HOW TO SURVIVE WITH intelligent woman

We're thinking that such a smart woman and how to live with her ordinary and, let's be honest, is not very clever man.

We even had a fight because of the fact that they could not define the terms. Because on the one hand, intelligent woman - a woman with a doctorate in two different sciences that can suddenly freeze, thinking about space-time equation. Living with a virtually impossible in nature, they are rare, well and in general, we have turned a dark blue stocking rather than an intelligent woman. On the other hand, smart, wise woman she is - is a perfect manipulator. A woman whose husband has always fed, dressed, happy and obedient, and she supports him, and gives him comfort. That is the mind - it is a way to vymutit coat. What is at present quite insulting. No, we are not against fur coats, quite the contrary, but to call the right combination Multivarki mind - it is something very strange.

Think carefully and digging in itself, we came to the following:

1. A smart woman does not fixate on men
She loves men, they were at it, there will be - but that's not the purpose of her life. She has both work and career, and interesting hobbies, and to this man rather nice addition.

Plus: most likely it means that she will not spend their lives in search of the perfect man, and will not "mold of what was" trying to turn the monster into a handsome prince, but simply to live with those who choose.

Minus: It is not exactly the man to devote all of herself. Although if you think this is also a plus, because with such a that a "sacrifice everything," live very difficult and emotionally expensive.

2. Smart woman appreciates the time
After all, it is something to spend it. Therefore, it is likely to quickly determine that it is necessary or not. And that means that it will not be long led by the nose, pull, and think "to give or not give." She quickly enters into a relationship at some reasonable terms, and then, if the time comes, as quickly and painlessly of them will.

Pros: to deal with the person who knows most of what he wants, is much simpler than with the Lomax.

Cons: The separation can be "relatively painless" for her. For a man, it can be extremely unpleasant surprise. Although the fool, of course.

3. Clever woman sees right through you
Experience and observation allow her to see:

a) where it lies,
b) when it is really unhappy,
c) when the trouble somewhere outside, but they are trying to avenge her (and everyone does, and even herself),
d) when a person is truly exhausted, frayed and ready to drop from exhaustion,
etc.) and when he was just lazy.

Seeing and behave according to the situation. And that, apparently, the most important difference between intelligent woman of fools.

4. Clever woman sees herself through
The man, in fact, arranged quite simple. Fairly often experience our emotions - pure chemistry. And a clever woman knows how to control it. Eat chocolate, when sugar falls, bloody steak when hemoglobin decreased, drink the broth during a hangover, smoke a cigarette on the nerves, stay in silence and solitude, if necessary, and to buy a dress, when the snow is the third consecutive day.

Pros: these simple techniques save a lot of time and nerves, resulting in much less intelligent woman scandals about trifles.

Cons: First, it will expect the same control over the emotions of his men. Secondly, the really serious problems, it will not discuss in a raised voice ("you scatter socks around the room, and yet you do not love), and with a cool head. Cold head can be significantly heavier than the good old scandal.

5. Smart woman conceives projects
She knows what she wants and knows how to achieve it. The man in this case - not the center of the world, but always some role in its design. It is a role, because once you go beyond, you will immediately point out to them. In practice, this means that if a man at her for a fun joint leisure with a mountain bike - it will not demand from him, that he kept her, lived with her forever, and she did the children. Smart woman will never confuse one with the other and the situation, "she thinks she has a relationship with me, and I just sleep with her" - not exactly about it.

Pros: It is very convenient. In general, the situation is much more convenient to live the truth than lies and omissions.

Cons: Well, firstly, it is always a project. Not yours. And secondly, if you want to replace and upgrade the role of a gay sports lover to say, mate - it will not be very easy to do. High Trust would have to earn things: passing an examination, undergo several rounds of interviews and field-tested to withstand. In general, all seriously.

6. A smart woman can analyze
This is manifested in everything. And it's not always pleasant. In particular, her companion would not be easy when it will have some interesting hellishly exciting project and it wants to completely change your life: change the profession, city or country of residence, to have an iguana or a yacht. It is important not to confuse: it does not Killjoy and hacked to death with his project in the bud. She just asks a series of leading questions: Does he understand how much it will cost, how much effort it will have to spend, there is some risk, including reputation. The conversation can get quite stuffy.

Pros: it can immediately come up with a sketch of a business plan and an excellent roadmap.

Cons: satellite may seem that she ruthlessly trampled his dream crystal. That these same boots in the 15-centimeter heels, yeah.

7. smart women have a memory
In conjunction with the observation and analytical abilities memory - it is a terrible weapon. Any idea, any trick that her husband could offer her, she has offered, and probably he himself. Just a man already forgotten about it. But it is not. And the results of these actions, tricks and ideas she also remembers. Even if they were successful.

Pros: memory - a useful thing. At retentive clever you can ask when the last time was paid for utilities. Or where the keys to the house (she is likely to know exactly what the apartment only four locations, including a refrigerator, where they can be).

Cons: it wildly annoying. In general, women have to turn off the memory, so that they were all, like the first time.

8. Smart woman, however, does not cease to be a woman
Small and large favors, gifts, romantic evenings, courtship and good manners - she can analyze and treat it roughly the same as the chemistry of the body, but the love that she did not stop.

The biggest mistake you can make a stupid man - to think that smart women do not need tulips.

Do not repeat our mistakes.


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