8 Things Every morning MAKE HAPPY PEOPLE

It turns out there is amazing regularity between what makes people happy in the morning and that helps them throughout the day to feel confident!

For most of us the morning begins in a hurry. Before you get out of bed, our Service calls dozens of times. And then we run around the house half asleep, trying to gather. In the rush we strike the bedposts or forget to take a cooked dinner. And all this because they do not have the time. It is not surprising that most people can not stand the thought of lifting before 9 am!

So it is unlikely you will be surprised by the fact that happy people prefer to enjoy their morning. It seems that they, along with the sun and bloom directed toward a new day and new opportunities. These lucky people have a modest morning rituals that enhance their own sense of well-being.

Here are some amazing patterns that, as it turned out, all really happy people doing morning that helps them throughout the day to feel confident:

1. They wake up with a feeling of gratitude
Thanks directly related to the general sense of joy. They start their day with love. This shows that they really appreciate my life and all its little charms. Before you get out of bed every morning, they thank their partner. And sometimes they even write about his appreciation in his personal diary that is kept under the pillow.

2. They begin every morning anew
They know that it's a brand new day, intended to start over and do something new. Perhaps the last day for them was full of mistakes and failures, but today - the day the success and adventure. People who are not able to break a bad day, have incredible power. Their persistence suggests that they have a certain goal that they will achieve and will gain full happiness.

3. They pray, doing auto-suggestion and meditation
A lot of happy people live a spiritual life. Prayer - a way to communicate with our creator and the opportunity to thank him. Meditation helps to focus our minds, calms the nerves, and supports our inner world.

Happy people are even using statements to indicate how they will be held the day. Every morning, Steve Jobs began by saying that he looked in the mirror and asked myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I plan to do today?". And Benjamin Franklin asked myself every morning: "What good I should do today?ยป.

4. They read
Some of the happiest people in the morning reading a quote from the Bible, others read inspiring stories. In any case, reading the literature on self-education is a part of their morning ritual, necessary for further development. They start their day on a positive note, with new ideas for day-trips.

5. They do not complicate and do not rush to
Difficult morning order hard to follow, therefore, it is initially doomed to failure. Happy people tend to do all the preparations yesterday. They choose the outfit, cook breakfast the night before. A simple morning routine much better multitasking, which only causes unnecessary anxiety and stress.

6. They are engaged in exercise
Physical exercises help to strengthen health. A neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, which are produced during exercise can help get rid of some of the effects of stress and relieve some symptoms of depression. Exercise in the morning - this is one of the first tasks that used to carry the happy people. They realize that willpower is much stronger in the morning.

Morning exercise our blood is circulated and is charged us with energy for the whole day. The study, published in the journal "Health Psychology", shows that people playing sports improves relation to the body, even if they lost weight.

7. They breathe fresh air
Morning walks are useful for each of us. It is proved that our walks because of the brain becomes more productive and efficient. If you have happy people have a dog, they often are walking it in the morning. Take a stroll through the park a little bit with your pet, and you will be enough. When people breathe the morning air, they get positive energy.

8. They enjoy what surrounds them, and pleased with, where there are currently
Tolley they go for a morning walk with his dog, felts sitting in his favorite chair by the window, but they always find time to enjoy the surroundings, get a charge of positive emotions. They live in the present and that is what is important for them today, not yesterday. This kind of wisdom that comes with the knowledge that you are a witness of his own life.

Which of these habits, you too are doing in the morning? What would you like to add to this list?



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