Secrets and rules for applying oils for weight loss

Sometimes struggle with excess weight it is not necessary to test the strength of your will power through exhausting diets. This should add to your diet one particular product — oil for weight loss, which can be used to fight obesity. It should be noted that this product has to be consumed alone. Even periodic intake of oil (such as UPS) will have a positive impact on overall health.

The principle of action of essential oils for weight loss Essential oils can cause food aversion and cravings. They exacerbate the sensitivity of the nervous system and speeds up metabolism. Hormonal background of an organism may also change under their direct impact.

Essential oils have one distinctive feature: penetrating into the body, they immediately have a therapeutic effect. The lack of unwanted side effects is also an undisputed advantage. Especially this way to get rid of the extra pounds suitable for those girls who use diet pills, carry out special treatments for cellulite removal, but the desired effect does not occur.

Moreover, the first heavy dinner weight is fully restored to its original condition. Leather can change your appearance for the worse, because it will lose its elasticity because of abrupt changes in shape. Odors are a source of positive emotions and positive mood. The structure of the skin rich in capillaries, and therefore in the respiratory tract quickly penetrate esters.

This method of weight loss can be used in one of two ways: through the skin or respiratory tract. In the first case it is possible to massage, wraps, compresses, rubbing or bath. The practice of adding essential oils in a variety of creams, masks and other means for skin care.

Through the respiratory tract oil can also penetrate the human body and to have a beneficial impact. It can be inhalation, the use of oil burner, perfumes or aromatization of the air in the room. Along with this, it is necessary to take into account the likelihood of allergic reactions to some natural products (eg, honey or citrus).

The inclusion in the diet of cold-pressed oil as an effective way to achieve the perfect figure cold-pressed Oil can be purchased at the pharmacy or supermarkets. Them for one month already can give a tangible result in the form getting rid of 10 pounds. It is important to note that to achieve this effect, you should refrain from eating any food after 8 PM.

The most popular remedies for weight loss are:

— linseed oil;

oil of milk Thistle;

— olive oil.

It was necessary to consider the presence of certain contraindications for taking oils for weight loss. In particular, the use of oil is strictly prohibited to people who are suffering:

— malfunction of the biliary tract;

— diseases of the pancreas, pancreatitis and hepatitis;

— enterokolita ( poor blood clotting);

— tumor of the uterus and its appendages.

On changes in blood pressure (hypertension) eating oil for weight loss cold pressed valid in cases close medical supervision. In case of cholecystitis, the oil is recommended to add to cooked dishes.

In the case of the techniques of oral contraceptives, antidepressants or other antiviral drugs, regular intake of oil should suspend or exclude pre-arranging an alternative option for weight reduction and purification of the whole organism.

Using essential oils in aromatherapy must also consider certain contraindications: hypersensitivity, breast, pregnancy and lactation. If you have any doubts, you should consult with a specialist.

The use and dosage of the oils for weight loss to Use essential oils for weight loss should with extreme caution, following a specific dosage and proportion. Most often, these weight loss pills is characterized by strong concentration, and some of them cause poisoning or even burn.

Therefore, each woman chooses a certain oil in accordance with the desired effect, because the properties of each of them is quite varied. If you consume them to reduce weight, then a positive result will not keep itself waiting long.

It should be purchased exclusively natural and high quality aromatic oils, it is from this the amount of weight loss. There are many options for the use of essential oils for weight loss. Some rubbed during a massage, used for inhalation, while others simply added to the bath or even take them in. What oils to choose?

First of all, it is necessary to study the mechanism of their effect on the body, because it often happens that excess weight appears as a result of a physiological disorder. Therefore, to reduce weight it is better to choose oils that have diuretic properties and normalized metabolism.

The most popular option is juniper oil which should preferably be taken inside. Enough to drip a few drops on the bread or a cube of sugar from the body starts to appear an excessive amount of fluid, toxins and toxins, which in turn prevented the weight loss.

It is also an effective tool for massage is a mix of cypress and juniper oil (12 drops). Bath need only 5 drops, and to enhance the effect, you can add 3 handfuls of salt. Orange oil is considered a great tool for weight loss, detox.

Its use regulates fat and carbohydrate metabolism, improving bowel function. Dosage: for oral exposure to каждые10 grams of food you need to add 6-10 drops of oil, and the bath is 5 drops.

Correct use of oils for weight loss To achieve the maximum effect of Flaxseed oil (1 teaspoon) you need to include in your diet every morning, 20 minutes before a meal. It is strongly recommended to drink it after dinner and before bedtime. Over time you can gradually increase the amount of consumed oil to 1 tablespoon.

Flaxseed oil is good to add to vegetable salads, cereal or cheese. It can combine with all your favorite products, it will hardly change their usual taste. It should be noted that this oil must not be subjected to heat treatment. For efficient effect, you should eliminate from your diet all fatty, sweet and rich, replacing natural food (vegetables, fruit, cheese, eggs, etc.)

Olive oil on an empty stomach allows simultaneously with the weight loss, to normalize the digestive tract and get rid of constipation. For this 30 minutes before Breakfast you need to drink 1 tablespoon of butter and washed down with water. At the same time, you must reconsider your diet (to improve quality), as is the case with linseed oil.

The simplest recipe for weight loss in a similar way is the use of milk Thistle oil is one teaspoon oil for 30 minutes before Breakfast. Pour over dishes or to drink hot water is not desirable, because otherwise destroyed the molecular structure and does not retain the vitamins. For effective result, you can consume 1 tablespoon before lunch.

The abundance of fats that are in foods the daily diet should not exceed the permitted limit, otherwise there is a risk of getting an upset stomach. Reviews and characteristic features of the oil for weight loss In the effectiveness of aromatherapy does not believe, but as an adjunct to diet and exercise confidence has grown significantly.

After a short time using oils women feel lightness and surge of energy, gradually getting rid of extra pounds. The inclusion in the diet of cold-pressed oils for half an hour before meals will help to cleanse the bowel and normalize metabolic processes. We should not naively believe that to achieve the desired effect daily eating butter and seizing his sweet rolls.

Therefore, preference should be given healthy food, rich in fats, proteins and carbohydrates. With this power the body will easily cope with metabolic processes, and natural oils to the maximum of their activate. In addition, the intestines cleansed, problems with the chair leaving and the weight will come to normal. Gymnastics in the form of easy dips, squats and torso twists will help achieve the desired body shape.

Such manipulations do not require much labor and purchasing special equipment. For women who are experiencing not only slim figure, but also the condition of the body, oil for of weight loss will be faithful assistants.




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