. It can be mounted directly in the "smart" device, and in the outlet upon which they feed. Moreover, even any "stupid" appliances immediately turn into "smart" at least at the level of power management. For example, you can insert a lamp into the socket and programmed its inclusion of Smart Home system. Thus a simple push of a button puts his work in manual mode.

The program, which runs on all the electronics Smart House - it is like an electronic destiny freely choose a user and which is destined to be. But now people can change the fate and at a given time and a given place. How beautifully turned out to say!

"Spetslab-trigger" is connected over IP to any computer that is managed as a browser, and specialized programs.

To some it may seem that we just put a switch on each device. But ordinary switches, as everyone knows, works on the principle of circuit - breaking. If the circuit is closed physically, it has nothing razomknesh. Conversely, if the chain is physically broken, then manage it - do not drive, nothing will. The word "trigger" in the name means that the person does not de-energizes and closes for life any power grid, but only transfers it to the opposite state. Ie any other power - in this case the power of the mind Smart House - can also continue to manage all the same devices, which, at its discretion switched person.

It should be noted that "Spetslab-trigger" is easily connected to a through-breakers, without changing the logic of their work. Rather, he uses the logic of their work - no need for any additional buttons. This coverage also can enable or disable any of the switches, plus a computer.

Among other things, in the "Spetslab-Trigger" is present a voltage sensor that transmits information on the state of the electronic device in the program Smart House. Ie fateful manager understands that changed the fate of the owner and it is necessary to reconstruct the logic of its future - according to the will of man. Despite the beautiful phrase, of course, we are talking about a very elementary things, the trigger and the voltage sensor - that's no reason to register the invention. We are talking about how easy and inexpensive to make life comfortable - even smart house.



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