Weight loss or drying: what's the difference?

Total weight loss and drying one — the alleged quick effect. So, drying is resorted to athletes before competitions to "should be security" figure to perfection. And about the rapid weight loss remember the ordinary people for a month or a week before the holiday that so want to show on the beach toned body. In fact, the drying and the weight loss one goal — slim figure, which is not ashamed to show it. But what is the difference between these two methods?

Slimming Need to understand that the main purpose of weight loss — getting rid of excess weight, including the fatty deposits that have accumulated in our body. It will maintaining muscle mass is not. Accordingly, such weight loss usually occurs not only due to the reduction of fat and removal of excess water from the body, and by burning muscle.

As a rule, the process of losing weight combines some diet and exercise. Moreover, diet for weight loss can be used ranging from very hard (full restriction of consumption of certain foods or fasting) to quite mild (avoidance of snacking or flour). In other words, in the diet dramatically reduced the number of calories and increases mobility.

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Drying For drying, usually used by professional athletes, in particular bodybuilders. The purpose of drying is not just reducing the amount of fatty tissue in the body. The main condition in this process is to maintain muscle mass. The total weight loss after drying is irrelevant.

It should be borne in mind that drying is only possible after completion of the period of active muscle mass, which implies good nutrition is one of the essential factors in muscle building. Thus, the athletes give a beautiful relief its already pumped up muscles, getting rid of subcutaneous fat.

As for the diet, by drying, it is much tougher than in the process of weight loss. If weight loss is simply calorie counting and stick to the number of meals, during drying, the athlete must strictly adhere to certain periods of time between meals. In addition, the diet should be strictly balanced. In this case, is not taken into account the total number of calories, and very accurately calculated the amount of consumed proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

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Conclusions As you can see, the main difference between weight loss and drying is the goal of their application. If we are talking just about the desire to fit into your favorite jeans, it is enough to resort to a rapid weight loss. And drying (under the mandatory condition of pre set muscle mass) makes the perfect muscles, but does not guarantee a substantial reduction of the numbers on the scale. And drying, in principle, does not make sense to torture your body, if you are not facing some challenging competition, which need to show the ideal muscle.

It is obvious that the similarity between the drying and the weight loss is only apparent. Person who is not engaged in a conscious building muscles, think about drying simply do not need this process is not for everyone. But to consider it as a sort of diet also does not make sense — after all, its results are short-lived. However, as the results of any kind of rapid weight loss. This is evidenced by the stark statistics: the majority of people with strict diets to quickly shed the desired amount of pounds, soon gain it back. And sometimes — and add a new one.

Want to lose weight guaranteed and forever? I dream that your body was not covered with fat, and beautiful muscles? Only one way out: to gather all my willpower and start to exercise regularly and eat right, change your habits and way of thinking in General! published 

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