10 rules of a Real woman

1. Real Woman are attracted to men's inner condition — in the first place.

Appearance, intelligence, age, social status, qualities of character — all this, in fact, deeply a second time. The status that attracts men is your pleasure with yourself and your life. Enjoy yourself — this is a difficult art, but, having mastered it, you become a strong magnet.

2. Love for a man starts with self-love.

Usually we think the opposite: "When someone will love me, then I will love myself." But as long as Women do not happen in the novel itself, every man will be for her just a therapist trying to cure her from the rejection of myself and fear of being alone. A true, deep love arises from a state of fullness of yourself. Then the love of man is born in his highest manifestation — as a gift of self to him, not as a desperate attempt to be needed by someone, to feel their own usefulness.


3. The man loves not the Woman herself and her condition with her.

STATE. The woman who gives men a special condition of men always be a success and fans. To this particular as a man will last, like a magnet. A real Woman cultivates her femininity to bestow her men (beloved, fans, friends, acquaintances and passers-by). So this Woman is not the prettiest, not the most of uma and certainly not the most successful socially. A real Woman gives a man not mind, no beauty no body no progress and the state.

4. The desire to love comes from within.

It usually has nothing to do with whether worthy of it the objects in the environment of a Real Woman. When a woman thinks that "not to choose" and that around it there are no men worthy of her love, it can say that it is not yet ready to love. She wants something else. She may be afraid to love. And those "unworthy" men that are around, only reflect her inner state. As soon as the woman Matures to a true deep love, the question of "worthy, not worthy" ceases to be of utmost character.

5. The generosity of the Woman in love attracts the love.

If a woman wants to be loved, she should be able to saturate with love everything what touches. To give it, to enjoy it, to show her, to think and talk about it. Love should be breath, not just the breath. If you breathe out love, it will find you naturally.

6. Men are Gods.

Any man — God. So. If it does not produce an impression God so you "see through the eyes" of the critical mind. Can God be manifested in him only one percent. In his life met a Woman, who breathed in him faith in himself. A real Woman sees the men of the Gods. A real Woman does not compete with men and prove their excellence. She ain't changing them and not nurture. She sees all that is best in each of them. A real Woman loves, appreciates and respects men in GENERAL, as a class. This position creates in her life, a space for interesting and worthy men.

7. To enchant men, the Woman herself needs to be enchanted.

If a Woman wants to inspire men — it must itself be in a state of inspiration. If a woman wants to ignite them, she should be a little flame. "Adorableness" of a Woman is her love in Life has its little secrets, romance and mystery. No matter what a Woman fascinated. "Fascination" creates an inner light that is impossible not to feel.

8. Next to This Woman is always a feat.

She creates it. Woman excites in a man the desire to prove themselves strong, not imposing duties "you should", but gently inviting in the tale of "Hero and Princess". It creates the illusion of touching helplessness and vulnerability, awakening in man the desire to commit acts, which will be her excitable eyes and admiration for him. A real Woman prepares a man to act gradually and imperceptibly, nothing for not doing, just being in the way delicate, fragile young ladies.

9. A real Woman is not involved in the feminist women's clubs.

A real Woman will not make generalizations like "All they...". She knows that all men — different. Each woman creates his Universe, and she is surrounded by those men, whom she attracts in her life. It will not be to fan the fire of inter-sex war and revel in the imperfection of the universe. Talking with your girlfriends about your man, she will not focus on his faults, to criticize and devalue, exposing his unworthy.

10. A real Woman even unflattering things knows how to speak properly and kindly.

She says their men so that it does not humiliate them, and pushing for change for the better. This is a great female art — to be kind even when it is necessary to tell about the shortcomings and mistakes. It does not matter what the Woman says and how she says it. She says maintaining a sense of self-esteem and dignity of those to whom it says it. She knows that even criticism can be submitted so that it inspires to heroism. However, it always leaves a man a choice: to change or not. published


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