Train the adductor muscles: exercises for inner thigh

The inner surface of the thigh is a problem area for many people, especially women. The skin of the inner thigh is much thinner than the outer. The thinness of the skin makes this area less elastic. Besides on this site is delayed more fat. Fat and thin skin lead to the fact that the inner surface of the thighs becomes flabby, begin to SAG, and often becomes like a jelly. This problem bothers many women, even the very young.

What to do? To reduce the amount of fat and strengthen the muscles of the inner thigh.

Thin women, this area can also cause disappointment if the gap between the thigh folds into the letter O. If it is not a skeletal feature, that big gap is normal.

Just a skinny little fat, and this area, as has been said, is a "store" fat. That is the nature of prudently left the place for the fat.

Low in fat – a lot of space. Hence the gap.

What to do to reduce the gap? To get better or try using a special focused exercises to increase the muscles of the inner thigh.

Weakness of the muscles of the inner thigh may trigger injuries in this area than many athletes – Amateurs and professionals.

Stretching these muscles happens very often and brings a lot of discomfort. Pain in the groin can permanently unsettle and training process.

What to do? To protect from injury the muscles of the inner thigh, you need to strengthen them through specific exercises to develop and stretch. And don't forget before any sports activity to do a 10 minute warm-up workout!

The muscles of the inner thigh

The muscles of the inner thigh are the adductors group. To leading are five muscles: a comb, a thin, long leads, short leads, big leads. The main function of these muscles allow the hip. Simply put, bring your feet. When we bring the legs, work those muscles. The function tells us how to train them. To keep your legs, but with force. It is based on this exercise for the inner thigh.

Reduction of fat in the area of the inner thigh

Many women are concerned about how to remove fat from the inner thigh. The only possibility to get the grease locally, i.e. only in one particular place – is liposuction. Other ways to lose weight locally not exist!

Simple example: right-handed from an early age, wielded right hand, and lefties – the left. If you believe in local slimming leading arm experiencing a higher load needs to be thinner than the other. Look at your hands. Don't see much of a difference? That's what it is. Lose weight in one specific area of the body impossible.

To remove fat from inner thighs you need to reduce the amount of fat in the body. That is, eat less and move more.

If the normal weight, the sagging inner thigh is not associated with excess fat, and with the weakness and looseness adductors. To resolve the problem, you need to do special exercises for the inner thigh.

So, to the inner surface of the thigh ceased to be a problem area, you need to get rid of excess weight, if any, and to train the adductor muscles.

Exercises for inner thigh

The proposed exercises are recommended to fulfill both women and men. Before loading the adductor muscles, you need to heat them up, making the warm-up.


Mahi for the inner thigh need to be done slowly, with an effort, focusing on the adductor muscles. If you want you can wear ankle weights. We offer three options for the exercise.

The first exercise.

This is the most popular exercise for inner thigh. Starting position: lie on your side leaning or resting her head on her outstretched arm; the leg on top, bent at the knee and set a over the knee of the lower leg. Toe bottom of the feet to pull over.


Execution: slowly raise and lower the bottom leg. Need to raise as high as possible, but omitting not to put it on the floor. Putting his foot on the floor, you will remove tension from the muscles and it will reduce efficiency.

Do as many repetitions as needed to feel the "burn" the adductor muscles. Feeling a strong burning sensation in these muscles, you can soak and relax and then go to the other side and perform the exercise for the second leg.

The second exercise.

To perform this effective exercise will need a firm chair. Starting position: lie sideways so that the feet were under the chair. Head support hand placed on the elbow. A foot located on the top, throw on the chair seat. Lower-leg under the seat. Toe bottom of foot to pull over and fix in this position.

Exercise: at the expense of time to slowly raise the bottom leg to the chair seat; on two – slowly lower it to the floor. Repeat raising and lowering the legs should be as long as it appears with a burning sensation in the muscles of the inner thigh. Then you need to go to the other side and perform the exercise for the second leg.

A third exercise.

In effect it is not much different from the first exercise, but this option on its own effective. This exercise for the inner thigh allows you to work different leg muscles. While it is effective for stomach and back muscles, because they have to strain to keep balance.

Starting position: lie sideways with his head resting on her outstretched arm. Raise the upper leg off the floor to a height of about 50 cm Socks both feet to pull over.

Implementation: at the expense of time at the same time to lift the lower leg a bit and lower the top. That is to reduce leg. On two, lower the bottom leg to the floor, and the upper lift. That is, to spread his legs. Perform the exercise slowly, concentrating on the sensations in the muscles of the legs and retain balance. Make information 30 feet, then go to the other side and do 30 more information.



It would seem quite simple exercise is very effective for the muscles of the inner thigh. Thus, performing "scissors", we are simultaneously working on the abdominal muscles. We offer two options for this exercise.

Exercise "Scissors": option one.

Starting position: lie on a Mat, put your hands under your buttocks palms into the floor. It is possible to tear the shoulders from the floor while the chin should reach the breast, but not to the sky. This option works to strengthen the muscles of the neck. But if you find this difficult, put your head on the floor.

Lift both feet about 20-30 cm above the floor. Socks pulling.

Execution: vigorously (but not "sloppily" and with the power) to breed and cross your legs. To spread his legs need 20-30 cm Legs tense, hips, strong stomach. To make at least 20 crossings of the legs, rest for a few seconds and repeat again.

Exercise "Scissors": two options.

Starting position: lie on a Mat, head to floor, arms stretched along the body. Raise both legs so that with the body they were angle slightly greater than 90 degrees.

Execution: to spread his legs pretty wide, but not to discomfort in the muscles. Socks to pull up. Slowly bring your feet but not to close and not to cross them, and leave between them a distance of about 20 cm Bringing again to breed, etc. to Make 30 information-dilutions, then go directly to the scissors. To spread his legs as widely as possible, pulling socks and slowly flatten, and spread his legs. When mixing cross. Make 30 information.


Need elastic rubber the exercise ball.

Exercise 1.

Starting position: lie on a Mat, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor. Between the knees to hold the ball. Hands pull along the body.

Implementation: at the expense of time to put pressure down on the ball, trying to compress it. Hold the tension for a few seconds. At the count of two, relax the feet. Repeat the compression and relaxation 30 times.

Exercise 2.

The essence of this exercise: trying to keep the ball between the legs during the execution of the associated exercises we will keep the muscles of the inner thigh in constant tension. Incidental exercise we will have a squat.

Starting position: stand up straight, between the legs just above the knees to hold the exercise ball.

Implementation: at the expense of time to sit down, on two – to return to its original position. Repeat two sets of 10-15 times each.



Squat "Plie".

Is the squat the more effective for the inner thigh, the wider the straddle. Starting position: stand straight, legs spread as wide as possible, pointing to the side.

Implementation: at the expense of time to sit down as low as possible, trying to go down to the line that is parallel to the floor. Thus it is necessary to imagine that the back rests against the wall, that is squat to maximally straight and smooth back. On two up. Make 10-30 squats, dividing this number by two approaches. Prepared, you can perform a plie squat with dumbbells in hands.

Side lunges.

Stand up straight, hands on waist. At the expense of time to lunge to the right side. Right leg bent at the knee. Make sure that the knee does not protrude beyond the toe of the right foot. Left leg straight and stretched. The lower you descend into the lunge, the more effective the exercise. Making an attack, you need to commit it for two seconds and return to starting position. Do the same lunge to the left. All you need to do 15-20 lunges each way.

Include these exercises in your gymnastics center or do them separately, devoting to them every day for 15-20 minutes. After completing the exercises for inner thighs be sure to make stretching exercises of these muscles.published


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